Colorado HB1060 may mean the end of Your Lighter Side



Today our first amendment rights are in danger. On the heels of SOPA and PIPA, HB1060 threatens free speech for health and fitness writers in the state of Colorado.

As the owner of a site specializing in sugar free, gluten free, diabetic recipes, Your Lighter is in danger of being shut down after four years of providing service to millions of readers. Why? Because I’m not practicing as a licensed dietician. If HB1060 passes, that means the quarter million readers I reach per month will no longer be able to have access to any of the hundreds of recipes I have poured four years of effort to provide at personal cost to myself. I’m not rich; I don’t have a cook book. I’m just a mom of four trying to help America eat better.

From Natural Grocers:

The American Dietetic Association wants total control over who can provide you with nutrition services and what nutrition information is available.  Legislation in Colorado would prevent anyone but “dietitians” from providing nutrition services:  not naturopaths, not fitness trainers, not weight loss centers, not complementary medical doctors, not chiropractors, not acupuncturists, not herbalists and not your Vitamin Cottage Nutritional Health Coach.  Sound like “big brother” dictating your nutrition and health care choices?  It is.

1.       What the law will do.  HB1060 defines what “dietitians” do and says that only licensed “dietitians” can do it.  HB1060 sets up a board controlled by dietitians who get to say who does and does not get to be licensed in Colorado.  HB allows the “dietitian” board to seek monetary and criminal sanctions against anyone it deems is practicing “dietetics” without a license.  Read the full text of HB1060 here.

2.       What is “dietetics?”  HB1060 defines the practice of dietetics in the broadest possible way, essentially including all activity that involves the use of food and/or dietary supplements to affect wellness through nutrition.

3.      Why do dietitians want a monopoly on these services?  The leadership of the dietitians union has publicly stated on several occasions that passing licensing laws such as HB1060 is the best way to quash competition and ensure registered dietitians make more money and gain more prestige.

4.      Why does the bill invoke the need to safeguard the public?  The dietitians have not explained their contention that a safety issue exists.  On the contrary, Colorado is the fittest and healthiest state in American now, precisely because so many of its citizens have become well informed about nutrition principles from a multitude of sources. Colorado is one of the few states that does not currently license dietitians.

5.      What happens to other professions if this bill passes?  HB1060 makes it illegal for anyone to practice “dietetics” without a license from the dietitian board unless under the paid supervision of a licensed dietitian.  Your fitness club, weight loss center, complementary doctor, masseur, chiropractor, herbalist, and acupuncturist, among others, will no longer be able to provide nutrition advice without first paying a licensed dietitian to oversee their activities.

6.      Will I get better nutrition advice if a dietitian is involved?  We certainly don’t think so.  A traditional dietitian’s curriculum trains them to use USDA recommended daily values of foods to create standardized menus for schools, hospitals, and other institutions that match government approved guidelines.  In some instances, they apply American Medical Association guidelines to add or reduce certain ingredients to a diet to help with common health conditions, like reducing salt for hypertension and sugar for diabetics.  While this approach can be helpful in some instances, dietitians are not trained to take into account the universe of particular needs that a unique individual may have, and they have little information beyond food content references for a few nutritional components, such as basic vitamins and minerals.

.      Why don’t other professionals using nutrition in their practice just become dietitians?  The dietitians union is supported by the big perpetrators of the industrial food system, including Coca-Cola, Hershey, the National Dairy Council, Mars, PepsiCo, and others.  The dietitians union takes big agriculture government guidelines at face value, promoting large consumption of commodity grains and approving of dangerous trans fats and artificial ingredients in their clients’ diets.  This is not a club most nutrition professionals want to be in.

Unfortunately, we have seen dietitians give increasingly irresponsible and political advice catering to big business interests and to their lobbies over the years. And we’re getting fatter and sicker as a nation because of it.

If this bill passes, the monopoly gets it way and the people lose. Instead of providing support to millions of families suffering from diabetes and celiac, autism and overweight, I am going to have to shut my doors because of those who seek to stifle my freedom of speech.

And all because they don’t like my message.

Can we allow that? I am counting on you to support free speech– the first amendment of Coloradans–and stop the monopoly grab of dietitians who want to shut healthy sites like mine down.

Please oppose HB1060.

Here are the representatives in Colorado who need to hear your voices. Write to them. Spread this message We must be heard. If this bill passes, your state will be next! We must shut it down while it stands.

 Use this easy form to send mail to your representatives!

 You can contact all of these representatives. Be sure to include your own site that is at risk and show them that normal people paying it forward to the people of Colorado are at risk. Thanks to Natural Grocers for compiling this list and for making us aware of this dangerous bill.
Email Rep. Randy Baumgardner
Phone: 303-866-2949
Representing: Garfield, Grand, Jackson, Moffat, Rio Blanco, Routt counties
Email Rep. J. Paul Brown
Phone:  303-866-2914
Representing: Archuleta, La Plata, Montezuma, San Juan counties

Email Rep. Don Coram

Phone: 303-866-2955
Representing: Delta, Dolores, Montezuma, Montrose, Ouray, San Miguel counties

Email Rep. Randy Fischer
Phone:  303-866-2917
Representing: Larimer county

Email Rep. Matt Jones
Phone: 303-866-2920

Representing: Boulder county

Email Rep. Marsha A. Looper
Phone: 303-866-2946

Representing: El Paso county

Email Rep. Wes McKinley
Phone:  303-866-2398
Representing: Baca, Bent, Huerfano, Las Animas, Otero, Prowers counties

Email Rep. Su Ryden
Phone:  303-866-2942
Representing: Arapahoe county

Email Rep. Ray Scott
Phone:  303-866-3068
Representing: Delta, Mesa county


Email Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg
Phone:  303-866-3706  Chair of the Committee
Representing: Logan Phillips, Sedgwick, Weld counties


Email Rep. Glenn Vaad
Phone: 303-866-2943
Representing: Weld county


Email Rep. Edward Vigil
Phone: 303-866-2916
Representing: Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, Huerfano, Mineral, Pueblo, Rio Grande, Saguache counties


Email Rep. Roger Wilson
Phone:  303-866-2945
Representing: Eagle, Garfield, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Pitkin counties
This site does the work for you: Automated Emails on this Bill
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  1. Jamie I for one would be saddened and angered if this passes….you have been such a support in my and many many others in quest for health. I follow you on facebook and have tried your recipies and just love all that you do.

    • It is so redonk, you just want to go up to Denver with your bacon in your hands and say, et tu, b-bags? Amy, if you would write to even one of the House Reps and let them know that having sites like mine shut down would not be a good thing, I’d appreciate it more than you know. This girl isn’t going to take this sitting down. There will be a fight!

  2. This is important information for all of us to know and make sure it does not happen in CO or any other state. Thanks!

    • If you can believe it, it’s already happened in North Carolina where my friend Steve Cooksey, a health/food writer is currently under investigation by the state for not having a dietitian’s license. The state versus me. Versus him. Versus you. Who next?

  3. Thanks for making it so easy to email all those representatives!! I don’t live in Colorado but I certainly dont want to lose you or any one of our precious blogs we dearly love!!!

    • Thank you so much, Jeanne. You don’t know how much I appreciate this. This is news to me. I only found out today by happenstance when I was out shopping. The store from which I only sometimes visit had the flier on the site of each register and I was like HOLY CRAP! The vote is in less than a WEEK! How did we never hear about this?

  4. I live in Texas but am appalled at this! Because I do not live in CO, it would not let me submit to a rep.Do you know what action I can take to help your state???


    • You can still email a rep by copying the email addy/s at the end of the post and writing to them to let you know that one of your favorite sites will be threatened by this Bill. And thank you for your support. even if you don’t/can’t write, keep an eye open; this legislation appears to already be in place in North Carolina and is affecting a good friend of mine is who is now under investigation for writing a primal blog. If they don’t like our message, they will do everything they can to shut us down or to make us pay. As you already know, I don’t do this for the money. I do it to make a difference. And to snack. A little.

  5. Sent an email to one of your reps!

  6. Jamie,

    Although I am not an American, I am totally and completely disgusted and appalled by what SOPA, PIPA, and now HB1060. Without the support, encouragement, and recipes I have been able to access through your site I sincerely doubt I would be alive.

    Six years ago I was confined to bed with in-home nursing and given a maximum of two months to live. Today I am able to live a rich and full life that includes healthy eating, moderate exercise, vounteering, and even a bit of travel. I have you and your fantastic willingness to share your personal experiences and kitchen experiments to thank for a large part of my success!!

    After losing my entire small intestine and having to make a total shift to no-carb living as a result, it was almost impossible to find foods or recipes that my body could tolerate. It was an absolute blessing to find you and your site and to finally have hope again!! Your recipes provided me with options that neither I nor my medical advisers had ever thought possible. Suddenly I was able to enjoy occasional sweet treats, and even a tiny bit of Dreamfield’s pasta once in a while, (which was sent to me from a friend in the States since it wasn’t available in my country.) Who even knew those options were out there?? And then to discover Oopsie Rolls and Cauliflower Bread sticks and pizza crust … Suddenly I could eat things like a hamburger or a sandwich without ending up in hospital!! I’m not sure that anyone who hasn’t had to live with severe limitations can ever understand what an amazing freedom and blessing it is to be able to eat foods like ‘normal’ people can.

    And how did I find your site?? It was referred to me by my hospital dietician!!!!!! (Apparently the dietitians in my country are more enlightened and far less threatened than than yours are!!)

    Since I am not an American and do not live in the States, I’m not sure what actions I can take to prevent legislation like HB1060 … but please know that you have my wholehearted support and eternal gratitude. If there IS any way you know of in which I can help, please let me know!


    • No WAY!! Ha ha! A dietitian referred you to my site? That is incredible. Maybe I need to move to your country! I am so happy that your medical care is more accepting of food as medicine and that you have been able to heal and live such an amazing life. You are my hero! Rock it out!

      I’m still about to fall out of my chair that a dietitian referred my site…

  7. Just ridiculous!!! I think they would have a hard time shutting you down. It’s the internet. I doubt your site even resides in Colorado and not sure they can regulate that.

    • My site’s in Colorado, all right! That’s how I know about this and it is crazy, you know? I mean, basically, according to them, I’m giving unlicensed dietary advice because I have a major crush on bacon. Can you imagine? Where do you live? Maybe I ought to move there.

  8. I would hate to lose your site, so am sharing this wherever I go. This is such a good example of why we, the citizenry, cannot stick our heads in the sand for one second. It’s always something.

    • Thank you so much for your support, Sheri! Maybe if we can pull this off the table, we can then try to appeal to North Carolina’s sensibilities. I lived in Fayetteville for years. I know there’s common sense down there.

  9. Good luck to Coloradans fighting this anti-competitive legislation. The dietitians there must feel threatenend by free speech.


  10. I copied every email address and sent a message in opposition to this ridiculous bill. If it were not for sites like this one, I would still be as unhappy and self-loathing as I was almost 100 pounds/1 year ago. You’re right – if it can happen in Colorado and South Carolina, it could happen anywhere. Instead of reviewing the research and adapting their message, a small group has instead decided to suppress opposing views under the guise of public protection. I am outraged in Michigan!

    • Thank you so much Valerie! The proponents of this bill claim many other states already have it in place! The fact that one state is picking on a low carb writer scares me. Who’s to say they won’t come after me? Or you? Or Jimmy Moore? Or Amy Dungan? Or Linda Duffy? Or any of my myriad friends who write about healthy, lower carbohydrate lifestyles? Your support is VERY much appreciated!

  11. I will not only be cross-posting this today, but I will be issuing an email to all representatives in protest. Not only is this a true Nanny State action, but it is laws like these that will delay this country ever getting out of the depression that it is currently in. Not to mention the infringement upon our rights of free speech.

    • Preach, Stevie! It is incredibly scary to think states are giving this much power to a small group of individuals to disseminate such important information. Dietitians do not support ketogenic lifestyles as a rule. Sure, there are some out there who do, but a majority who do not. Do we really want them investigating and shutting our sites down? Thank you so much for your action! May Colorado be among the few who stand up and say NO to lobbies and special interests in the ‘nutrition’ industry.

  12. How ridiculous, but then Colorado has always been only two steps behind California in the absurdity of its progressiveness, IMO, so why am I not surprised by your post. But I’m a Texan (though not by birth), so that’s always been my adult view. What are they gonna go after next? Every bookstore in Colorado just because they sell books that deal with “dietetically undesirable” ways of eating? I don’t PUSH Atkins on my website, but simply offer recipes that for “whomever” find them appealing, be they Paleo, South Beath, Atkins, or “dietetically correct” by Colorado’s definition.

    And isn’t it nice that Colorado’s dieticians make up the board that get to define that? and set the guidelines for the new law that is biased in THEIR best interests…….not yours and mine. Kinda like letting letting the fox guard the hen house, isn’t it? Don’tcha just love when government does that when they create oversight boards?

    It’s when I hear news like this I’m glad I’m 63, don’t have children and hopefully will not live long enough to see where I think this country is REALLY headed. Calif. and Colorado are just at the head of the pack of a “let’s legislate breathing itself” movement that scares the he## out of me, personally.

    • Hi, Peggy! Girl, you look like you’re two decades younger than your 60s. Colorado can be a pretty progressive state, and they can buck the trend and do their own thing. Politically, this place is more exciting than Christmas morning. Let’s just hope we throw open the wrapping on the 30th and found out we got our doll and not a six pack of underpants.

  13. Jamie, although I don’t comment normally on your side, this has provoked me so much! I so appreciate your help with sharing your recipes for those of us, who need help with finding a healthy living and I am setting intention that this bill will not move forward. This bill simply can NOT pass! We all need to voice our concerns, which I just did! Thank you for all you do!

    • Thank you so much, Eva. I am taking proactive measures behind the scenes above and beyond writing to representatives and getting the word out. Positive thoughts matter.

  14. Jamie!

    I am the proverbial lurker. Love your site. Just had to help back you up on this bill, which to me is utter nonsense. You are out here trying to help those of us who are low carbers or have diabetes or celiac disease etc. I emailed each and every representative and one did come back to me which was Randy Fischer All the rest went through. I hope in some small way we will help. Many voices make lots of noise, so let’s do this. Thanks for all you do.

    • Hi, Edna! Thank you so much for writing the representatives and for letting me know about it. I have only heard back from one Representative so far, so I’m ever hopeful the rest will respond! Thank you again for your support and for being a lurker coming out to support even more so!

  15. I’m going to get more information about what Steve C is going through and send it on to my peers in NC. There is a well-respected state office that evaluates state agency activities and related legislation to make sure they’re reasonable. Maybe the NC office will take a look at the implications of the law.

  16. I find it interesting how “everyone” talks about keeping the government out of our business only to have the government-in this case, state government, get their noses in our lives! I am a liberal thinker but this involvement needs to STOP! Hmmmm, what about free speech? What about each and every one of us using our MINDS to make our own decisions about what we read about and learn online? You have my support, my friend!

    • Thank you so much, Meghan! I am a total free speech person. Everyone has the right to be heard in this country, no matter what! This site has never claimed to give nutritional advice and exists for entertainment purposes only… but try telling that to the people who’ll want to shut me down anyway. What’s worse, apparently, there are even more states right now fighting this SAME ridiculous bill! I can’t believe how widespread this stupidity is; it shocks me that it would pass in one state, let alone even more. There’s definitely a movement afoot to shut down the independent voices out there.

  17. What about starting a petition on to drum up more support for this cause? The more I think about this, the more frustrated I become. I too am extremely surprised and yes, appalled that this has already passed in other state(s) and now maybe Colorado. How many other states will be next??? I am an adult and I can think for myself, thank you! I, along with many others will be watching this closely…

  18. I eat real foods and I fully support people who promote real foods. That being said, I read the full text of this bill and it says:



    So, it seems to me that your blog would fit in this cagetory and be Ok to keep doing what you’re doing as long as you aren’t proclaiming to be a Licensed Dietitian.

    Keep up the good work! You’re blog and people like yours is helping people get well the world over!!

    • You are so awesome! I appreciate you writing to share those portions of the bill. Unfortunately, Steve Cooksey is under investigation in North Carolina for having a low carb blog and they claim he is dispelling dietary advice without a license. Things like this seriously worry me. I am hopeful the bill will be stricken down and that normal people like me with websites can be left in peace to do what we do. Whatever it is we do… :^D

  19. Okay, this is going to far. Pretty soon, no one will be able to write a book review unless they’re a librarian – for fear that review might mess with my mind, you know. No more music reviews from non-registered musicians; no more cooking shows from non dieticians; no more common sense health suggestions from non-doctors. No more gardening advice from backyard non-horticulturists. Talk about Police State! It only takes the passage of a few of these types of legislation to hurtle us down that slippery slope. What starts in one state spreads to another and another, mainly due to the complete control of corporations supporting certain powerful lobbies for their economic benefit. Don’t mean to get too political here, but where does it stop? I, too, will be writing to your legislators to protect free speech.

  20. Jamie – I tried to post about this on Low Carb Friends but the admins deleted it 🙁

  21. First off, much love from Europe….many of your recipes helped me lose 55 lbs/23 kilos approx over the past year and a half.

    Secondly – if this doesn’t highlight the absolute gross corruption of the corporate/government marraige there in the USA, nothing ever will.

    My boss – who is politically the opposite of myself – and I united over this because of lowcarbing. It’s so OBVIOUS what’s going on, and it’s infuriating when there is abundant evidence to the contrary regarding grains, processed foods, sugars, trans fats….

    Ooh, TOO furious and all I can say is “much righteous indignation and love being thrown in your general direction”.

    Don’t put up with this, America!! Fight back!

    • I love you, KMD! Thank you for the rallying cry! We need to grow a set and take our country back! Today is the vote in Colorado (it was pushed out from the 30th to today). Please keep your fingers crossed!

  22. May i suggest if they try to pull this BS you make a forum at and it will be a “Recipe” sharing page. This is so moronic that time is even being WASTED on this, it is not like people have lost free will or independent thought process. I LOVE your blog, and i am so grateful for it!

  23. Jennifer says

    It’s funny because at one time I considered becoming a dietitian/nutritionist. But my first “nutrition” class in college taught me all about how grains are good, coconut and avocado is bad because all saturated fat is always bad, “moderate” consumption of M&Ms and McDonald’s is totally cool, anyone who does not consume a high level of grains will essentially experience brain damage, low-fat dairy is the only dairy that should be consumed and also you need to drink a ton of milk each day in order to be healthy, soy is a super food, canola oil is good for your heart…

    On and on and on….

    And all completely contrary to what I know to be true from research and experience.

    Not to mention how the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is sponsored by the likes of Coca-Cola, Nestle, Corn Refiner’s Association, and McDonald’s…and how these and similar companies sponsor scientific studies….how there’s only a handful of nutritionist/dietitians speaking out against this garbage….

    Well, I obviously did not invest $40k into becoming a licensed nutritionist!

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