Monday. Recipe links being updated

I’ve been working as fast as I can to get the recipes reorganized in an easy-to-use format for you. There are almost 300 recipes, so this is going to take me a little bit of time (insert drama fainting swoon here). So, in the meantime, while I’m working as fast as I can, fixing broken links and updating is.

In the interim, to find a recipe:

1. Use Site Search” tab in the top right tab corner and type in the name of the recipe you are seeking.

2. In the word cloud at the bottom left of the main page, click the category that the recipe can be found in and scroll.

While this is a bigger pain in the behind than my normal page with links (which I somehow managed to delete in the move from blogger to WordPress and I am working diligently to restore in an easier to use format), I’m making the inconvenience up to you in several ways:

  • More food porn. Now you can locate more recipes through clicking images. See something you love? Click it to pick it (I just made that up myself).
  • A Print button. One that works. One that works deliciously.
  • Pinterest buttons! I know how many of us are addicted.
  • Easier contact form. In the past you had to email me. Now you can click the little floating toggle to the left and drop me your thoughts. Bling!

OK. I have to get back to it. I’d rather tell you about sitting here in my pajamas and sniffing my bacon mascot (that toxic plastic smell rocks), but I know you want to see the magic happen.


Make sure you keep writing to tell me what you want to see on the site, what you like and what you’re not loving. I am seriously having an absolute blast in the move, even though parts of it have been really amazingly annoying. Still, annoyance makes the heart grow fonder.

Favor: Feedburner readers from my old site: Are you getting the updates? I worked for two days (literally) to make this happen. it hasn’t, I appreciate a heads up. I don’t want to purge thousands of readers.

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  1. I finally got the update in my email today! I wondered what happened to you and so re-subscribed from the new blog. I got this today… hopefully that’s when you sent it! Haven’t had time to look around the new blog yet but I like the clean appearance… some sites have so much going on them it’s hard to find what you are looking for because they are so busy. A very small suggestion… in this comment section all the text is white and the boxes to type in are gray… very hard for my going-to-be-50-yrs-old-on-Friday eyes. I think white text is always a mistake on blogs… just to hard to read! Just my opinion though! Thanks!

    • Hi, Kris! Thank you so much for your feedback! I am glad you found me. I am definitely not happy with the way everything went, but I am thankful you’re still here! I will definitely look at the comments and see if I can change the font color.

  2. I am loving this new look and can’t wait until it is all finished. I agree with Kris re: this white text. I am soon to be 68 and my eyes were never all that great. I would love to see a light box and a dark text, as proof reading this message was difficult. Now I am going to eat some bacon and eggs for lunch!


    • I definitely appreciate your comment and am working to rectify this situation with the particularly pert people who put this delicious template together. I should have a resolution very soon. How were your eggs and bacon? More importantly, did you save any for me? 😀

  3. I get this in an email and it comes through Google so I don’t know if that’s Feedburner or not!!

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