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Test Post 4 (by Amy)

Work or I swear I'll beat you like a bad donkey!   … [Read more...]

Fruit Dessert Pizza

Because no one can turn down cute, whether it's a dress, sandals or a purse, you need a dessert to go along with your penchant for adorable. As desserts go, this fresh and fruity dessert pizza takes the cake for gluten free, lower carb fare. The kids … [Read more...]

Site issues…

Well, when I decide to do something radically stupid, I go at it hardcore! Yeah! WOO! (No, the pig head mammary covers are not mine). In the midst of moving my domain name and everything else under the sun, the site you're accustomed to visiting is … [Read more...]

Festive Pasta Salad

If you're low carbing it for the first time this new year, you're probably like, "Aw crap. I'll never enjoy a pasta salad ever again." With that, you throw your hand across your forehead and swoon across your fainting couch. You might moan a little … [Read more...]

Take a 5 minute survey, get $5 in Coleman products

Not bad for five minutes of work. The last time I did something for five minutes, I realized I'd swapped out my Preparation H for Nair. Now my legs are shriveled and my behind is as bald as a baby's ball sack. Link to survey...(Coupons appear … [Read more...]