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Whew! We’re moved in!

I am in my fuzzy slipper (I lost one), have unpacked the ficus, located my bra, and I’m ready to roll! Thank you so much for all of your patience during this insane last two weeks. I never intended to launch a brand new site, but it happened and I’m so glad it did!I want to thank my good friend Amy Dungan for bringing the magic in terms of FTP, making things work, helping with the logo, and just about everything else she did to make sure this looks like a functional site and not a little crevasse without a will to live, toilet paper trailing off of its shoe and halitosis.

So what do you say? New look = niceness!

I am so in love with this template I could have its little Tumblr love babies.

That said, I am still upgrading, so please note the following:

Every single post from the other side–including recipes– are on this site.
Click “recipes” and then you can perform a search for what you’re seeking specifically. You can also go to the main, home page and scroll under the images to find the cloud which shows specific recipes. From there you can look at smaller menus. I will be zhoozhing the site up so expect greatness and easier navigation.

A lot of old links are likely broken.
That’s a ‘M I bad to the max. Plus 12 million. Plus pi (because pi is low carb). The new site is yourlighterside.com and the old site was essentially blog.yourlighterside.com (it’s a blogger thing), which will affect things for quite a while. I hate that so much I’d punch it in the junk with my fists of fury, but there’s nothing I can do about that now. Thankfully, soon enough Google will pick me up like a drunken sailor on Viagra and all will be right again in the world. Until then, I am lamenting literally thousands of broken links all over the interwebs–including yours.

Changes are being made to the site daily.
Be sure to check in to see what I’ve done next!

Feedburner should still work.
I’ll know by tomorrow if it does or if it doesn’t. I will be putting in a subscriber thinger, though, so if you haven’t subscribed yet, you’ll be able to get fresh, new content to your email (and with total privacy, since Feedburner handles your information).

I am delirious.
Aside from the fact I LOVE this site and slobber on its face, Amy D. and I are seriously sans sleep. We have been up until 2 am the last 2 nights trying to figure out how a photo-rich template can make adding photos so ridiculously, stupidly hard. You’d think it would be plug and play but noooooooooooo. That’s too obvious.  The developer should know now that I have wished upon him or her the most amazingly painful butt pimple ever. EVER. Ever! And on a nerve. Preferably in the crack where it will chafe mightily. Chafe on, butt crack pimple! Go forth and carry out your will! Muahhaaaaahahahahahahahaha!

Anywho, what I was saying is that lack of sleep has made for some ridiculous rip-roaring laugh attacks while Amy and I were trying to decode the mysteries of the template, both online and on the phone. In fact, I kid you not, Amy and I literally laughed on the phone for at least 10 minutes. We’re talking loud, raucous, tears running down our faces and pure, gut wrenching laughter. We were so knocked out mentally by this whole project that by the time she figured out how the front page images worked–and I realized the pictures and the comments had been blogged, too (complete with her ‘whip you like a mule’ comment)–we laughed so hard, I think I damaged my spleen. I really do.

I hope that web designer knows he/she quite possibly made my spleen almost fall out due to lack of sleep. Somehow, based on how h/she made a template this NOT logical, I’ll bet he/she has caused the demise of more than one organ due to hallucinating funny things. What’s more, he/she probably doesn’t care. All I know is that when my head hit the pillow last night, I had to drown my sorrows in the glittery, false eyelashes of Toddlers and Tiaras. No one should have to do that.


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  1. Does it still tell whether it is induction friendly or not? I wasnt sure if i was just missing it and boy that helped. Just found your site a week ago and i have to say as a new Atkins follower i am so excited i did! I have already tried several recipes and i love them!! Thanks so much for sharing, especially for those like me who do NOT have mad skills in the kitchen. =)

    • Hi there, Kristy! This dish isn’t induction friendly due to fruit, but I have a ton of induction friendly recipes on the site! If you gp to the main page and scroll below images, you’ll see a cloud. Click “dessert” and you’ll get a bunch of recipes. Cocoa is fine on induction, as are small amounts of cream, sweetener, and cream cheese, which makes mini cheesecakes without crusts a perfect option!

  2. Hi!
    Just curious if there will be a way to see all the recipes at once (ala the old style). I loved just scrolling through some days when I couldn’t figure out what to have for supper.

    Thanks! LOVE the new look!!!

    • You are so right, CC! My next big objective is to set up the new recipes menu (within the next couple days). If you liked my last menu, you’ll LOVE this one. It’ll be easier to read, less cluttered, and still positively what you’re looking for. I can’t believe I waited this long to change to Word Press.

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