Low Carb Appetizers Recipes

Pictured: Low Carb Cheetos

All recipes are marked as such:
Atkins Induction Friendly = IF
Gluten Free = GF
Sugar Free = SF
Vegetarian = V
Vegan = V+
Less than 5 net carbs per serving = -5



Bacon Meatball Croquets IF, GF, SF, -5
Beef Jerky IF, GF, SF, -5
Zest Beef Jerky IF, GF, SF, -5
Spicy Beef Jerky IF, GF, SF, -5
Boneless Chicken Wings IF, GF, SF, -5
Breadsticks IF, GF, SF, -5
Cauliflower Tator Tots IF, GF, SF, -5
Cheetos IF, GF, SF, -5
Chili Cheese Tots IF, GF, SF, -5
Chipless Nachos IF, GF, SF, -5
Crispy Celeriac Chips IF, GF, SF, -5
Fried Pickle Planks IF, GF, SF, -5
Italian Nachos IF, GF, SF, -5
Like Potato Skins IF, GF, SF, -5
Macho Nacho Salad IF, GF, SF, -5
Mini Snack Cups SF
Mini Taco Shells and Bowls IF, GF, SF, -5
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks IF, GF, SF, -5
Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs IF, GF, SF, -5
Pizza in a Cone IF, GF, SF, -5
Popcorn IF, GF, SF, -5
Pumpkin Mini Pizzas IF, GF, SF, -5
Snack Platter Ideas IF, GF, SF, -5
Sam Paul’s Kicked Up Chicken Wings IF, GF, SF, -5

Crackers and Chips
Basic Flax Cracker IF, GF, SF, -5
Cauliflower Doritos IF, GF, SF, -5
Cauliflower Nacho Chips IF, GF, SF, -5
Cheese Chicken Dorito Chips IF, GF, SF, -5
NEW: Celeriac Potato Chips IF, GF, SF, -5
Cheese Round Crackers IF, GF, SF, -5
Flax Round Crackers IF, GF, SF, -5
Jerky, The Meat Cracker of Champions IF, GF, SF, -5
Roasted Veggie Cheese Crackers IF, GF, SF, -5
Zucchini Doritos IF, GF, SF, -5
Zucchini Nacho Chips IF, GF, SF, -5

Dips and Spreads
American Cheese Sauce IF, GF, SF, -5
Blue Cheese Bacon Dip IF, GF, SF, >5
Queso Cheese Sauce IF, GF, SF, -5
Avocado Feta Salsa IF, GF, SF, -5
Hot Cheesy Chicken Artichoke Dip IF, GF, SF, -5
Strawberry Flax Cracker and Spread IF, GF, SF, -5
Taco Dip IF, GF, SF, -5

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  1. This must be the way, its gotta be, a higher power must have shown me the way here. March 5th at 61 yrs. old thinking i could take on the world just as i always have, after coming home from cleaning my moms house paying her bills, buying her groceries and doing the things i want to do for my precious mom i had a light stroke.ME ? REALLY? come on i mean gosh i mean i can do anything i mean it just cant be, my 300lb body was suppose to be able to take care of every thing for everybody 3 familys to be exact. Thats just me, love people God and family,but i think the big man up their is trying to tell me ITS TIME TO FIX ME.And he showed me to this site,I really do believe this. Just want to say Thank You in advance for all the help. Remember me! Skyleerose


    • Hi there! I am sending you the best vibes ever! You will do this! Remember to do one thing for you and you alone every day. Whether it’s exercise or eating right, you’re worth it, mama.


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