Low Carb Bread Recipes

Pictured: Oopsie Roll with a Wendy’s Baconator

All recipes are marked as such:
Atkins Induction Friendly = IF
Gluten Free = GF
Sugar Free = SF
Vegetarian = V
Vegan = V+
Less than 5 net carbs per serving = -5



Oopsie Rolls IF, GF, SF, V, -5
Trouble Free Oopsie Rolls
Breading IF, GF, SF, V, -5
NEW: Cheesy Chive Waffles IF, GF, SF, V, -5

Bread Sticks IF, GF, SF, V,-5
NEW: Easiest Breadsticks Ever IF, GF, SF, -5
Breakfast Breadsticks
IF, GF, SF, -5

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  1. What a fantastic recipe!! I just did a one egg-one oz cream cheese mix today and they turned out great! In case there has been no feedback on the non-dairy group, I did both the reg. cream cheese and the soy cr. cheese for my lactose intolerant boyfriend….NO difference..we just finished using them with turkey burgers! I will definitely be experimenting with this in the near future! If only I can figure out some way to crisp them up for Eggs Benedict 🙂

    I am SO glad that I found this website! This is great!!!

  2. I made these with some trepidation as I was expecting them to be eggy cheesy glop. They were brilliant! I put mustard and salt in the egg yolks, then added a sprinkle of seeds (sesame) on top and voila – hamburger time! Was so so cool thank you for sharing this recipe, I am going to make them often. Next batch will be with cinnamon and stevia – for a sweet treat!

  3. Thank you for the hard work and especially the Oopsie Roll! I’m a weight loss surgery patient, it will be 4 years for me July 21st. I initially lost 259 lbs, which was disturbing for my medical team. Unfortunately, I was told to incorporate “good carbs” into my diet to stop or slow my weight loss but instead of helping it made things worse I am now a retroactive hypoglycemic and my body is determined NOT to tolerate a lot of carbs and eating makes me so terribly ill at times. Thanks to you I don’t have to eat the low carb bread I purchased, although I will sooner or later but for now I’ll settle for 2 slices of turkey bacon, one slice of Canadian bacon and a slice of 2% sharp cheddar on an oopsie roll. Thank you again!

  4. Wow, Diane! You have been through so much! I am proud of all of your hard work and am so happy to hear that I’ve been able to help. I haven’t had surgery, but certain carbohydrates do make me feel pretty bad. Here is to your sustained health and your amazing hard work! You kick the butt!


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