Low Carb Drink Recipes

Pictured: Bacon Milkshake

All recipes are marked as such:
Atkins Induction Friendly = IF
Gluten Free = GF
Sugar Free = SF
Vegetarian = V
Vegan = V+
Less than 5 carbs per serving = -5


Sugar Free, Low Carb
Cheesecake Shake IF, SF, GF
Bacon Milkshake SF, GF

Creamy Strawberry Smoothie SF, GF, V
Berry Spinach Smoothie SF, GF, V
Blue and Green Smoothie SF, GF, V
Chia Blueberry Smoothie SF, GF, V
Old-Fashioned Egg Nog SF, GF, V

Iced Coffees and Teas
Frozen Cranberry Frappuccino IF, SF, GF, V, -5
Green Tazo Tea Frappuccino IF, SF, GF, V, -5
Iced Frappuccino Coffee IF, SF, GF, V, -5
Iced Raspberry Frappuccino IF, SF, GF, V, -5
Iced Coffee IF, SF, GF, V, >5
Shamrock (Mint) Tea Frappuccino IF, GF, SF, V-5
Unsweetened Iced Mint Tea IF, SF, GFV, V+, -5
Unsweetened Iced Tea IF, SF, GFV, V+, -5

General Beverages
Easy Lemonade SF, GF, V, V+, -5
Horchata SF, GF, V, V+, -5

Very Veggie Juice SF, GF, V, V+
Apple/Pear/Peach Juice SF, GF, V, V+
Twilight Juice SF, GF, V, V+
Tripple Dipple Juice SF, GF, V, V+
Cheery Cherry Juice SF, GF, V, V+
I’m Glad I Had a V-6 SF, GF, V, V+
It’s so Easy Being Green SF, GF, V, V+
Long Day’s Journey into Nightshade SF, GF, V, V+
Granny Smith’s Revenge SF, GF, V, V+

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  1. The link to the Cheesecake Shake seems to be broken.

  2. i go to a blog instead of the cheesecake shake recipe?

  3. Dear Jamie, I notice with the above mentioned drinks that not a lot are IF… I threw this together for myself this morning and am still patting myself on the back 🙂 I took one peeled diced cucumber, the juice of one small but juicy lime (as opposed to those dry hard things), a teaspoon of dried mint (I think fresh would be delish but I didn’t have any) and sweetener to taste (I have a stevia/Erythritol mix and used about a tablespoon). I used a stick blender to make a puree out of all things mentioned above. Using 2 empty 75cl water bottles, I split the puree between them 50-50 end lengthened with water so I got a liter and a half. Very fresh and lo carb too 🙂 What do you think?? x

    • Nikki, that sounds very cool and refreshing. Since a lime yields about 2 Tbsp of juice, and limes are essentially lemons, and Atkins allows for some lemon juice in induction, I’d say you have it right on! I will have to try that, too. It sounds really nice! Nikki, you rock it out. Would you mind if I share your recipe–with credit–after I try it?

  4. The links to all of the juices are returning error messages.

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