Low Carb Oopsie Roll Based Recipes

Pictured: MaryMc’s Tiramisu

All recipes are marked as such:
Atkins Induction Friendly = IF
Gluten Free = GF
Sugar Free = SF
Vegetarian = V
Vegan = V+
Less than 5 net carbs per serving = -5

IF, GF, SF, V, -5
Popcorn IF, GF, SF, V, -5

Crepes IF, GF, SF, V, -5
Doughnuts IF, GF, SF, V, -5
Cutie’s Oopsie French Toast IF, GF, SF, V, -5
Waffles IF, GF, SF, V, -5

Oopsie Rolls IF, GF, SF, V, -5

Vaneta’s Voluptuous Cookies IF, GF, SF, V, -5
Blackberry Shortcake GF, SF, V, -5
Boston Cream Napoleon GF, SF, V
Chocolate Eclaire Cake  GF, SF, V
Decadent Chocolate Mini Cakes IF, GF, SF, V, -5
Diana’s Oopsie Roll Cake IF, GF, SF
Krista’s Terrific Tiramisu  GF, SF, V
MaryMc’s Tiramisu GF, SF, V
Mini Angel Food Cakes IF, GF, SF, V, -5
Shadowzip’s Chocolate Almond Oopsies with Blackberry Garnish GF, SF, V
Vesna’s Oopsie Birthday Cake GF, SF, V
Crepes IF, GF, SF, V, >5
Cream Puffs IF, GF, SF, V, >5
Peppermint Cream Puffs IF, GF, SF, V, -5
Pizzelles IF, GF, SF, V, >5
Cannoli IF, GF, SF, V, >5
Spring Layered Sponge Cake

NEW: Strawberry Shortcake GF, SF, V, -5
NEW: Diana’s Oopsie Crumb Cake GF, SF, V, -5

Main Dishes
Turkey Pot Pie IF, GF, SF,  -5
Chicken Pot Pie IF, GF, SF, -5
Easy Meatballs IF, GF, SF,-5
Loaded Chili Dogs IF, GF, SF,-5
Lamb Gyro with Tzatziki IF, GF, SF,-5
Valentine’s Day Mini Pizzas  IF, GF, SF,-5
Pumpkin Mini Pizzas IF, GF, SF,-5
H2O Goddess Oopsie Pizza IF, GF, SF,-5
NEW: Diana’s Mexican Bake IF, GF, SF, -5

BLTC Sandwich IF, GF, SF,-5
Pastrami Hero Sandwich IF, GF, SF,-5
Meatball Sub Sandwich IF, GF, SF,-5
Pizza Sandwich IF, GF, SF,-5
Panini Sandwich IF, GF, SF,-5

Side Dishes
Savory Turkey Stuffing IF, GF, SF, V,-5

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  1. I just stumbled upon your links for Oopsie Roll recipes… wow, it’s crazy what a simple item can be created into. Thanks! I am going to have to get out my pizzelle maker when it’s not even Christmas! 😉


  2. I made my first (of many to come!) batch of oopsie rolls last night! I followed everybody’s tips and OhEmGeeee!!!! We loved them! My daughter and I can definitely say that low carb just got so much easier! Thank you for this recipe and I love your website!

  3. shadowx1110 says

    These are so awesome, had my first tonight and it’s just like real bread, it’s going to become a staple in my home. I can’t wait to share them with other lowcarbers. Thanks so much for this recipe!!

  4. Just a heads up: the pizza sandwich link goes to the meatball sub recipe.

  5. Deborah PALMER says

    I just found your oopsie rolls two days ago ànd I have made two batches. One to go with meatloaf and one to use as breakfast rolls there are amazing I think I love you. Tomorrow. I will try the waffles. Did I just say waffles?? I can’t wait. Thanks so much

  6. Just wanted to let you know that I just tried your oopsie roll recipe last night and instead of round buns I made pizza boats! Using a large spoon I pour the batter horizontally in about 2″ lines on the baking pan. Cooked them fully, them topped with pizza toppings and cooked until the cheese melted. DELICIOUS!

  7. Angela Crawford says

    I was stoked to check out the doughnuts – but the link appears to be on vacation… help? 🙂 Thanks! You’ll make my Mom super happy 😀

  8. Angela Crawford says

    Actually, now that I click around… most of the links are vacationing. :/ perhaps it’s me?


  1. […] can find great tips for trouble free Oopsie Rolls here. And, there are tons of recipe variations on Your Lighter Side.The rolls are more bread like when the egg whites are beaten until very stiff. The cream of tartar […]

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