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I am such a food nerd. I watch every episode of Top Chef (sometimes twice) and hyperventilate whenever I see Hubert Keller on the television.I geeked out pretty hard when I was asked to appear as a featured foodie on a site with greats like Geoffrey Zakarian, Joël Robuchon, and Thomas Keller. I think I just peed a little saying their names. picked 101 of us. We’re like dalmatians.

So the site,, just launched today and I’m there, making a pirate face. Lovely. And not only am I a pirate, but I look like I’m ready to say, “Eat your green beans dammit. Because I said so.” Totally the look every refined chick is going for.

So, the weird (maybe) thing is, as far as I know, I’m the only low carber there.

Annnd my photography lighting stinks like taint sweat after a day learning Super Bowl dance moves with Madonna. Obviously I am going to work on that unless diners prefer eating in the dark. Like vampires. Only less sparkly and not prone to sulking to The Smiths.

What’s more, you can see new recipes by me below:

Please make sure to share, tweet and like my recipes all you want so that I can help spread the low carb message to a world. In the mean time, I’ll work on not taking badly-lit images. And eating more stuff. And not making as many pirate faces.

Three recipes you’ve not seen before by me and need to check out:

Lemon Meringues: If you prefer to not bake the meringue and you possess a crème brulee torch, you can gently brown the meringue and refrigerate in lieu of baking (be careful not to set your head on fire if you think Final Net is a hair condiment to be used generously).

Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs: Some things are sweet and sour, like the time you accidentally swapped the Colgate and the Preparation H; your gums puckered, but your nether parts were minty fresh. Dual personalities of sweet and sour come together less socially painfully to make this delectable crock pot dish an instant classic.

BBQ Meatballs: Laundry, Nyan Cat, and Taylor Armstrong’s lip collagen; proof that terrific things come in small portions.


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  1. Congrats! Very cool collection of foodies 🙂

    BTW-one the best pieces of advice I received from a fellow blogger about photos is: get Adobe Lightroom

    I cook, pictures are not my specialty, even though I had photoshop I was too complicated. I love lightroom, it is my best friend in my unskilled photo world. 🙂

    Best of everything to you!

    • Thank you, Judy! I have Photoshop, but you’re right; it’s like a 20 step to tie your shoes, and I prefer to go barefoot. I’ll look into Lightroom. You rock and I love your pictures.

  2. Congratulations! And thank you for all your amazing low-carb recipes. I pin nearly every one you post on Pinterest!

  3. Jamie!! You are so amazing!! Great job here. I am still loving everything you do. Can’t wait to see what these new recipes will do!

  4. Congrats on the spot on foodie. It’s nice to see good LC recipes making into the main stream.

    +1 for lightroom. It makes those 20 step edits easy. Another idea maybe to get a flash. Depending on what your shooting with something as easy as a speedlight with a modifier such as a Lightsphere ( would go a long way to making your photos look good. Note, flash should not point directly at the food, but rather bounce of things (walls).

    Keep up the great recipes!

    • Thank you so much for your help, Kim! I try to avoid all flash and shoot outdoors, but there are times even that’s not enough. I need to hone up. I have an amazing camera and few mad skills. I will check out the speedlight! You rock, Kim. Thank you.

  5. Jaime,

    I’ve spent the last year learning about nutrition (and dropping a hundred pounds in the process.) I have Top Chef and Chopped et. al at the top of my Tivo list and I can now name two dozen “celebrity chefs” off the top of my head. But YOU have the site I keep coming back to for the food creations that are healthy, delicious and which I can actually accomplish on my own. (Not to mention you are a laffriot.) So you absolutely belong in the dalmation pantheon and I am thrilled to see you get a taste of the recognition you deserve.

    Good for you!


  6. I am soooo glad for you!
    But you already know that!

  7. Will the recipes featured on the Foodie show up in your recipe pull down? Cause I don’t see them there. By the way, congrates, it’s about time they feature you! 4 out 4 Baconators agree, you render the best!

    • Hi, Brenda! Thank you so much! No, they won’t appear on this site at all. I agreed to grant them exclusive rights to those recipes in order to appear on the site. I may link to the recipes in he drop downs, but the link would take readers off site.

  8. Awww Honey…
    your ole GA granny is sooo proud of you..
    way to go girl..
    and you belong at the top.. as you know you are
    already there with all of us…
    many hugs for all you do little one..

  9. AMEN SISTAH! This is the best news EVAH! You have worked so hard and deserve some celebrity status outside our little low-carb world!

  10. would love carb counts on these wonderful recipes when you have time to figure them out. love your website.

  11. I love the pirate face, it suits you! Almost like you’re saying ‘Carbs? Required for delicious cooking? Ha. Watch this.’ And boy did you show them! Thank you for representing all of us in the cooking world! Kudos! 🙂


    • Thank you so much, Sara! I appreciate the kudos. I am a little nervous, but we’ll see what happens. I hope more people will see the benefits of leaving out the white carbs and feed their families even more healthfully.

  12. I’m testing something… La La La La…

  13. You are too funny! Great recipes and good writing. Love it. Glad I found your site via lifehacker.

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