Video Message from a Friend

Pictured: OK. So the message Gepetto’s sending is a little creepy…

On a totally not weird, creeper note…

If you ever get to the Lighter Side Page on Facebook or the private support group (yes, you can join) , you’ll see we’re usually cutting up about something.

Either we’re smack talking stuff that makes us say, “WTFlax,” or we’re talking about dinner, or we’re posting pictures, memes, and bacon knock knock jokes (hey; they can be funny). If you haven’t stopped by, you totally missed this most righteous video message I got from my friend Susan who runs Simply Total Health. She is freaking adorable.

Click this Awesome video

This is totally on! I am like, “Yeah! Someone out there likes me and made a video to say hey!”

I am going to milk the hell out of this. I am going to play this video for everyone I know. They’ll be all like, “Cauliflower pizza? What? You so funny!” And I’ll be like, “Watch this, bitches!” and I’ll crank up this video via whatever portable device I’m carrying. That’s right. I’m video legit.

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  1. Love the vid – true!

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