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Bacon Caskets. Proof that even death is better wrapped in bacon

Ashes to ashes, pork to...pork. … [Read more...]

Low carb, gluten free Spring bento

Hello, Easter Bunny! Bok Bok! There's nothing like the balmy 50's after a blizzard to make you think that maybe the ground hog wasn't just blowing sunshine up your skirt when he said Spring would be faster this year than Lindsay Lohan's … [Read more...]

Mexican Meatloaf

I was thinking about something meatloafy today when I thought, hey. I don't LOVE meatloaf, so what would make me love it? Hmmm... Think, think, think. Thinkety think think. … [Read more...]

New “Pin It” Button feature

Eatings and salivations! Per your requests, I have added a Pin It button. It does make things a ton easier, and now you don't have to go through a lot of effort to pin your favorite recipes to try later. Click the button below any post and you'll … [Read more...]

Review: LC Foods Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix

Gluten free, low carb cake mix? Yes, please. Thank you. Where's my fork? LC Foods knocks this one out of the ballpark with an easy to make cake mix that tastes delicious and behaves as a cake should. Loaded with fiber (a lot of fiber in various … [Read more...]

Simple Blue Cheese Dip

This totally fun, chunky, chewy easy bleu/blue cheese dip recipe is the perfect addition to celery, hamburgers, carrots, flax crackers, celeriac chips, for dipping wings, you name it! I put some of this recipe out with veggies today for kids home on … [Read more...]

Minimizing in the Kitchen

Do you ever feel like your kitchen is a place where appliances go to live out their lives in dust-catching ambiguity? Do you question what that is in the cabinet and you're not sure how to use it? … [Read more...]

Chef Salad Ham Cups

That probably sounds a little strange doesn't it? Ham cup? Consider this: Chef salads tend to consist of ham, hard-boiled egg, tomatoes, lettuce, and grated cheese at the very least. Why not use a bit of that for the bowl? Of course, you can add … [Read more...]

What Propels You?

This year I've been making small changes in my life, starting with organizing what I own into manageable amounts. With four kids, a husband, a grumpy cat and an eager dog, it's important sometimes to pare down a little.  From bath towels, to … [Read more...]

Mint Tea Frappuccino

As soon as I saw McDonalds had Shamrock Shakes available for March, I wanted one in the worst way. I went one better; why not a Shamrock Frappuccino? It's pretty yummy, so bless yer lucky charms for that! … [Read more...]

Links are now fixed. 404’s no more

Sorry about that. When I changed templates, I picked the wrong permalinks (bad me!). I chose month and recipe title rather than simply recipe title. Derp on me! All links should be perfection now... (My husband told me to post more things on my … [Read more...]

Please vote for us for Babble Mom Blogger of 2011

I drew that ^ You didn't know I'm like a Renaissance girl, did you? So true! So true. I'm like a multi-layered thingy. Sooooooo Hey hey~ It has come to my attention in the last week that voting for me as the Babble Mom Blogger of the Year is still … [Read more...]

New cookbook: I’d love your help

Remember those 1960's cookbooks shared by community and church members, those little slices of kitschy Americana filled with America's favorite recipes? … [Read more...]

BTW, the images for the site will be up soon.

During the CPU fiasco of 2012 I lost an entire library of images (over 300), so all recipes are currently partly naked. This will be rectified within the week. In the mean time enjoy the recipes and use your imagination. Except for you over there; I … [Read more...]

Interview with Low Carb Conversations is up

I had a great time talking with Mindy and Jimmy and Ray a few weeks back on the podcast "Low Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore and Friends" episode 44. … [Read more...]