Interview with Low Carb Conversations is up

I had a great time talking with Mindy and Jimmy and Ray a few weeks back on the podcast “Low Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore and Friends” episode 44.

FWIW, a disclaimer: I didn’t send that picture of me. It’s from like 2004. I sent a wholly newer image where I look more like a pirate than a Jedi.

I admit I couldn’t figure out who my co-guest Ray C. Dorman was before the show. Google searches show there’s more than one: One, for example, was a registered law breaker and one was for a performer in Cirque du Soleil. I didn’t know whether to bring face paint or a rape horn. Of course, he is neither one; he’s just not Googly, which isn’t a bad thing.

I tried to give Jimmy some great new blog names for 2012 with some Snoop Dogg and LMFAO. It’s time to bring it forward. We all love us some Ricky Martin. Don’t get me wrong.

We talked about some pretty crazy scthuffs happening in the news, including the hot mess with school lunches and parents being called about kids’ lunches not being healthy enough. OK, come on. Really? Schools apparently don’t have problems with pink slime, but they have issues with a 4-year-old kid bringing in his own lunch. To me that sounds more like an issue of control than nutrition. Barney meets Bullies sans the songs and the big purple dinosaur. What’s happening in North Carolina anyway? There’s all forms of fudgery there right now between the dietitians and the school system. I lived there for 8 years and then all hell broke loose.

The editors are definitely censoring some of the language in this episode. I dropped a few words here and there in the interview. That’s how I talk with friends, and they’re all perfectly legal words in Words with Friends, but I guess they don’t want to make anyone choke on their bacon. For the record, when Jimmy asked me to do the show, he endured some good-natured harassment on my part. I kept emailing him comments like, “Can I say #$@?” and “What about &#@?” By the time we had the interview, he was probably on some high dosage Benadryl to ease the nerves. Or a liver tequila shake. More on that later.

I was actually pretty quiet during parts of the interview and let Ray talk. I’m a pretty awesome guest, right? OK. Well, part of it was that I seriously had to burp for half of the interview. I was afraid I would have let loose the barbaric yawp of belchiness. So… thoughtfulness or too much soda before the interview– you decide.

We spoke about Steve Cooksey’s Diabetes Warrior blog and how he’s being bullied by North Carolina dietitians. Steve’s a co-administrator at my group for Your Lighter Side, a group of over 800 people on Facebook who post inappropriate things that I see during interviews (more on that later). Apparently if you have a license you teach wonderful things; if you don’t have a license, you suck. Unless that requires a license, too.

I will say Kevin and Jimmy didn’t ding me on “whores.” One for me! Some words got bleeped, though. It would have been better had they used an actual “bleep” sound instead of silence. I’m never silent. But that’s all right.

A second holla for the smack down of Colorado House Bill 1060! Woo woo! First Amendment! Yeah! This bill was frighteningly close to passing, so there was a moment to just sit and celebrate. And gloat. Slightly.

Listen to Ray, though.  You can tell he researches his topics and is so thoughtful. I spent half of the interview repulsed and almost on the floor because Karen (a member at Your Lighter Side) posted an almost nude picture of hairy Burt Reynolds on Facebook on the that popped to the top during the interview while I was scrolling through the site. You can imagine my combination of revulsion at the amount of human forestry the man possessed in the 70’s (was that air brushed or hair brushed?)… and the fact that I’m on this interview and didn’t expect to scroll past that. I think there’s a moment where you hear me almost fall out of my chair.

Hairy Burt aside, Vegans who hate cheese… and Wisconsin represents in this segment! I went off on the people who want us to cut the cheese.

Super Obesity. We discussed my friend PJ and her blog (work it, PJ!). I will say I am protective of my friends (I will cut a ho), so (Jimmy said “sex hormones” nyuck nyuck.) I don’t agree with what Ray had to say. Don’t feel sad for PJ. She is pretty righteous. We don’t know her story, so we can’t assume anything about her that she hasn’t assumed herself. She’s damned smart. One theory left out: In the McDonalds of the Universe, maybe some of us are meant to be the whole Happy Meal and others of us are the floppy Chicken McNoogies.

Fat restaurants. I know the guy who wrote the article is trying to be funny (I read the original paper he wrote), but it’s just… notsomuchallthetime. I’m like really? You can write that stuff and be funny; he wasn’t funny. Points for trying though. I mean I’ve never had a joke fall flat. Like ever. OK. Maybe once. A day.

Healthy recipes. I didn’t share anything for the show and seriously, I’m glad I refrained. Ray’s liver salad shake was simultaneously awesome and repulsive–like the picture of Burt Reynolds. We got some precious moments out of that. Precious, precious moments.

I like that Ray uses the word “whack” a few times. It’s the word of the day. If I hadn’t been censored, my naughty words would have pretty much rocked it out.

No. Really.

You’re welcome.








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  1. You rocked it girlfriend! In honor of your momentus debut on Low-Carb Friends, I made oopsie waffles for dinner! You were definitely waffle-worthy!

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