Links are now fixed. 404’s no more

Sorry about that. When I changed templates, I picked the wrong permalinks (bad me!). I chose month and recipe title rather than simply recipe title. Derp on me! All links should be perfection now…

(My husband told me to post more things on my blog rather than my Facebook page all the time. He says he’s a reader. Hi, honey! Thank you for helping with my FTP! )

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  1. Still getting a 404 on your cookbook link, hon…

  2. I agree with your husband. The blogs are easier to read and navigate and find something you want to review. Facebook is so yesterday.

  3. Love the look, love the blog.

    • Thank you so much, Lynn! I am going to love it even more once all of the wrinkles are ironed out–which will be soon…

  4. Hey Jamie,

    You’ve got a formatting problem on Safari. Top fancy slider ad is only partially visible, like this:

    Darned browser issues!


    • Hi, Becky! I did that purposely to show my web designer one of the issues I’m having. I’m glad you spotted it, too! It is making me nuts. Thank you for letting me know! So much for an upper widget!

  5. I agree, stick with the blog…down with facebook. I’ve always hated facebook and the megalomaniac who invented it. I only have an account because it’s necessary in order to post comments on certain things but I rarely even do that anymore. Lately if the only way to comment is through facebook, I don’t bother. I never just go to facebook to read someones page and I never actually made anything with my account. Never trusted it. I love reading blogs though!!! Glad your move is starting to work out better for you. Bring on the recipes!!

    • I agree with you! I have some new things in the works now, including my healthified version of the Shamrock Shake. I’m excited to share it.

  6. I agree with everyone. Blogs rule, especially this one. I never miss it. Facebook, not so great. I am happy that you are back to runing smoothly. Eagerly awaiting your latest creations.


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