Low carb, gluten free Spring bento

Hello, Easter Bunny! Bok Bok!

There’s nothing like the balmy 50’s after a blizzard to make you think that maybe the ground hog wasn’t just blowing sunshine up your skirt when he said Spring would be faster this year than Lindsay Lohan’s torrential tears in a felony court case.

But enough about potentially drugged up dwellers of the underworld, let’s dish bento.

The top container holds ripped up romaine and iceberg lettuce, topped with strips of shredded cheddar, chopped onion, sliced black olives and diced tomatoes. I know. You want to dip into that action. But wait. There’s more.

The bottom container contains all the snazz in the form of major adorableness. This is the kind of stuff that makes kids at heart go squee. That little green elephant container is filled with about 2Tbsp of cucumber ranch (one of the few without MSG), and the green beans are for dippin’, since they’re a fun, french fry type of addition. To the right is the pepperoni in little rounds. Those can either be tossed into the salad or enjoyed with the green beans.

Oh. What? You want to know about that rabbit? That adorable little bunny taking center stage in the bento that about made us scream like little girls when we saw it?

This is known as an egg mold. Huge in Japan, and a bento accessory, I’ve talked about these in the past, but I really had a Jonesing to break this little pink beauty out again for the magic.
And when you open the magic, pink form you get:
Funny Bunny

So there you have it. Perhaps one of the cutest low carb gluten free bento lunches ever. Whether it’s for your nine year old, or you secretly made it for yourself, you’ll never tell. And what does it matter? If you can’t make food fattening, at least make it fun.

From Your Lighter Side,


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  1. Robin Bayne says

    Ohhhh, so adorably cute!! I need an egg mold!

  2. Very Cute 🙂

  3. LOVE the egg mold idea! So fun!

  4. My Metamorphosis~ says

    This is the coolest thing EVER! I love bento. There are amazing artists on Flickr that do bento. It's another one of those foodie things girl! Art and food. It's a wonderful combo. I like the egg mold. Great post.

  5. No way could you have a bad day knowing that such an adorable lunch awaits you. Seriously lusting over that bunny mold.

  6. This is so cool!! I didn't realize I was doing DD's lunch as a bento. I got a double layered box and I fill it with goodies (I don't have one for DS). I loved the egg mold so much I scoured the internet until I found one that didn't cost me $30 to get shipped (dealextreme.com, if it's ok to put it; $3.99 for two, free shipping, cheaper if you buy 3 or more sets).

  7. Love your writing, OMG!! The description of LL’s tears in court? Killer. You could write for me any day. Ah, but look at the bunny!!! Years ago, my sister got my brother a square-egg machine, a simple machine really. You put a warm – peeled – hard-boiled egg in a square plastic container and pressed the lid/plunger side, let it cool. Voila! Squared eggs come out! Great to slice for all your Better Living salads!!! Have perfect egg slices everytime. The Japanese must have invented this, or perfected it, cause Hello Bunny is much cuter! I will have to get some of these. Tried to pin this, but my pin broke. Later, G8r.

  8. Um, don’t both sides of the box fit together to form a lunch box? How does one take it to school (bento box style) without it all getting mooshed together?

  9. Love the bento posts. Wanting to take my over weight son low carb this school year. Looking for more ideas. Unfortunately he hates salads…


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