Mint Tea Frappuccino

As soon as I saw McDonalds had Shamrock Shakes available for March, I wanted one in the worst way. I went one better; why not a Shamrock Frappuccino? It’s pretty yummy, so bless yer lucky charms for that!

Really, though. Seriously. Right now. Do it… I’ll even share… yours…

Some ideas:

  • You can sub dairy for nondairy in this beverage. Almond milk, coconut milk, you name it; the real thickener is the ice, so go a little lactoseless if need be.
  • You can skip the green food coloring. The real color of this frappe is a bone white (yes, I’m the person who hugs the paint swatches at Home Depot). I just like the color, especially around St. Patty’s Day. The only thing green and funky around my house shouldn’t be the laundry. Am I wrong here?
  • This drink is seriously, superbly low carb, at only   1.7 net carbs for the drink. It’s filling and I didn’t even go for the heavy whipped cream or the chocolate. I went full frontal minty. I might not even brush my teeth now.


Mint Tea Frappuccino

4 ounces warm water
Spearmint tea bag
1/4 cup heavy cream
4 Tbsp sugar equivalent in a substitute
1-1/2 cups crushed ice
Optional: Chocolate syrup
Optional: Sweetened Whipped Cream

1. Combine powdered sweetener, tea and water. Let steep for 5 minutes. Squeeze excess tea bag into water after removing to get the most of the flavor and color.
2. Crush ice in blender (or, better yet, use the crush setting on the ice maker). Combine all ingredients in blender and mix until frothy.
3. Top with whipping cream and chocolate syrup if desired.

Makes 1, approx 12 ounce frozen frappuccino.

Nutritional information (without the cream and chocolate): Calories: 103, Carbohydrates: 1.7g, Fat: 3g
Nutritional information (with the cream and chocolate): Calories: 206, Carbohydrates: 2.7g, Fat: 6g

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  1. It’s so funny that you posted tis now! I saw a guy with a McFlurry the other day and nearly rammed him with my car to take it! Luckily my cooler head prevailed. This looks great and I will be trying it soon!! Thanks

    • You might have been a wee bit green from envy? Sorry. I had to go there since it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day… This was tasty. I just enjoyed the drink and the flavors are so much more natural than the Shamrock Shake.

  2. Medium gray on slightly lighter gray is soooo hard to read. Pretty please change the color(s) of the letters or background for something with more contrast between each other.


  3. What do you think about using mint flavoring instead of spearmint tea bag?

  4. My husband went and got one of those Shamrock shakes and asked if I wanted one. I told him no because the carb count is over the top but he got one for himself. He’s a diabetic and shouldn’t have one, now I will make him this and see what he thinks. Thank you. This looks so great!!! I love making frappuccinos!!

    • I love that it’s so easy to make using my Ninja. I had an actual Shamrock Shake sip and there were so many chemical flavors in it. It just grossed me out. I hope you like this recipe! It’s really flavorful and much healthier than the McD’s version.

  5. I just made this….and it is so yummy! I couldn’t wait to make this at home when I saw the recipe this morning at work. It was worth the wait! Thank you!

  6. Jamie girl..
    the gray is horrible.. but when i try to copy and past into a new email so i can send it to myself…. then copy it and take it upstairs to make the recipe…
    the black back ground is enough to make me not even come here anymore.. and honey you know I love your recipes and i make most of them very quickly .. i can not afford the ink to make the whole thing black in the background.
    SO.. one could say …I do not like this new setup.. Sorry but it stinks..
    blessing to you…

  7. He descubierto el blog por casualidad, me encanta y voy a votar, no se si mi vota desde España servira, pero cuente con el. Saludos

  8. This was really tasty, and very refreshing – was a nice warm day (for a change) and this really hit the spot!! 🙂 yummy! Loved the natural flavor of it

    • I am so glad! It’s refreshing isn’t it? I took a sip of a ‘real’ shamrock shake and was thrilled to be disappointed.

  9. you have a stronger will than me… ha ha. A couple weeks ago I was at mcdonalds for an innocent bunless burger and saw… The Shamrock Shake and couldn’t take it. I ordered one. and it was AWFUL, believe it or not. It was so sickeningly sweet I actually threw it away aftera few sips. I don’t know if it’s because I’m used to not eating sugar or if it really was that overpowering, but you certainly wasn’t missing anything.

    • It always surprises me how much our tastes change. I can’t stand so many foods and drinks now that I used to have because my palates have become accustomed to real food. Even my pizzas, shortcakes, and chips are so delicious compared to what I used to eat. Not that long ago, we visited a pizza place, and I didn’t at all like their bread crust. I found myself wishing for my chicken crust with toppings.

  10. Add a pinch of xanthan gum to prevent it from separating.

  11. Try adding some chlorella powder for green color! (and extra health benefits) 🙂 Love your blog!!!


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