New cookbook: I’d love your help

Remember those 1960’s cookbooks shared by community and church members, those little slices of kitschy Americana filled with America’s favorite recipes?

I know you would like a cookbook (you’ve told me), but I’ve struggled with the fact that I hate things being all about me. I want this to be about everyone. I want Dr. Oz, Ellen and Paula Deen to see what healthy eating can do, and that it’s not just one food blogger cranking out recipes with sass; it’s an entire nation (world even) of people who are eating this way and loving it.

Let’s face it; I’m also tired of printing out my recipes from my site to cook dinner (and then I lose them and have to print a new one). That and I want some new dishes to try. I know what I like. What do you like? What does your family love to eat? What should mine be trying? Want in? I want you in.

If this is up your kitchen alley, please:

1. Send your original recipe(s) to by April 1. (Optional: if you want to send photos of completed dishes and they’re included, we’ll definitely credit you).

2. Don’t worry about nutritional information; we’ll run the numbers.

3. Please include your name, city, and website with recipes in your email; this information will be published with each, original recipe that appears in the book. Shy? No worries. You can use Mrs. Daniels or Mr. Smith. No I.P Freely or Iona Condom. Yes, that means you. And me. I’d do that kind of thing.

4. Please no: gluten, rice, corn or sugar as ingredients. We want to keep things as low glycemic as possible for low carbers and diabetics.

5. Please no funky ingredients no one can find or afford (specialized products, sold by distributors, etc.). It’s best to have mostly locally bought ingredients (with a few from amazon or other reputable online sellers when absolutely necessary). If you use low carb catsup, awesome. If you use a truffles-based sauce harvested at their peak from a South American rainforest by the limpopo monkey and sold only by a distributor, notsomuch. These recipes should stand the test of time, whether or not companies continue to exist.

6. There are some standard recipes out there, like mashed cauliflower. Do you have an inventive twist on an old standby? Those are great!

7. We’re looking for everything: appetizers, breakfasts, drinks, main dishes, side dishes, soups, crock pot, desserts of all kinds. We also love tips and tricks from your kitchen, especially for newer cooks.

Books will be released in print form (and likely electronic) this year, up to my ridiculously, ridiculously high standards (trust me; they’re high). I am working to keep costs low, so I’m not yet sure how many images will be included in the book at this point. There will be nutritional information for each recipe. I’ll keep you posted on the progress, naturally.

Comments? Questions? Want to shoot me your favorite family recipe(s)? Please email me at

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  1. I love this idea!! I keep a recipe binder handy in the kitchen and put recipes I’ve printed out in it. Last week, I sorted the whole thing and added tabs. SO much easier to find things!!

    I’ll go through my binder and find some great recipes for you. 🙂

  2. Do submitters get a free copy of the completed book or a discount?

    • I wish we could offer free for sure. Maybe for the e-copy? I would love to be able to do that. I am looking at options for submitted recipes.

  3. WOOT! WOOT! It’s about time! However, I will pay EXTRA for pictures. I’m such a visual learner! Love. It.

  4. Oooo. Looks like my secret recipes will come out of the vault! 😉

  5. Elizabeth says

    Yay!! I think this cookbook is a absolutely wonderful idea/ Now I’ve got to dig in my recipe files to see if I can find some winners to send to you :0)

    • Awesome! I can’t wait, Elizabeth! I am really excited about this project. That you’re in makes it even better!

  6. Janet Huffstetler says

    I have been low-carbing now since July. I am great at taking recipes I have liked over time and making them low carb. I’ve always been a fan of Ina Garten and use a lot of her recipes. Would you want my adaptations? I do things like substitute crushed pork rinds for panko, etc. I am a huge fan of your website. I just tried your breadsticks that are out of this world. I want to take it a step further and have small slices and do a great grilled cheese sandwich! I made them in small loaf pans and could envision the grilled cheese!

    • That sounds perfect! I can’t wait! I am a fellow lover of the pork rind, so let’s make it rain low carb Panko! I have another friend trying to make bread out of the breadsticks recipe… It might be a bit too heavy for that, but you never know; honestly, recipes like that start out with a “what if I…”

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