Please vote for us for Babble Mom Blogger of 2011

I drew that ^ You didn’t know I’m like a Renaissance girl, did you? So true! So true. I’m like a multi-layered thingy.

Sooooooo Hey hey~ It has come to my attention in the last week that voting for me as the Babble Mom Blogger of the Year is still taking place. This is the marathon contest to end all marathon contests. I’m pooped. I need a nap–but not quite yet! We’re in fist place, but I want to make sure we don’t look that honorable distinction o’ distinctiness.

Have you voted for The Lighter Side of Low Carb yet? Well? Well? Have you? Have you voted from work? From home? From your cell phone? From the library? From your neighbor’s computer?

In a house? In a house? Would you, could you in a house?

On a fish? With a dish? Would you vote if it’s delish?

I need those votes, as you can see, so please do send them all to me!

I do so like the Babble win. I do! I want so want it it, Blin Lynne Flynne (I ran out of rhyme there).

Please vote now. And tell your friends. And their friends. And their congressmen and their milkman and their their milkman’s counselor’s parking attendant.

Thank you for your support! Remember, it’s easy; just click the thumbs up next to The Lighter Side of Low Carb.

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