Review: LC Foods Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix

Gluten free, low carb cake mix? Yes, please. Thank you. Where’s my fork?

LC Foods knocks this one out of the ballpark with an easy to make cake mix that tastes delicious and behaves as a cake should.

Loaded with fiber (a lot of fiber in various forms, so if you’re sensitive to fiber, please note that you should stick to one serving), each serving of this fun mix yields only 2 net carbs. What makes the process even nicer is that the recipe for the product doesn’t use a lot of dairy in the form of heavy white cream, instead calling for sour cream. This produces a cake with less expensive dairy. Other ingredients you’ll need? Only 4 eggs, 1/4 cup liquid oil and some vanilla (along with his mix).

I used the two packages I was sent for review, and made this colossal bundt cake coated with a delicious lemon glaze. It held up beautifully, tastes great, and everyone liked it.

Thoughts overall? The cake is denser, so keep that under advisement if you want a cake that floats away into space (a great party trick, but it might confuse NASA). This cake is wonderfully heavy, beefy and sturdy. This particular bundt cake requires two mixes, so consider that if you’re baking for more people. At $16 for the larger cake, you’re looking at an investment, but considering how much a store-ordered cake runs, it’s not a stretch for something that contains no flour, is sugar free, and is commercially available.

Overall, the flavor of the cake is spot on, the texture is nice and dense, and the cake didn’t fall in my high altitude oven; three major bonuses when I’m testing a cake. I’d give this one a try for your next special occasion. A frosting/glaze/whipped cream topping will lend to the most authentic flavor. This is, hands down, the best baked dessert mix Hold The Carbs offers.

Caution: Celiacs, these products are created in a factory that also contains wheat. The factory has not been tested for gluten particles, so make sure you don’t accidentally buy this and make yourself (or someone you love, like or owe money to) ill.


LC Foods Corporation Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Price: $8.98 for 11.6 oz package
Usefulness: In place of a standard yellow cake mix
Negative: A bit spendy
Website: HoldtheCarbs.Com
Special offer: Mention Your Lighter Side’s 4 free GF samples in the “remarks” section of the order page (not the free code section), and you’ll get to try some lc, gluten free samples free with your order.

Disclosure: This product was provided free of charge for review by a sponsor, but has not affected my opinion of the stuff.

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  1. Ordered and mentioned your offer!

    • Sweet! I hope you like it as much as we do. It really makes a nice cake. I was pleased at how it didn’t fall like so many of my cakes seem to…

  2. So for $8.98 plus $4.95 s/h you get to make 2 cakes from this? Also, how many does one cake serve?

    • No. For two cakes it takes 2 mixes. You’re looking at closer to $20. That’s why this makes a perfect special occasion cake, but for everyday use it might be a little bit steep.

  3. Too expensive…

    • It is, but if you compare it to a store-bought cake, it’s about right on… and it serves a lot of people because it is so dense.

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