Small Rewards

Celeriac chips allow crunch without waist bunch.

Sometimes healthy living is about small rewards leading to those big health gains.

My small reward? Enjoying my favorite shows while hitting the treadmill.

I’m not going to even act like I like to exercise. I remember in the 70’s when “remote controls” were the dumb suckers you could con into changing the channel manually when your show was over. (Sorry, sis.)

As a child of the 80’s I lived through video discs of enthusiastic aerobics gurus having me stretch and tone things I didn’t even know I had. Sure, the programs worked, but they were as boring as they could be.

Now, exercise is not much different, only now we have things like treadmills and remote controls and video services that let you watch whatever you want on instant download at any time. It’s better for me this way.  While it’s still all sweaty and armpitty, exercise is at least more fun when my mind’s not on it. Walking on a treadmill while watching my favorite shows is a reward; not only am I treating myself to the next installment of my favorite, irreverent comedy, I’m getting in some activity at the same time.

And I almost don’t even mind.

What small morning rewards do you indulge in that make your life healthy and more fulfilling? Join me March 8th  Join us next THURSDAY, March 8th at 4pm PST/7pm EST for the last chance to win some great prizes! We want to know your “Healthy Rewards: What small steps in the morning do you take to keep healthy?”

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  1. I’m so happy to find your website! I am always looking for low carb recipes and this is definitely one I have never even heard of before. Thank you!!

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