Diana’s Mexican Oopsie Bake

Ready for a fun, quick dinner idea that converts to luscious leftovers and lunches?

Diana’s been rolling out the oopsie roll revolution (so many puns, so little time) in her own kitchen (see this beautimous cake), and her latest, mouth-watering offering is no exception.

Showcasing even more of her mad cooking skills, you can bring the magic of the oopsie roll to your favorite casseroles, too. Diana’s Mexican Oopsie Bake is proof  that even if your normal oopsie rolls fall  short, nothing about this recipe will.

Thoughts and recipe ruminations:

  • This recipe makes enough to fill 2-8″x8″ pans, but you could combine into a larger casserole dish.
  • For a down-home feel and presentation, bake in a large cast iron skillet.
  • This dish would be great for dutch oven camping cooking. Just make sure to keep a consistent heat to prevent the oopsie topping from over browning.
  • This dish is gluten free and induction friendly, ringing in at only 2 net carbs per serving. Cha-ching! Nosh it down you hotties, and bring your finicky kids along for the ride.

Diana’s Mexican Oopsie Bake 

1lb ground beef
1/4 cup enchilada sauce (Diana used El Paso brand)
1/4 cup salsa (Diana used Herdez brand)
1 tbsp onion powder, or 1/3 cup onion, diced
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tsp pepper
1 small can chopped green chilis, divided
1/2 cup green bell pepper, diced
1 cup cheese, divided

Oopsie bread batter:
3 eggs
3 oz cream cheese
1/8 tsp Cream of Tartar
2 to 3 Tbsp Flaxseed meal (or unflavored whey protein powder)
2 tsp sugar equivalent substitute
Green chilis

Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.

Cook ground beef. Add seasonings, enchilada sauce, salsa, half a can of green chili, and 1/2 cup cheese. Set aside.

Make Oopsie bread by separating the egg yolks from the whites. Whip the whites with the tartar until stiff peaks form. Combine the yolks with the cream cheese, flaxseed meal/protein powder, sweetener and the rest of the green chili’s and cheese.

Slowly fold the yolk mixture with the whites. Take the ground beef mixture and add to a 8×8 baking dish. Pour the Oopsie batter on top, spreading evenly.  You can even add more cheese, chilis and some black olives on top of the batter.

Bake at 300 for 30 to 40 minutes.  The top will be slightly brown.

Remove from oven and let cool slightly.

Serving size: 2 8X8″ bakes or 1 bake and a small pan of bread.  Just divide the batter in half. Makes 12 servings.

Nutritional information per serving: Calories: 189, Carbohydrates: 2.3g, Fiber: .3g, Net Carbohydrates: 2g, Protein: 11.25g, Fat: 14.9g.

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  1. I discovered your blog a few days ago, and I’m thrilled! I enjoy not only the recipes, but the irreverent humour. I’ve been wheat/gluten free for a little over a week, and my husband is along for the ride whenever I can provide the food. On Friday I made Oopsie rolls for the first time for grilled burgers, and they were a hit, and my 9 year-old daughter was part of the cheering section. I’ll definitely be making this comfort-food Mexican recipe! Thanks for making this lifestyle change so easy and fun!

    • Cherie, you are so sweet! Thank you so much for saying so! Life’s too short to cry in your corn flakes when you could be dancing with oopsie rolls (or smuggling them in your purse to your favorite restaurant). If you hate your food, it won’t love you back. Hopefully, together we’re all creating a lifestyle we love to eat with our faces and with our hearts. Which sounds a little weird and wrong somehow.

  2. The actual recipe is in such faint print that it’s hard to read when you print it out. Just sayin’. Can’t wait to try this recipe!

    • Hi, Laurie! Even with the new printer button? You should be able to darken the type in the PDF file and then print from there.

  3. Oh thank you so much. I will be converting this to a Dukan Diet friendly recipe for dinner tomorrow… delish.

    • Please let me know how you tweak it and how it works for you, Kari! <3 <--that's a heart. It probably doesn't look like one. I use Facebook too much... lol

  4. This looks delicious. I can’t wait to try this out this week.

  5. Do you think the cream of tartar is essential? I want to make this for dinner tonight with leftover chicken but I don’t have any cream of tartar. Also, I’m on a sugar detox, but I’m assuming that ommitting the 2 tsp sugar sub wouldn’t make a huge difference. Thanks!

    • If you don’t have cream of tartar, you’ll probably be all right. Just make sure to whip those egg whites up good and stiff.

    • You also can use 1/4 tsp vinegar added to egg whites as a substitute for cream of tartar. Lemon juice works also…

      • Yes! Perfect, Heidy! I have not tried the vinegar yet, but now your terrific tip is one I’m going to try. Thank you so much.

  6. This looks really good. It also reminded me to let you know that I’ve been using the oopsie recipe to make chile rellenos. (just dip the cheese filled chile in the batter and bake like an oopsie) It’s so much easier than frying, which I can never seem to get quite right. Baking is just perfect.

    • Cheese… chile and oopsies? I think I just fell out of my chair. I slipped on the drool.

    • Cyndy can you explain your chile rellenos oopsie recipe? Like you are explaining to a 2 yr old lol because I’m not a very savvy cook. My husband would do most of the cooking but since starting this low carb thing I wanted to do it myself. Thanks.

  7. Gotta try this. Viewing on a tablet and emailing the recipe from it from your mail button does not pull up the digital keyboard to type the address in the address space when i highlite it. Is that something you control from your end or a setting on mine? Not a big deal so dont work too hard on it when you could be cooking and passing such good food recipes to us! In fact dont work on it at all since i found a work around. I send stuff to work for printing.

    • Hi, Janet! I can’t control that at this time. There is a team ho are working to make this site handheld compatible and I’m hoping that will help. I hope. I hope! Smart thinking sending things to work to print. I like your thinky thoughts.

  8. Looks interesting. I think I would eliminate the ground beef and use ground turkey instead. Trying to stay away from beef & all its’ hormones. Also would probably use powdered chile powder to make the enchilada sauce since there is so much sugar in the store bought stuff. How did you come to the nutrition information. It sounds great, but wondering if it would have more carbs than that…?? Much appreciated….

    • Hi, Bobbi! I ran the numbers using Fitday.com. I try to overcompensate so, if anything, the numbers are higher than they might actually be. This typically keeps people out of trouble. I couldn’t, say, run the numbers on the brands Diane quoted, but I could run the highest, safe fitday totals I could find for the product types.

      I found sugar in store bought chili powder he other day! In the spice aisle! I was like “What the Flax?!”

      Have you tried grass-fed beef? Laura’s Lean Ground beef is grass fed and grain fini9shed and contains no hormones or pink slime. It’s also reasonably priced when purchased in chub packs or at a BOGO sale. Turkey is awesome, too, though, don’t get me wrong. Bring it, either way!

  9. I made this tonight for my husband and I. Loved it….he ate all the leftovers. I just made a 1/4 of the recipe since its just the 2 of us. I used organic beef and ground buffalo. That combo seems to work really good. I didn’t add the bell pepper and used a whole small can of green chiles. I used 1 egg and the equivalent of 1 egg of eggwhites. I had some La Victoria taco sauce-green and only 1 carb. It is definitely something I will make again. I think my sons and grandkids would even like it!

    • I love how you prepared this dish, Vickie! I can almost taste it now… it’s better than the pistachios I’ve been noshing. You temptress.

  10. Hold me. That sounds so wonderful! I’m pretty sure this will make it on the menu this week for induction recipes!

  11. Is the Old El Paso enchilada sauce referenced in the recipe the green chili enchilada sauce or the red enchilada sauce?

  12. Hi Jamie!

    I found your site a week ago or so and have been making Oopsies like crazy. Also made the Doritos with zucchini. Awesome! Only problem is that my husband keeps eating everything while I’m at work! We had a bag of 2 batches of chips when I left yesterday and there were 4 chips left when I got home last night…

    Anyway, how important is the flax meal in this recipe? I don’t have any on hand but I have everything else that is called for. I’d like to make this tonight and need to know if it is imperative that I make a stop at the store.


  13. Husband doesn’t like oopsies so I hesitated to try this. I need a good casserole base to make my life easier, though.

    He yummed it right up with a quacamole salad on the side. That’s quac ingredients prepped as a chopped salad instead of mashed together.

    I’m plotting a tuna casserole. I’m going to mix everything together like a salmon puff instead of using an oopsie topping.

    • Grace, that is a terrific idea! Tuna casserole is one of our family favorites for sure. When is dinner? Oops. I just invited myself.

  14. Cyndy, what an excellent idea for a chile relleno, and I love CR!!!
    Grace, I just made my husband a regular tuna casserole. I wish I would have thought of that too!! 🙂

  15. Bunni Schile says

    I found these on a friend’s page and I am making it for dinner tonight! I have been wanting to try the oopsie rolls, but wasn’t sure how I would use the recipe. This is perfect. The only meat in my freezer is ground beef..yay! I am also adding black beans and corn to the beef mixture and I am using fresh jalapeños instead of the canned chilies. This promises to be a delicious dinner. Thanks.

  16. Bunni Schile says

    okay. so i made this. it was FABULOUS. and FABULOUSLY easy. My son loved it, I loved it. I am going to be making this a lot…and oopsie rolls…definitely!

    • I am so happy! Hearing especially that you’re making your son happy, too, is really a terrific testimony since kids can be so picky. I know mine are. When you find a dish the kids like, you know the world is as it should be–tastier and with less complaining.

  17. I made this tonight and took it to church for our Ladies night and they LOVED it – so did I by the way. Thanks a bunch!

  18. Wadene Amberg says

    You mentioned Fitday.com. I have been hunting for a program that I could plug in the components of a recipe and amounts, then put in the number of servings to find out the carb count per serving. Will this site do that? If not, what are the benefits of this site and do you know of another site that would do what I am seeking?

    • Hi there! I use Fitday for my recipe numbers, but there is also Mastercook, which is a cookbook program that will do the same thing. The difference is Fitday is free and updated, whereas in Mastercook the list of what’s used in cooking seems to be more limited. I think there’s a definite advantage to having an online program that can update regularly.

  19. What do you think about freezing the finished product?

    Since the recipe makes 2 8×8 pans, I was thinking I would cook both pans worth, but freeze one for a quick weeknight dinner in the future?

    I haven’t made any oopsie roll recipes yet so don’t know how they hold up to freezing, especially on top of a casserole like this. Any suggestions on thawing/reheating instructions?

    • Hi, Caroline! The oopsies freeze up really well, and I’d bet this casserole will, too, especially if you freeze them post-baking for at least half of the time called for. To serve, I’d thaw on the counter and then bake for the remaining 15 minutes and see how that works. If that makes you nervous, you could bake fully, then freeze, then thaw, and then just reheat in a warm oven.

  20. Print button? I don’t see a print button, I just copy, and paste! Love your sense of humour too. I don’t cook, not at all, but I have printed off a few recipes and I am going to give it the old college try.

    • Isabel– I didn’t really start cooking until I switched from a standard diet to a low carb one, so you’re going to be fine! The print button is below the post to the far right. There you can delete the intro text you don’t need, along with any images that you don’t wish to print.

  21. sooo good! love it!!!! im making it once a week for my family! they absolutely kill it in one day!

  22. Have to say, “I made this the other day, and not only did the hubby enjoy it with sour cream and homemade salsa, but my boys loved it!!” There is hope….LOL Thank you so much for all of your great recipes. I have definitely experimented with dozens of uses for the oopsie roll recipe. This site has given me hope. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for letting me know what you think of the recipe, Maria! It is so much fun working together to make all of these amazing new dishes.

  23. I made this tonight substituting chicken breasts for the meat and using green enchilada sauce instead of red. My boyfriend loved it! He said it was one of his favorite recipes, and he’s not on a low carb diet.

  24. Oh and I added a diced green bell pepper too.

  25. I have been doing Atkins since January, and love this way of eating. I would love to make this recipe for my family, but I have to admit….I have never whipped egg whites! Can I do it with a hand held beater (you know, that you rotate a handle?) or do I need to invest in an electric hand held beater? Also, is there a good way to explain the “fold the yolks into the stiff peaks” part? Again…never done this! Thanks for any tips. I would looooove a casserole these days!

    • Hi, Cinnamongirl. You can definitely use a mechanical hand mixer. I know women with wrists of steel who even beat those suckers by hand until stiff. It’s amazing to me.

  26. Just made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious! I’m so glad I found this blog and joined the FB group!

  27. Is the sweetener in the oopsie dought really necessary? I taste even the slightest sweetness in foods and would rather avoid it.

    • Kim, you could definitely avoid the sweetener if you’d like, but the cake would be less sweet. I’d say go ahead and make a smaller batch and try without the sweetener and see what you think.

  28. Strongfitgirl says

    Just a note to mention that the unflavored whey protein option may not be as good an idea as it sounds, because the protein denatures at temperatures about 130F.

  29. Hello Jamie,

    This looks so good. I am going to make this dish this week. I have been watching my carbs for about 6 months now . I was getting tired of eating the same old thing all the time. That is how I found this recipe. I look forward to trying many of your recipes.

  30. Looks delish! What is your favorite sweetener to use? I usually don’t like artificial sweetener but am hoping you have a good one to recommend that doesn’t have that “artificial” taste. Thanks!!

  31. This was very tasty, but my topping was paper thin flat with no puff. 🙁 What did I do wrong?

    • Was the topping puffy when you added it to the casserole? Sometimes egg whites have a way of deflating and being a little bit crabby.

      • I tried being careful folding in the heavy stuff to the “peaked” egg whites but eventually it lost a lot of it’s fluff. It spread thin & came out thinner after baking (as if it evaporated!) I was thinking I shouldn’t put the cheese topping on it until after baking, in case it weighed it down.

        • Ooh! You know, the cheese sounds like the culprit! Naughty cheese weighing down the topping. I hope it was still pretty amazing, but it’s good to know what happened to cause the loft to… well, not be so lofty.

  32. this sounds so good but don’t have the flax seed stuff either, i do have the Adkins all purpose baking mix ,would this work ?

  33. Pamela Lunsford says

    I made this into a pizza bake instead of mexican and it was great. I used pizza sauce 10 carbs per 1/2 cup instead of the salsa. I also added mushrooms.

  34. Sadly, this was not among my favorites. My meat mixture was nice and moist when it went in the pan but ended up really dry. And the “oopsie” topping? I usually avoid anything with the “oopsie” because it’s notoriously fussy, typically looking good but disintegrating totally upon trying to eat/hold it. Not this time. It’s like it was tough or something. Not quite sure. Oh well, not every recipe is gonna be loved by everyone 🙂

  35. Wow, I just found your web site and I’m so excited! I made this last night and it was fantastic!!! For those whose topping went flat, I blended the cream cheese and egg yolks up until they were very loose, then folded them into the whipped egg whites. This is a do again and again and again! Can’t wait to try more of your recipes. Thanks!!!

  36. This looks so good! I am on this low carb now actually starting today! Is there any substitute for flaxseed meal or whey? I don’t have either and well I’m kinda broke. I was thinking of just doing it without it. Think it would work still? may not rise up like that. but I’m not sure

  37. Just made first batch of ooppis Saturday after work was a bet nervious as they sounded complicated made them again last 3days all came out perfect! I boughted the small 4×11/2 cake pans today as to keep them uniform and can make alittle thicker to splite for sandwiches Love your sight will never eat any other way makes it easy to eat delishious meals and stay under 20 carbs per day sence 4-15-14 Thank you so much you are doing a great service for many

  38. I made this tonight and while it was DELICIOUS, the bread layer never thickened. It was merely a wetter cornbread-like texture that was about 1/2 an inch thick. We did place the casserole in a larger dish, but in the picture, the bread layer looks much thicker. I’m assuming I did something incorrectly, but I followed the recipe to a T. Either way, it was great and we also added a thin layer of chipotle-flavored refried beans beneath the ground meat mixture. We substituted ground turkey for the beef, though. Great flavor!

    Any ideas on what I did wrong?

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