Edits made to Diana’s Oopsie Roll Cake

There have been a lot of questions, so I wanted to let you know that I made edits to the recipe and added a bit to the notes section.It is nothing that changes the recipe, but it does make some clarifications regarding the process, including when to fold in the yolks, whether or not you need to grease the pan, and how to roll a cake in a tea towel (I’d never done that before, either!).

Please always let me know if you have questions or if you see a step missing, or have a question about technique on any recipe. I am totally happy to help!

Here is the cake recipe: Diana’s Oopsie Roll Cake

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  1. Jeanette says

    I did it! It’s perfectly divine! I made it and put coconut cream filling in the middle and on top, then the chocolate glaze, then I add sprinkled coconut on top! It was so delicious! I didn’t break at all! I was so excited. Next up, raspberry cream filling, with whipped topping, drizzled with raspberry syrup… I’m going to mix sugar free raspberry jam with cream cheese, and whip that with heavy whipping cream. I think it will be a huge hit!!!! Diana you and Genius Jamie are dabomb diggity!

    • That sounds so awesome Jeanette! I love coconut and I think I’m going to do the same. Great idea!!!

  2. Your site has been a blessing for my kid and me. He’s diabetic and I like to share the kitchen with him and your instructions are pretty easy to follow for him. And he simply love the variety of recipes. He was in a funk, thinking that he couldn’t eat everything and thanks to you, you prove him wrong. I really appreciate it!

    • You are so kind! Thank you so so much for being so sweet. I am so very happy to hear you guys are having fun in the kitchen. I’m not the most incredible cook ever– I just know how to have fun and to try not to mess it up. Mostly.


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