LC Food Corp Fan Share Winners

Yay! Happy Friday!

Thanks everyone for entering and sharing what your favorites would be! The trumpets blared, my fingers did the walking to, and the randomly chosen winners for the free nummmos from LCF are…

Cranberry Muffins
Chocolate Cake Mix
LC Crusting and Breading Mix
Pizza and Calzone Mix

Zandra M.
vanilla ice cream
crusting and breading
gluten free brownies

Thick’n Corn Starchy
Country Biscuit Mix
Chocolate Cake Mix
Pizza and Bagel Flour

Brownie mix
Pumpkin bread
Pancake mix
Country biscuit mix

Winners: I will pass along your email information to Glen at LC Foods Corp so he can grab your shipping addresses and ship your products!

Congratulations, and thanks everyone for entering!

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  1. Thank you so much. I never really thought that I would win. This is great. I will put the LC products to good use, as their products are awesome and of high quality. Your Lighter Side is also fantastic, as they have helped me tremendously thus far with my diet, as I have used and prepared numerous of their recipes. I am on the Atkins Diet and have lost a total of 28 pounds since March 29th. I started out at 282 and I am now down to 254. I have quite a ways to go though to reach my goal of 235. But I know that I will be able to make it by continuing the use of the Your Lighter Side recipes and the LC Products. Again Thank You so much.

    • Woohoo on your losses, John! I am so proud of you and your hard work! Twenty eight pounds is seriously hardcore fab. Please keep me posted on how you’re doing!

      • Thank You for the Woohoo, I had tried several diets, but this one seems to be really doing the job, along with the great recipes that your site provides. I will try to keep you posted with any further success that I have. I probably won’t lose the last 19 pounds as quick and am not in a real big hurry to lose it. I just want to lose it by the time I go on vacation in the middle of June this year. Again thanks for the compliments.

  2. YAY! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. RhondaSue says

    Congrats to the winners! ENJOY the goodies!

  4. Maria M says

    GRATZ!! to everyone who won!!

  5. Zandra morris says

    Thanks so much I never win anything, so excited. cant wait to get the products

    • I am so glad you won! Did you respond to Glen, then? He’d been trying to reach you via email…

  6. Yes I responded to Glen and I have already received my free items. Haven’t had a chance to try them out, but will try to do so shortly. An update on my weight loss I am now down to 249 from 282 since 3/29/12. Still trying to get down to 235. I am using the Atkins Diet so the items that I received will hopefully help with my diet.

    • Wow! That was fast! You are losing really well! If you’re following Atkins, just use products as they fall into the rungs you’re following. You can probably freeze any products you don’t plan to use right away.

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