LC Food Corp Fan Share (Now closed)

I hope this Monday finds you in good health and ready for a fun-filled week! But first, there’s a giveaway to take care of, before you head for serenity (or work, if you’re me).

Glen from is offering four lucky readers a chance to win over $30 in products from his site. What’s even better? You pick the prize. If you are randomly drawn, you’ll receive your four choices!

What will you choose? I’ll tell you my personal favorites:

LC Crusting and Breading Mix: A gluten free mix perfect for breading anything, from chicken to filling meatballs, this is versatile and tasty.

LC Vanilla Ice Cream: Ready for summer? This easy to make mix is a hit with kids and taste buds.

LC Gluten Free Cake Mix: I made the most amazing bundt cake with two packages of this and we really liked it. It’s our favorite of the gluten-free mixes.

LC Thick N Potatoes: Miss your favorite thickener like ThickNThin/Not Starch? This product not only thickens your mashed cauliflower, it thickens other dishes, too.

Here’s how to enter (The contest has ended. Thank you so much for entering!:

  • US Residents only please (I am so sorry, non-US readers! I owe you guys something special).
  • Simply leave a comment below this post and name the four products ( $8.99 or less each) you choose from if you win. That’s it! Remember, this is for the comments section only, so please don’t email your choices.
  • Check back Friday: That’s when I’ll announce the four randomly drawn winners, so look for your name! If yours is announced, you will then email me your home address along with your four choices so your items can be shipped to you right away.
  • Subscribe to this blog via email at the top right hand sidebar of this page. This way you’ll receive word to your inbox right away if your name is picked! You’ll also receive new recipes right to your inbox free as they’re published to this site. It’s a win-win!

That’s it! It’s almost too simple, isn’t it? Good luck, everyone! Now, sit down, pat yourself on the back, and call it an amazing day.

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  1. Diane Chavez says

    Chocolate Chip Cookie base
    LC Gluten Free cake mix
    Pancake Mix
    Angel Rolls

  2. gwen obrien says

    would love to win one of these products:

    LC Crusting and Breading Mix
    LC Vanilla Ice Cream
    LC Gluten Free Cake Mix
    LC Thick N Potatoes

  3. Gluten Free White Bread
    Gluten Free Chocolate Cake
    Gluten Free Breading and Crusting
    Natural Sugar Sweetener

    *crosses fingers* Been wanting to try the gluten free line, but my kitchen has been under renovation since shortly after they released. I can hardly wait to get back to real cooking!

  4. I would love to try:

    -LC Brownie Mix
    -LC X-Anthan Gum
    -LC Confectionary Sugar
    -LC Think N Potatoes

  5. I would choose LC Diner Rolls, LC-Thick N Potatoes, Marshmallow Fluff Mix, LC-Chocolate Cake Mix

  6. Christa Robinson says

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Clusters
    LC-Cinnamon Buns
    LC-Multi Grain Bread
    LC-Vanilla Ice Cream

  7. Anne Blanchard says

    These are the products I would like to receive, if I win:
    Gluten Free Pancakes, Gluten Free Brownies, Low Carb Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolate Coconut Clusters

  8. You are the bestest! At first, I was sad because everything I wanted had sucralose as an ingredient (yeuck!) but then I found the “artificial sweetener free” section and all was well in my world again. It’s tough to narrow down my choices, but I’d go with: country biscuit mix (to feed my butter addiction), scone mix (ditto), thick’n potatoes (um, yeah, more butter), & bread stuffing mix. mmm… now I’m hungry….

  9. Beulah Hartge says

    There are so many yummy looking items there that it’s hard to decide but here are my choices;
    1. Brownie Mix
    2. Dinner Rolls
    3. Pumpkin Bread
    4 Yellow Cake Mix

  10. Patty Seifert says

    It is really, REALLY hard to pick just four of the items from! This list could change from moment to moment but I did choose; multi-grain bread flour because I am still looking for the perfect loaf of bread for me. Sweet drops because I need something in my tea that helps give it a kick, cake flour because I cannot imagine a L-C yummy cake that is easy to prepare and lastly pie crust mix because summer is coming and I will want pie to eat!! Thank you for putting all these images into my brain!! I wish I could stay home and cook today.

  11. Kelly McDonald says

    I have never tried any of LC’s products and would love to win. I would like to see what products I enjoy so I can incorporate into a diabetic diet for a family member and into weight-loss for myself!

    Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix
    White Bread Mix
    Gluten Free Brownies
    Confectionery Powder


  12. Oh, lovely! Here’s what I would choose:
    LC-Sweet Drops (home version)
    LC-Sweet Natural
    LC-Thick’n Potatoes
    Marshmallow Fluff Mix

    There are another 4 items that also sound wonderful, but this will do for a start.

    Thanks, Jamie, and Glen, for this opportunity!


  13. 1. Blanched almond meal
    2. Thick’n Potatoes
    3. Confectionery powder
    4. Vanilla ice cream

    Thank you! 🙂

  14. I’m a fan of the following (I’m pretty sure they’re all under the price point):

    The LC Country Biscuit Mix (I add garlic powder and cheese to it…Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay biscuits ain’t got nothin’ on me!!)

    The LC Yellow Cake Mix

    The LC White Sweet

    The LC Brown Sugar Sweet

    And THANK YOU for introducing me to their products!! I love them!

  15. Robin Howe says

    Confectionary powder, Chocolate cookies, butter cookies, chia seeds!
    Great contest!

  16. I would choose 1. Brownie mix, 2. Pizza and Bagel flour, 3. Hot Cocoa, and 4. Pumpkin Bread Mix. YUM. Oh Yum. 🙂

  17. Blanched Almond Meal
    Dutch Premium Cocoa Powder
    White Milled Chia Seed
    Coconut Shredded Unsweetened

  18. Mari Fenili says

    I would love to win! If, I won I would choose:
    LC gluten free chocolate cake mix
    LC gluten free brownie mix
    LC sweet drops
    and LC Vanilla frosting mix
    Nom Nom Nom!!

  19. Karyn Furry says

    My top picks would be:
    LC Brownie mix
    LC Pancake mix
    Cranberry sauce
    LC Muffin mix

  20. Teresa Bippen says

    Your contest sounds like an exciting way to try LC products. Thanks so much.

    Pancake Mix
    Piecrust Mix
    Pizza and Calzone Mix
    Brown Sugar Sweetener

  21. Rebecca Calunod says

    Cool! I’d choose the brownie mix, the milk, granola bites, and strawberry preserves.

  22. 1) Love the LC-Sweet® Brown Non-Sugar Sweetener (Powder). That for sure! 2) LC-Syrup® Honey Flavored 3) Gravy Mix and Sauce Thickener; and 4) LC-Dried Cranberries!

    Thanks for doing this!

  23. Tesser White says

    4 products:
    Hot Cereal Enjoy Like Oatmeal
    Pumpkin Bread Mix
    Cinnamon Buns
    Brownie Mix

  24. rita sullivan says

    I would pick:

    1. Pizza and calzone mix
    2. Bicsut mix
    3. Brownie mix
    4. Ice cream mix

  25. Fun Contest! Thank you!
    Cranberry Muffins
    Chocolate Cake Mix
    LC Crusting and Breading Mix
    Pizza and Calzone Mix

  26. Brownie Mix
    Breading Mix
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Base
    Ice Cream Mix

  27. Melissa smith says

    So many for a paleo gal to pick from,
    1. Gf paleo bread
    2. Gf paleo pancakes
    3. Strawberry cereal
    4. Thick -n-potatoes

  28. Would love to try:

    Blanched almond meal
    LC-Syrup® Honey Flavored
    LC-Sweet® Brown Non-Sugar Sweetener
    Coconut Shredded Unsweetened

  29. If I won the contest I would choose:

    1: Dutch premium coco powder.

    2: Brownie mix.

    3: Cinnamon buns.

    4: Cake flour.

  30. My picks are:
    Sweetened Condensed Milk
    Pizza and Bagel Flour
    Raspberry Scones
    Natural Sugar Sweetener

  31. Brownie mix, Pumpkin bread, Pancake mix, and Country biscuit mix.

  32. Tracey Wray says

    LC Crusting and Breading Mix
    LC Multi Grain Bread
    LC Country Biscuit Mix
    LC Thick N Potatoes

  33. Thank you both!
    Pizza/Calzone Mix
    ThickNThin potatoes
    Pancake Mix
    Pie Crust Mix.

  34. They really do have some great products.
    Thick n Potatoes
    Sweet Drops for Home
    Butter Cookies
    Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

  35. Beverly RoffeyDavis says

    LC Vanilla Ice Cream
    LC Gluten Free Cake Mix
    Pizza and Calzone Mix

    LC gluten free brownie mix

  36. Oh, how fun! OK, here’s mine:

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Clusters
    Raspberry Scones
    Pumpkin Cookies
    Thick’n Potatoes

    *crosses fingers*

  37. Melissa Filtz says

    Blanched Almond Meal
    Sweet Drops 3pk Combo
    LC Hot Cereal Enjoy Like Oatmeal

  38. Brenda Killinger says

    My favorites would be:
    Gluten free white bread.
    Gluten free chocolate cake.
    Gluten free pancakes.
    Bluten free yellow cake.
    Thanks so much for the chance.

  39. Cool! My choices would be:

    Chocolate Chip Cookie base
    LC Gluten Free cake mix
    Pizza/Calzone Mix
    Pumpkin Bread Mix

  40. Dinner Rolls
    Brown Sugar
    Pan Bread
    Gingerbread cookies

  41. Laurie Arndt says

    Gluten free yellow cake
    Gluten frree chocolate cake
    Gluten free brownies
    Chocolate coconut clusters

  42. Cinnamon Buns
    Chocolate Ice Cream
    Vanilla Ice Cream
    Natural Sugar Sweetener


  43. Almond meal
    Strawberry muffin
    Raspberry muffin
    Muffin mix

  44. Thanks for the chance to win! My choice would be:

    polydextrose fiber
    inulin fiber
    gluten free white bread mix
    gluten free breading and crusting mix

  45. Wow-lots of folks here!LOL!

    Here’s my four:
    Pizza & Bagel Flour, Cinnamon Buns, Hot Cereal, Country Biscuit Mix


  46. I would get:
    Gluten Free Yellow Cake
    Gluten Free Brownies
    Gluten Free White Bread
    Hot Cereal Enjoy Like Oatmeal

    Thanks for the chance!

  47. Palm, Jim says

    Brownie Mix
    and 2 Pancake mixes (I miss my pancakes)

  48. Pancake mix (the best I have found!!)
    Peach preserves
    Cranberry muffin mix
    Pie crust mix

    Yay! What a fun contest!!

  49. I want to try the…everything. But four?

    Konjac/Glucomannen Flour
    Thick’n Potatoes
    LC Vanilla Ice Cream Mix
    8 ml Sweet Drops (home size).

  50. Angel Fuson says

    Natural Sugar Sweetener
    Brownie Mix
    LC Cereal Complete
    Pizza and Calzone Mix

    This contest rocks!!! 🙂

  51. Zandra morris says

    my choice would be,thickNpotatoes,vanilla ice cream crusting and breading gluten free brownies thanks for letting me enter

  52. Sarah Krueger says

    Gluten Free Chocolate Fudge
    Gluten Free Brownies
    Strawberry Preserves
    Hot Cereal Enjoy Like Oatmeal

  53. I have just stumbled onto your blog and will be following it closely. I have just started back on Atkins and can use all the help I can get for food ideas. The items from the gluten free and low carb site would make it a whole lot easier to stick with the plan. I would like to try:
    1. Strawberry Scone Mix
    2. Hot Cocoa
    3. Brownie Mix
    4. Country Biscuit Mix

    Thanks for the help!!

  54. 1. Blanched Almond Flour
    2. Gluten Fre Almond Meal
    3. Dutch Premium Cocoa Powder
    4. White Milled Chia Seed

  55. brownie mix
    angel rolls
    thick’n potatoes
    country biscuit mix

  56. Ashley L. says

    1. Brownie Mix
    2. Country Biscuits
    3. Pumpkin Bread
    4 Yellow Cake Mix

    I’d LOVE to try these! Yum!

  57. Kathleen Hoffman says

    1- pizza & bagel flour

    2- Banana bread
    3- cake flour
    4- brown sugar sweetner

  58. jacqueline koudry says

    I would pick:

    LC – Gravy Mix & Sauce Thickener
    LC – Sour Cream Mix
    LC – Sauce Caramel
    LC – Milk Mix

  59. Carole M. says

    Hope this isn’t a repeat, I tried to submit a comment a minute or two ago. Brownie mix
    Pancake mix
    Brown sugar sweetener
    Chocolate cake mix
    I always say I don’t miss potatoes, rice, pasta or bread…but I DO miss sweets. Take care, I love your recipes and your commitment to the low-carb lifestyle.

  60. What fun – I’d like to try:

    — Chocolate Coconut Clusters
    — Cranberry Scones
    — Strawberry Preserves
    — Thick’n Potatoes

  61. Christina says

    I actually did some blood sugar testing and was sent LC Foods products to test to see if they would raise my blood sugar. Not only did they NOT raise my blood sugar, they were amazing!! My favorite was the pancakes!

    I would love any LC Foods product, but I would probably request: 1) yellow cake mix (becuase I want to try a knock off version of Paula Deen’s ooey gooey butter cake!), 2) marshmallow fluff (for making whoopie pies), 3) pumpkin bread (becuase it’s soooo good!) and 4) thick’n potatoes (who wouldn’t want this?)

    Thank you!!!

  62. Joan Meador says

    White Chia Seeds
    LC Thick N Potatoes
    Coconut Flakes
    Dried Cranberries

    Thank you!


    Gluten free baking flour
    Golden milled flax
    Gluten free muffin mix
    Gluten free brownie mix

  64. Miss Beth says

    Ooh, I just saw this post and hope it isn’t too late to enter. Thanks to this blog, I’ve tried several of Hold The Carbs delish products.
    I would probably want to win: brownie mix, scone mix, think ‘n potatoes, and one of the chocolate nut cluster mixes.

  65. This is so much fun.

    1. Thick’n Potatoes
    2. Banana Bread
    3. Yellow Cake Mix
    4. Chocolate Frosting Mix

    Oh, I hope, I hope, I hope……

  66. I would choose:
    LC GF cake mixes
    LC breaking mix
    LC Confectioners sugar and
    The marshmallow mix

    Thanks for the opportunity to try some great products
    That otherwise, I might never know about.
    I enjoy you posts. Thanks for the cool info and
    An assured smile!

  67. Christina says

    1. Brown Sugar Sweetener
    2. Sweetened Condensed Milk
    3. Dried Cranberries
    4. Chocolate Ice Cream

  68. YAY!

    Chocolate Cake Mix
    Yellow Cake Mix
    Brownie Mix
    Brown Sugar Sweetener

  69. Rhonda Rogalski says

    Oh my, what a wonderful opportunity. First, thank you for site and all you share with us. Second, thank you sooo much for introducing Glen’s site to us! The choices are amazing, and I might add that I am thinking of becoming a contract baker for them. Whoot!

    If I am selected the items I would love to try are:
    Crusting & Breading Mix
    Natural Sugar Sweetener
    Chocolate Coconut Clusters
    Multi Grain Bread Flour

    Thanks again!

  70. I would try
    any scone mix
    chocolate cookies
    gluten free brownies
    banana bread!
    I’m drooling.. Fingers crossed…
    so glad I ran into this website

  71. Absolutely love your website! I always look to you for inspiration and new ideas. Thanks for the great opportunity to try some new products!

    I would love to try:

    Pizza & Calzone Mix
    Breading and Crusting Mix
    Brown Sugar Sweetener
    Dutch Premium Cocoa Powder

    Thanks again,

  72. These are such great products, it will be a hard choice. I would like the following
    1. Brownie Mix
    2. Yellow Cake Mix
    3. Flax & Chia Crackers
    4. Pumpkin Bread Mix

    Thanks for the opportunity to add to my pantry.

  73. Edie Evans says

    I love, love love the GF Muffin mix and vanilla ice cream, the LC drops and want to try the GF yellow cake mix.


  74. 1.) Pumpkin Seed Hearts Unsalted
    2.) Yellow Cake Mix
    3.) Gluten Free Baking Flour

    Thank you!

    Heather C.
    freebielover1 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  75. LC-Breading & Crusting Mix®
    Thick’n Potatoes
    Hot Cereal Enjoy Like Oatmeal
    Thick’n Corn Starchy

    Purdy pleeeeez!

  76. This is wonderful!!! How nice to have a low carb giveaway!! Thank you so much. This is my list of what I would choose:

    blanched almond meal
    chocolate fudge
    gluten free baking flour
    polydextrose fiber

  77. Jennifer Haney says

    Chocolate Ice Cream
    Vanilla Ice Cream
    Strawberry Scones
    Chocolate Sauce

  78. So many choices!

    Gluten Free Brownies
    Gluten Free Pancakes
    Gluten Free Yellow Cake
    White whole Chia seeds


  79. Breading and Crusting mix
    Brown Sugar Sweetener
    Dutch Premium Cocoa
    Raspberry Scone Mix

  80. Oh how fun…if chosen, I would pick:

    1. LC-Hot Cereal Enjoy Like Oatmeal
    2. LC Stuffing Mix
    3. LC Almond Spritz Cookies
    4. LC Pizza Mix

  81. Ooooo excited about this giveaway! I would try:
    Chocolate Brownies!
    Pumpkin Bread mix!
    Cinnamon Buns (are you kidding?!!?)
    MultiGrain bread flour!

  82. RhondaSue says

    SO EXCITING! Thank you for the opportunity to try some new products! My choices are:

    LC Sweet Drops 8ml Home $7.98
    LC Dutch Premium Cocoa Powder $7.98
    LC Pumpkin Bread $7.98
    LC Seasoned Bread Crumbs $7.98


  83. Robyn Warnell says

    Would LOVE to try some of the products!

    LC Crusting and Breading Mix
    LC Chocolate Chip Cookie Base
    LC Country Biscuit Mix
    Thick’n Corn Starchy

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  84. How fun!

    1) Biscuit and pie crust flour
    2) Rasperry scone mix
    3) Chocolate ice cream mix
    4) LC Crusting and Breading mix

    Ooooh I hope I win!!!

    Thank you!

  85. Jeff Dlott says

    Pizza/Calzone mix
    Hamburger rolls
    Cranberry Muffins
    Thick n Corn Starchy

  86. Arti aggarwal says

    I’d like : Hamburger buns , pancake mix , vanilla ice cream mix , hot cereal 🙂

  87. Lc White Bread Flour
    LC Butter Cookies
    LC Chocolate Chip Cookie Base
    Brownie Mix!

  88. 1. Thick’n Potatoes
    2. Blanched Almond Meal
    3. Strawberry Scones
    4. Dutch Premium Cocoa Powder

    Thank you!

  89. Brownie Mix
    Vanilla Ice cream
    Pancake Mix
    Vanilla Frosting Mix

  90. Lisa Sedtal says

    blanched almond meal
    sweet 12x concentrate
    gluten free baking flour
    golden milled flax

  91. Brownie mix
    Brown sugar sweetener
    Chocolate cake mix
    Pancake mix

    Hope I get picked!
    Num! : )

  92. Nancy Baeten says

    Thank you.
    Pumpkin Bread Mix, Thick’n Corn Starchy, Chocolate Coconut Clusters, Sweetened Condensed Milk

  93. I would probably choose blanched almond meal, brownies, SNICKERDOODLES (my favorite cookies!!), and the baking and crusting mix.

    Thank you for this giveaway. We all <3 you, Jamie!!

  94. Keri DIlts says

    LC Crusting and Breading Mix
    LC Vanilla Ice Cream
    LC Gluten Free Cake Mix
    LC Thick N Potatoes

    Being newly diagnosed with type 2 diabties I need some help to conquer some of the things I can no longer have. Would love to win anything.

  95. crusting and breading mix
    marshmallow fluff
    pancake mix


  96. Stephanie Fulk says

    I love their products! I really want to try the chocolate cake, the frosting mix, the pizza crust and the chocolate cookies. The cinnamon rolls are awesome!

  97. Wow really hard to choose! So many amazingly wonderful things to choose from. I would go with:
    Gluten Free Breading and Crusting
    Gluten Free Brownies
    Gluten Free Baking Flour
    Thick’n Potatoes

  98. gluten free brownies
    blanched almond flour
    LC crusting and breading mix
    sweet drops for home and travel

  99. Looks like my first try didn’t go through.
    1. Brownie Mix
    2. Muffin Mix
    3. Chocolate Cookie Mix
    4. Pancake Mix


  100. Jillian Hamm says

    I would love:

    1. Brownie mix
    2. Pancake mix
    3. Cinnamon Buns
    4. Cake mix

  101. I have had my eye on:

    1. Thick n Potatoes
    2. Brown Sugar Sweetener
    3. Marshmallow Fluff Mix
    4. Cinnamon Rolls

  102. yum!! So much to choose from………..

    1. Pizza/Calzone mix oh yeah!

    2.Pancake mix biscuit mix

    4.crusting and breading mix

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

  103. What a great giveaway! I’d try the breading mix, the thick’n potatoes, the brown sugar sweetener, and the cinnamon bun mix!

  104. Susan Donohoe says

    Hi Jamie!

    I would love to try Chocolate Chip Cookie base, LC Gluten Free cake mix, Pancake Mix, and Angel Rolls.

    Fun contest, thanks

  105. Love your site! HAven’t tried anything from LC-Foods yet. HEre’s my choices…

    Blackberry Cereal
    Sweet Drops for Home and Travel
    Strawberry Cereal
    Vanilla Ice Cream

  106. Kay Donivant says

    I just made cranberry muffins from your mix! I cannot believe it. I have finally found the key to loosing weight. I was recently told that I am “pre-diabetic” and have to cut the carbs and loose weight in order to avoid full blown diabetes. I’ve never had much luck losing weight because I feel I’m being deprived of “good stuff.” LOL
    With the help of LC Food, I think I’ll make it this time!
    Cranberry Muffin Mix
    Brownie Mix
    White Bread flour
    Biscuit Mix

  107. Danielle Levy-Wolins says

    Chia seeds!
    Sweet drops- SO cool!
    Cocoa powder
    And of course, MARSHMALLOW MIX!


  108. I’ve never tried any of their products, but from what everyone says, I’ve been missing out!

    my choices:
    Thick’n Potatoes
    Golden Milled Flax
    White Whole Chia Seed
    Flax and Chia Crackers

  109. Love the LC Corp products! I’m preparing to do a low-carb baking class for my first group of clients, so I would choose:

    Pumpkin Bread Mix
    Hamburger Bun Mix
    Cinnamon Buns
    Vanilla Ice Cream Mix

  110. Pan Bread Flour
    Pie crust flour
    marshmallow fluff
    LC vanilla ice cream

  111. Dutch Premium Cocoa Powder
    Flax and Chia Crackers
    Gluten Free Breading and Crusting
    Konjac Glucomanan Powder

    Thanks so very much Jamie!!!

  112. Really appreciate all the L/C offerings and would love to get

    L/C Dinner Rolls
    Cinnamon Buns
    Think’n Potatoes
    Almond Meal


  113. Thick’n Corn Starchy
    Country Biscuit Mix
    Chocolate Cake Mix
    Pizza and Bagel Flour

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