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Diana’s Mexican Oopsie Bake

Ready for a fun, quick dinner idea that converts to luscious leftovers and lunches? … [Read more...]

Your emails were going to spam

Have you tried reaching me, only to find I never responded? That is so unlike me--and for a reason. … [Read more...]

New, more intuitive share/print buttons

Since we've been having a not-so-fun time with the former print button, I installed Sexy Bookmarks. Now you can pin, print, stumble, and share, all in one convenient place! What I love about the Print Button through Sexy Bookmarks is the … [Read more...]

Dreamy Creamy Spinach Soup

Have you subscribed for the latest recipes straight to your inbox? Just type your email address into the box in the rop right sidebar and keep hundreds of recipes coming, worry free. You don't even have to put your slippers on. Soup! Cream of … [Read more...]

Breakfast Dippin’ Sticks

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Strawberry Shortcake

Two delicious details make this strawberry shortcake recipe perfect for diabetics and low carbers: The lack of sugar, and the abundance of freshness from plump, red strawberries. … [Read more...]

Sexy Egg Salad

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Healthy Eggs Benedict

Ham. If you had ham for Easter you likely have some of the venerable white meat leftover for other uses. … [Read more...]

Happy spring holiday of your choosing

And if your holiday consists of paying taxes, happy that, too. … [Read more...]

Lazy Hollandaise Sauce

This Hollandaise sauce is so easy to make! … [Read more...]

Spring Layered Sponge Cake

Diana's gorgeous oopsie roll cake inspired me to try something really ambitious for Easter. … [Read more...]

Edits made to Diana’s Oopsie Roll Cake

There have been a lot of questions, so I wanted to let you know that I made edits to the recipe and added a bit to the notes section.It is nothing that changes the recipe, but it does make some clarifications regarding the process, including when to … [Read more...]

Happy Easter for a Slimmer Keister

(Pictured: My son, the model. Yes, this is integral part of the home schooling process...) Aside from my obvious reversion to being, like, 8, Easter is a difficult holiday for those folks who either like corn syrups, corn syrup solids, … [Read more...]

Diana’s Oopsie Roll Cake

When Diana shared this cake recipe with me that she fashioned from oopsie rolls, a delicious filling and my glaze recipe, I almost fell out of my chair. … [Read more...]

Review: LC Foods Gluten Free Muffin Mix

Muffins! You like muffins, I like muffins, we all like muffins. Many of us even have muffin tops, we love muffins so much. OK, well, maybe that's a little much, since we're working to whittle our middles... … [Read more...]