Premature posting: Horchata recipe

I am working to get a bunch of new content and accidentally hit “publish” on the horchata recipe before I was ready. Ignore what you thought you saw.

I am slapping my own hand as we speak. The recipe will be up next week.

Thanks for understanding.

In bacon and beverages,

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  1. Every morning i wake to your emails….because of you i now own stock in Depends. Your fault, and i think you are good to the last drop! Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

  2. I got a glimpse of the Low Fat Horchata Recipe. Is there any way to list the calories per serving? I’m not sure how to figure that one out and I’m currently counting every calorie.

    Thanks for all the wonderful recipes & hope that my eating life can be fun and delicious!


    • Hi, Jay! That horchata recipe is no longer. I have a new one. I will be posting it next week for sure! If you’d like it sooner, please email me at and I’ll send it to you. I will tell you it is very low cal!

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