Five simple dinner ideas

[pictured: crusted broiled tilapia]

It is warm outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to sweat your armpits off in the kitchen (besides, where do they go when they slip off? It could be potentially awkward, and a little weird.

Want dinners that are seriously versatile, easy to throw together and make freaktacular leftovers?

Here are five fantastic, gluten free, diabetic friendly and fast dinner ideas to try now when you’re just too tired to get your Martha on.

These dishes also go to show you don’t have to break out the expensive food items or dinner settings; just make real food.

Crusted Broiled Tilapia

In simplest terms, this super easy dish only requires an oven with a broiler, some tilapia, Parmesan and about 15 minutes.

Serve with: sugar snap peas and carrots with ranch dressing

Under 6 carbs per tilapia + 1 cup peas or 1/2 cup carrots

Broiled Tilapia recipe

Crock Pot Pizza

Jump into mah bellah! Crock pot pizza is as easy as your college room mate.

Crock pots might sound a little unsexy and school marmie, but picture the sexy librarian in a push-up bra and go for it. This dish is not only delicious, it makes the house smell amazing for hours. Don’t have an oven? Assemble the dish the day before in an oven proof pan and bake, covered, for 60-90 minutes at 350 degree Fahrenheit.

Serve with: Bagged side salad and Caesar dressing

Under 8 carbs for a heaping helping of the pizza + 1 cup salad

Crock Pot Pizza recipe

Mexican Meatloaf

You'll dance in your mouth. A little. OK. A lot.

Hate meatloaf? Me, too. Think of this as a flavor explosion in your mouth. What’s more, it’s even better the next day, taking dinner even farther.

Serve with: A shaved jicama salad

Under 8 carbs for meatloaf with a Tbsp of sour cream, a Tbsp of salsa, and a cup of salad greens (with a few slivers of jicama for crunch).

Mexican Meatloaf recipe

Crusted Ranch Chicken

Crusted chicken with mashed cauliflower and green beans is as flavorful as it is colorful.

Chicken can be sexy and full of flavor; just try this recipe and see what I’m talking about. To make it even easier, you can skip bake mix and use flax seed meal, dried parsley and a little pepper and garlic powder to bring the zhoozh. Didn’t I tell you? Easy peasy.

Serve with: Green beans and/or mashed cauliflower.

Under 8 carbs for a cup of vegetable and a serving of chicken.

Crusted Ranch Chicken recipe

Macho Nacho Broiled Salad

Try this with meatballs and a drizzle of pizza sauce for an Italian bit of fun.

Sound weird? Awesome. Delicious? Damned skippy. Easy to make? Please, sister; you’re talking to the queen of lazy. Just make sure you have a broiler proof plate and fixings and you’re ready for a dish of fabulousness. People pay over $10 in a store and you can make this filling dinner in 10 minutes.

Serve with: Dressing and a long glass of sugar free iced tea

Under 10 carbs for a loaded platter of righteousness.

Macho Nacho Salad recipe

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  1. So excited…thanks for planning my menu for next week!!! Everything looks delicious!

    • Hi, Lori! It’s so hard for me because I hate planning and need quick, hearty meals. I thought it might help someone else, too. It makes me so happy that it has!

  2. Darlin D says

    Oh, dude, this is so awesome! I’m gonna make all these recipes at some point this summer. You are amazing….but you already knew that ;D

  3. Lee Jacintho says

    Macho Nacho reminded me of the dinner I had last night! It was Nacho Salad without the shell. Sooooo gooood!

    • I even went to a local joint and got theirs to go, and it’s nowhere near the fabulocity of the ones at home. I mean, we really deck ours out! And for way less than $12…

  4. Some great recipes here and it made me laugh out loud! Especially the “easy as your college roommate” comment! Funny stuff – loved it! I’m all over the mexican meatloaf especially!

    • Thank you, Melissa! Yeah, we all know those college room mates. They’re open like a 7-11, only without the lotto tickets. I hope the Mexican meatloaf zips your hawt bip!

  5. Oh wow, the Mexican Meatloaf looks great. Going to try it this week!

  6. Wondering if you could tell me what type or where to find broiler safe plates?

    • I am being told that plates which are broiler safe tend to have those words stamped underneath. I just found a thick, robust plate at a thrift store and use that over and over for my broiling needs. I would also think Corningware and other cookware that can withstand the heat would be an easy option if you already own them

  7. Great ideas, they sound pretty family friendly, too. Well, there’s one in my family home from university that won’t eat fish but four out of five isn’t bad!

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