Paging Kristen and other big losers who used low carb and walking

(Pictured: Some new recipes coming soon–and straight from the garden to your table.)

A major magazine has contacted me today.

They’d like to write a story, and they’re looking for some ketogenic hot mommas and poppas who have lost big (think 100+ pounds) with little changes; namely low carb and walking.

Please drop me a line if you’re one of my Stories of Splendulescence or if you’re interested in being featured in a major magazine.

PS. Sorry for not publishing much new content this week. I’m working a major project that I want to tell you guys about in the fall. I think you’ll be pleased! Until then, hush hush…

Yours in bacon,



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  1. Christa Robinson says
    • Hey there! Way to go, Christa! I will pass your name and email along to the magazine and tell them of your phenomenal losses, too. I think they’re looking for even higher numbers, but I also once asked a pizza dude what a “can bacon” was… *facepalm*

  2. How much weight loss are we talking? I started June 1, 2011 and lost 45lbs with out exercise. I’m sure that’s not what you are looking for right?

    • Hey there, Stacy! That is pretty phenomenal! Congratulations on doing so well. I don’t have any say in who will be chosen or not (that’s their decision to make), but I will pass your name along to the magazine. Sound good?

  3. Lost 140 (so far) from low carb and walking (add some elliptical and biking) Started June 1, 2011 and I am almost at my year anniversary. I think I am ready to share my success story 🙂

  4. i have lost 80 pounds walking and doing low carb

  5. Rosalind says

    I’m just starting out with low carb. I don’t have a ton of weight to lose, but if they’re interested in following somebody starting on the journey, they could contact me.

  6. In September of 2007 I decided to cut a few lbs. for my daughter’s upcoming wedding in July of 2008. After looking at various options, I decided that a low carb regimin was a simple way to go. I started monitoring, then reducing my carb intake until I was taking in about 50-60 grams of carbs per day. I combined this with a walk ‘around the block’ (rural area — the ‘block’ is a 3.5 mile circuit). At first the walk was a couple times per week, but later I worked it up to a daily routine. I cover the 3.5 mile distance at about a 4 mph pace, finishing it in about 52-54 minutes. Enough to need a shower when I return. Between September of 2007 and May of 2008 I dropped 80 lbs, and 9 inches off my waist. A much slimmer version of me walked my daughter down the aisle in July.

    I gained a couple of those lbs. back in the last two years (not watching my diet), so I got back on the regimin again and lost 34 lbs. between January 3 and today. I have learned that I have to stay away from the carbs if I am to maintain this weight level while keeping satiated. I keep my carb levels between 40 and 60 grams per day now, and I am comfortable at that level. I eat plenty of meats and fats, along with a couple meals of fish and organ meats per week. I feel better than I have in years (I’m 52 now).

  7. “Splendulescence”: I like it!
    Reminds me of another one I saw recently: supermodeliciousness.


  8. Hi Jamie.. I might qualify for this. I am down 100 from my heaviest but lost most of it in a little over a year with working out with a trainer and walking. I have been doing low carb for years and I preach it! LOL

  9. Beth Maglietta says

    Hello, I started eating low carb and walking and lost 50 pounds in about 5 months. I also started lifting free weights. I then started doing The Firm workouts at home and continued to eat low carb and lift weights. I lost an additional 25 pounds. I went from a 210 pounds and a very tight size 16 to 135 pounds and a size 4 in about 8 months. I am 46 years old and a stay at home mom. I KNOW that I will be a low carb person for the rest of my life. It works and I love it ! I have inspired a lot of women at my school to start working out and eating more healthy also.

  10. I’m also interested in sharing my story, I’m *almost* at 100 pounds lost from LCing/exercising and if I can at least help/motivate one person in some way or another I’ll be a happy gal!

  11. Priscilla says

    Hey! I gained 75 lbs with my last pregnancy and lost it all in 7 months with wheat free, low carb life style habits. I’ve gone from a size 24 to a size 8 in 7 months. Pretty crazy!

  12. Hi there! I’ve lost over 100 lbs by eating low carb and walking…. If you’d like to pass my information along, my contact info is accuracycounts at

    Love your blog and your pyrex dish! <33

  13. I found this about four years too late, but in seven months I went from 310 pounds to 189 pounds on low carb, lots of water, and walking 1-2 miles per day. Losing was the easy part, keeping if off is the tough part.

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