Perfect Party Cheesecakes

These little darlings definitely zipped the bips of friends and family who very recently enjoyed them.

My Perfect Party Cheesecakes are crustless, and that’s ok.You’ll never miss the crust!~ These little hottie patotties are easy to prepare, peel and party as soon as they’ve hit their refrigerator time–and they’re so delicious, you’ll never miss the sugar-laden, crust version.

I’m going to say these are induction friendly so long as you choose a sweetener without a bazillion carbs. I used Steviva for this recipe (for most stevia baking mix subs, you only need half of the amount recommended), but you can use Splenda or other sweeteners instead. They’re also gluten free.

Mini cheesecake bar o yummoness

 Perfect Party Cheesecakes

3-8 ounce packages, cream cheese
3/4 cup sweetener substitute for sugar
1 tsp vanilla
3 eggs

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

Mix cream cheese until whipped slightly in appearance. Add sweetener and mix until well blended. Add vanilla. Add three eggs and beat just until blended. Pour into 18 metal cupcake liners (remove the paper and save for another day).

Bake for 30 minutes or until the tops begin to lightly brown or crack. Remove from oven. Cool in refrigerator for 4 hours prior to serving. Can be made ahead and stored for up to a week, covered. These can be frozen as well!

Makes: 18 mini cheesecakes

Nutritional Information per cheesecake (sans toppings): Calories: 144, Carbohydrates: 1g, Fiber: 0g, Net Carbohydrates: 1g, Protein: 0g, Fat: 14g

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  1. I made these tonight and can’t wait till they have been chilling for 4 hours. What is the carb count on those?

    • Hi, Helga! Let me check with the math gods… *making boop sounds* Nutritional Information per cheesecake (sans toppings): Calories: 144, Carbohydrates: 1g, Fiber: 9g, Net Carbohydrates: 1g, Protein: 0g, Fat: 14g

  2. Cathriona Kelly says

    So is that a selection of toppings in the bowls? do tell – looks like a great idea if it is – if not I still think it’s a great idea (of mine). Nooooice

    • It is! Those three sauces are all on the site (blueberry, strawberry and raspberry) and the chopped candies are sugar free. I offer the tiniest baby spoon to serve the candies since they really should be more of an afterthought due to maltitol (it can cause some tummy upset if used in excess). I think of the cheesecake bar as a sundae bar, only better, so hot fudge and caramel toppings would also rock, along with fresh, whipped cream.

  3. Cathriona Kelly says

    going to the shop now

  4. YUMMY! Thank you so much! You rock!

  5. I use packets of truvia, how many do you think that would take for a whole recipe? These look so tasty!

    • Hi, Strumpet! For Truvia, 3/4 tsp [or 1 packet] = 2 tsp sugar. There are 36 tsp typically needed to make 3/4 cup, so you’re looking at roughly 18 packets for this recipe (6 per 8 ounce package of cream cheese). If that sounds like too much, you can always run a taste test after adding half of the packets and then keep testing as you add more.

  6. This looks oh so tasty … and easy … pinning for later 🙂

  7. Where do you get the fiber in this recipe? I’m trying to figure out the net carbs but your 9 g of fiber is not in any of the above ingredients. Thanks so much for this easy recipe…I’m making them today!

  8. Soo making these for my birthday! Thanks

    • Happy Birthday, Rho, and many happy cheesecakey returns.

      • Thanks it’s not till Monday but these will be made Sunday and will be perfect! Just printed the recipe out (after fighting with my printer for hours arrgghh)

        • I am fighting my printer, too! I pushed to print something Saturday and it printed 18 hours later. My computer loves to sleep…

  9. O M G….these were amazing!!!! Made them to take to a party so I could have a low-carb dessert…too bad only 12 made it to the party! 🙂 A few things I wanted to ‘bounce’ off you if I may….

    My mixer couldn’t handle mixing 3 bars of cream cheese at once, so I added one egg and the vanilla to it, and mixed well; then slowly added the rest, mixing thoroughly between. Also used about 14 packets of Stevia…it was plenty sweet for my tastes.

    Was a little disheartened that there was more liner and less cake. Was thinking about making mini-cakes using a mini muffin pan…..decreasing the temp to 325 and baking for 45 minutes, so it’s baked through…. Each one being just enough for one or two bites….


    P.s. THANK YOU for all you do….I love your site!!!

    • You can use the tiniest metal liners available; they make them in a mini size. Otherwise, you have to reshape the full-sized liners. I am so glad you liked these!

  10. Made these for my birthday – not as pretty as yours but super tasty – I just sliced up some strawberries with Splenda and put a few on top … Thanks 🙂

  11. can you use fat free cream cheese for these?

  12. I made these today and replaced the sweetener and vanilla with Torani sugar-free raspberry syrup. They’re so delicious, thank you for the recipe!

  13. zandra morris says

    I made these this week and boy were they good. I put the batter in a 8in square glass pan.They are the BEST<FASTER<EASIEST cheescake I ever made.Its a good thing there other people in the house or I may have eaten them all by myself during the week.They rose up big and fat and fluffy.THANK U SO MUCH,Again.ZANDI

  14. zandra morris says


  15. Actually I meant to ask Megan because she said she substituted syrup for the sweetner and vanilla. But thanks for responding!

  16. I’m REALLY new to low-carbing and these are an absolute GODSEND! delicious and SO easy to make! one curiousity though…how is there no protein content when you use three eggs? like I said, super new and this is more of just a wonder than anything…maybe because you spread it out over the cheesecakes that it whittle’s down to zero? regardless, SO thankful for your site…REAL recipes that taste good, who would have thought?! 🙂

    • I am sure I need to re-run those numbers for sure. It sounds like there should be some protein in there from the eggs and the cream cheese.

  17. I made this last night with splenda in a 8 3/4 baking dish. SOOO delicious!!! Thank you so much for this recipe!

  18. Hello! I made these last night and had an issue with getting the cheesecake out of the muffin tin. They would stick to the sides and crumble if I tried to remove them. Tasted great, but I’m just wondering if you know why this happened? To give more context, I thirded the recipe to make six cupcakes and added blueberries to the mix. Any help would be much appreciated!

    • Hey there! It sounds like they probably needed to be in cupcake wrappers. They will be a little bit sticky and huggy to the pan typically (even cheesecakes like to stick to the springform). If the cakes are crumbly, the possibility is that they bakes slightly too long. Next time, go ahead and try the wrappers and bake for slightly less time and allow them to set up. Also, make sure you’re using a fuller-fat cream cheese. It adds moisture to the batter.

      I love cheesecakes!

  19. How did you come up with them being only 1 carb each?? With 3 cream cheeses at 16 carbs each = 48 carbs for the whole recipe divided into 18 cakes = 2.6 each. Am I doing my calculations wrong???

  20. I made these the other day. I used the 1/3 less fat cream cheese which I probably would not use again. It doesn’t bake up quite the same. I’ll use the regular kind next time. I put a tablespoon of almond meal(bob’s red mill brand) in the bottom of each tin and pressed it in and baked for 10 min before adding the cheesecake mixture to make a gluten-free LC crust. after they cooled i topped each with heavy cream that i whipped up with some splenda. YUMMM. my additions change the counts to 3g net carbs and 202 cal per mini cheesecake. Delish.Now If I could figure out a way to not eat 4 at a time we’d be all set! thanks for the recipe.

    • Thanks so much for sharing what you changed and how it worked! It’s hard to keep the portions under control, but it’s our lot in life for being such amazing lady cooks, right?

  21. Do these have to be made in metal cups? Can they be paper?

  22. If I didn’t want to make the whole recipe I could just cut it in thirds right? Just one egg would be enough for 1 stick of cc?

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