Recipe: Shredded beef au jus

1. I was able to talk to an interested party today about her Diet Pepsi addiction. I discussed the role ofphenylalanine in the brain and why people become dependent on the stuff. She’s going to move to iced tea and distance herself from aspartame now (she said she’s been wanting to kick the addiction for years). Incidentally she works at a restaurant to which I took hubby for lunch, and she has constant access to Diet Pepsi in the drink fountain. She was looking for options. I felt I was there are the right time and place for that conversation. It was a fricken sweet moment.

2. While at the restaurant I didn’t eat anything even though hubby noshed. And I was so hungry! I was happy sipping my cold, fresh brewed iced tea knowing that when I got home I’d be enjoying my au jus wrap.

3. It feels good to be really hungry and not feel like I’m going to chase a Little Debbie truck down the street or molest a Chester Cheeto sign. I have that kind of control thanks to a lower carb lifestyle. I felt pretty cool.

4. The au jus wrap. I’m just sayin… Worth the wait!

I’d write more but there’s beef juice dripping off of my fingahs.

Shredded beef au jus wraps

1. I loaded a Flat Out (lite) wrap with crock pot shredded beef.<–recipe link

2. I topped that with pan fried (in buttah because that’s how I roll, baby) onions, green pepper and mushrooms (cook until onions are transparent, about 15 minutes over med-low heat).

3. I topped with shredded cheddar, rolled up the lusciousness.

4. Popped it in the microwave of cooking brevity for 30 seconds, poured some organic beef broth into a little bowl, and I’m all over this like Bob Villa on Sears Craftsman underpants.

5. I’m telling you about it while trying to exercise self control when I’m thinking about how to marry a sandwich and have its love babies.

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  1. Thanks for yet another fun post! And the super-bonus-meal-idea makes it perfect, once again. I’m hungry now.

    • Thank you, Cherie! I almost hate sharing recipes using gluten-containing dishes sometimes, but those Flat Out wraps are my exception occasionally (along with the Dreamfields pasta). It doesn’t seem to make me hungry. Hungry, gluten free diners can use cabbage wraps instead of the Flat Outs when gluten free–or even lettuce.

  2. Yum! We’ve been on a cheesesteak kick lately, but I think this would also be a great use for the chip beef.

    Also, would you be up for tweaking/expanding a 5 minute skillet pizza I’ve been working on?

  3. This sounds so good — I want to try it with gluten-free Sandwich Petals. They should work really well in this.

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