Savory Cheese Chive Waffles

Waffles! Savory, wonderful, gluten free waffles! Made from… cauliflower…

This time I’m serious. Cauliflower and cheese team up for this beautiful, savory pairing perfect for breakfast, brunch, dinner or lunch. Any time you have a hankering for some cheesy goodness, reach for your favorite veggie, shred, and heat up those waffle irons.

Pictured above, I really enjoy these waffles with bacon and eggs. I tossed in some fresh parsley and some sun-dried tomatoes, along with some added Parmesan cheese for added kick. You can seriously play up these flavors with sour cream, tomato sauce, basically anything you’re hankering for!

These waffles are nice and crispy since the cheese brings its magic to the table.

Look at those bits of fresh parsley and sun-dried tomato.

With an easy, fun dish like this, the question becomes, what will you put in your waffles?

As always, a few thoughts, notes and tips:

    • I used egg, but you might be able to omit this ingredient if you’re egg intolerant. I haven’t tried this recipe without it because I wanted to make sure the cheese didn’t cook and stick to the waffle iron.
    • Don’t like cauliflower? Use well drained, shredded zucchini instead!
    • You can save some fat by using skim Mozzarella. The waffle maker should essentially be non-stick when heated properly, so you shouldn’t need any added fat there.
    • Be sure to allow the waffle iron to do its thing. In other words, stop checking the thing every 30 seconds while it’s cooking. If you mess with its perfection while it’s trying to do it’s job, you’re going to have a mess. Set the timer and walk away. Go on. Away. I see you hovering over there…
    • Always make sure to allow your iron to fully heat before you add batter. Cold waffle irons take time to heat, so if you add the ‘dough’ while it’s still heating, you’ll end up with either an overcooked hockey puck, or the blob from outer space.
    • The waffles stick ever so slightly, but that’s only because they’ve stringently adhered to the waffle iron. Just gently coax with a fork (careful to not scratch your non-stick surface or hurt yourself) and loosen.
    • This recipe is Atkins induction friendly, gluten free, sugar free, vegetarian friendly and 2.2 net carbs per ample waffle.

Crispy waffles also make for the perfect addition to sunny side up eggs.

Savory Cheese Chive Waffles

1 cup processed, raw cauliflower (should resemble coarse crumbs)
1 cup processed mozzarella shredded cheese
1/3 cup Parmesan cheese/shredded
2 eggs
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp pepper
1 Tbsp chives
fresh parsley, optional
sun-dried tomatoes, optional

Heat waffle maker until ready. Add scant 1/4 cups filled with batter on the griddle. Set the timer for 4-6 minutes, peeking after minute four. If the waffle maker sticks, let cook slightly longer. Remove once cooked. allow to cool on a plate. Refrigerate remaining.

Makes 6 waffles.

Nutritional Information per waffle: Calories: 135, Carbohydrates: 3g, Fiber: .8g, Net Carbohydrates: 2.2g, Protein: 11.7g, Fat: 8.5g

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  1. Do you think these would work as pancakes? They look seriously yummy but I’m lacking in the waffle maker department and have no room for a new kitchen gadget in my tiny space.

    • You know, you could try it, but you might be better off in the oven, since each takes about six minutes to cook, and it’s harder to regulate stove top heat. As well, the recipe is more solid than liquid, so it might be slightly harder to flatten out. If you try it, would you let me know what happens?

      • I made these as pancakes for supper tonight- to die for! Loaded with meat & sliced veggies for a hot, open-faced sandwich. Found that 4-5″ diameter worked best, cooked 6-7 minutes on med-low heat flipping every 2 minutes worked best. I pre-cooked and drained the cauliflower before making the “batter”. Yum!!!

    • I made these as pancakes tonight in my cast iron skillet with green onions instead of chives (it’s what I had on hand) and WOW! My boyfriend loved them too. I like that I was able to make the “batter” ahead of time and cook them up later. I will be making these again, and I’m also excited to try out variations on the original recipe. Thanks!

    • Try thrift stores for reasonable waffle irons

  2. Hi there,

    What is meant by processed cauliflower?

  3. Your notes should say “Don’t like cauliflower? Try these, you might!” I HATE cauliflower but LOVE your cauliflower crust pizza. I imagine I will love these. I am thinking poached eggs with rosemary brown butter. YUMMY!

    • That is an amazing idea, and a terrific sentiment. I am not a cauli liker, but I love these waffles.

  4. This looks yummy. I might try this tonight with some low carb chilli!

  5. Just bought a waffle maker. I’m making these tomorrow!! This looks really good, thanks! 😀

  6. These look fantastic! I must buy a waffle iron. Or find some other way to cook them.

  7. No waffle iron either, gonna try baking. What do you think 350 degrees?

    • I think 350 sounds great! Maybe 375, if you want faster and crisper baking time, but check the oven more often.

  8. Lee Jacintho says

    Would it be okay to lightly spray the waffle iron with Pam?

  9. These waffles sound yummy! Do you think some cheddar could be substituted for some of the mozzarella?

  10. Do you refrigerate the batter or the actual made waffles? I’m thinking of making a couple for dinner tonight, and then having some for brekky…but would rather not have to whip out the waffle maker in the morning if they could just be toasted or something…

    • I refrigerate the waffles after baking. You know, I meant to try toasting one in the toaster and didn’t. I’m kicking myself right now.

      • So I made them…they TASTE delicious! The problem is that for every waffle, I sit there and spend 5 minutes on each one scraping it from the waffle maker. It’s like they aren’t cohesive. Each side is nice and crispy, but they don’t make a whole waffle 🙁

        • Really? That shouldn’t be happening at all. It happened with my first waffle, but only because it didn’t cook long enough. Next time, let one cook slightly longer and see what happens. You might also need to spray your iron if a longer cooking time isn’t enough to prevent sticking.

        • I had the same problem! Couldn’t get it to work in the waffle iron – longer time, shorter time… certainly didn’t look anything like the picture. So I took what was left of the batter and put it in a pie dish, stuck it in the oven at 350 till it was brown. Sliced it into wedges and it was very good. Sure wish I could get it to work as waffles but baking in the oven is definitely easier!

          • Waffle makers can be fickle little poops sometimes. I know I have to almost overcook the waffles to kep them from sticking. I think each pan is so different. I am glad baking worked!

  11. Wadene Amberg says

    Could frozen cauliflower be used or would it change the texture too much?

    • You can use frozen, but be sure to wring out as much of the moisture as you can. The frozen, when thawed, tends to want to hang onto that moisture.

  12. “1 cup processed mozzarella shredded cheese”

    Does this mean you put the shredded cheese through the food processor to turn it into crumbs?


    • You are correct, Karin. I process the shredded cheese. I decided to do that because I wanted to ensure there wasn’t too much air. So, yes; definitely process the cheese and then measure.

  13. OMG.. I am drooling.. these look amazing! I am at a hotel or I would go and make them right this minute!! We would love to add these to Dr. Rosedale’s website and would for sure let everyone know they came from you, would you mind if we did that?

    Keep them coming..

  14. So you don’t cook the cauliflower at all before mixing it with the cheese and eggs and putting it in the waffle iron? I definitely want to try these!

    • I didn’t! Raw, processed, baby!

      • Thanks! The cauliflower was completely undetectable! I used a mixture of mozzarella and sharp cheddar, plus shredded Parmesan, and the flavor was pretty salty, but still good. I used it like a toast substitute for the runny yolk from my egg!

        I have a round Cuisinart waffle iron, and 1/4 cup of batter only filled about half of the iron–I increased the size of each one until the final waffle which turned out full size (for a total of 3 small and 1 full size waffle). My iron also has an adjustable heating control and I found that lower heat and less time (about 3 minutes) worked out fine. I could totally see adding some Italian spices and using these as a basis for a pizza! (Remember bagel bites? How about waffle bites!)

        • Nicole, I could definitely see waffle bites. I also agree that salt here can be an issue, so looking for low sodium cheeses might be a best bet. A friend made a toasted cheese sandwich with these waffles and she really seemed happy with the results!

  15. sweet irony says

    homigod!! I’m just finishing eating my first batch and am headed back to make a second batch for Mother’s Day brunch tomorrow. Everyone will be thrilled. These are delicious! I can’t wait to try a couple sections out as hamburger buns. AWESOME recipe cleo!!

  16. oh, my goodness…this is genius! And worked so well.
    Thanks for the cooking timer tips…the four minute mark
    was perfect for mine. I did use what I had which was
    crumbled feta and an extra egg. I served marinated chilled
    shrimp over the waffles.

    I was able to make 7 waffles with this recipe.

    • Feta! You are speaking my language, Susan! I love it! And 7 waffles is fabulous. I think I got 6 biggies.

  17. Hi Jamie

    I wonder if you could clarify how many ozs this recipe uses? I went by a cup equalling 8 ozs but then ended up having to use 4 eggs because it was more of a dough.

  18. Am I missing a print button? This sounds delicious but when I tried to print the page it didn’t print correctly.

    • Hi Elise! The page should print fabulously. I picked the best print button I could find! Worst-case, try hitting CONTROL+P when you have what you want to print and see if that works better. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  19. Charmaine says

    Wonderful and delicious. I added in some sharp cheddar. I didn’t have chives so I used some Italian seasoning and extra basil. Next time I think I will use the skim mozzarella! Five delicious stars.
    I am going to experiment too with the zucchini variation.

    • Awesome! I am so glad! the zucchini might be more moist, so be sure to wring the veg out prior to adding to the batter.

  20. OMG this is now on my to-try list. Looks fabulous!

  21. I made these for dinner tonight and they are very very good, thanks for being so creative and just plain awesome 🙂

  22. Margaret says

    Used this as a basis….yummy. I used a George Forman grill. This is great and very filling.

  23. These look like magic. Alas a versatile recipe that can transform run of the mill low carb day in and day out meals into amazing culinary defeats! Thank you very (multiply by infinity) much!

  24. Chris Staats says

    Does everyone just eat these as-is or use some kind of sauce with them?

  25. Would this work in a Belgium waffle maker?

    • I would say so, so long as it’s heated well enough and oiled (if necessary).

      • I attempted them tonight with a belgium waffle maker. I used cheddar ’cause I didn’t have anything else and used about 1/2 a cup of the mixture. They came out really thick which is going to be perfect since they’ll be burger bun substitutes! They are definitely tasty and the cheddar didn’t change the appearance much actually. 🙂


  26. Jamie, do you think the recipe would work replacing the Parm with unflavoured whey protein? It might cut down on the saltiness a bit and help bind the cauli/zuch?

    • You could definitely try that, Deborah. I think the protein powder tends to taste “malty” for lack of a better description, but I tend to be a super-taster. I recommend if you try it, make a mini batch. That way you’ll know right away if you love it without wasting ingredients.

      • I will do a mini batch. I tend to really dislike the taste of whey protein but if there are enough other flavors, I can sometimes disguise it.

  27. This might be a good holder for the sausage, egg and cheese ideas you have that replaces an egg mcmuffin. I am going to try this over the weekend!!

  28. I made these with cheddar cheese, and they came out wonderfully. They did stick a little bit, but a light touch with my toaster tongs was enough to work them out of the waffle iron. Also, I love that you have a section of recipes that is induction-friendly. Made my search much easier!

    • I am so glad it helped to have an induction section. It was a terrific suggestion from readers that I’m glad I followed. It just makes things so much easier. The cheddar sounds so yummy! BTW, love your site!

  29. This has absolutely become my favorite side dish!! I’ve made it with both zucchini and cauliflower. My modification is to make it as pancakes cooked in a skillet with some grapeseed oil. So yummy!!

  30. Does the Parmesan have to be shredded? Can I sub grated?

    • You could give it a shot. They will measure out differently since shredded contains more air pockets, so definitely keep that in mind. As well dry, grated Parm is drier as an ingredient.

  31. AUGH! Ok, I just gotta say, you’re a life saver! I was getting so sick of eating eggs eggs and more eggs!!! This site is genius!

  32. Thank you so much to whoever put this in MyFitnessPal! Super sweet! This is INCREDIBLE! Seriously, go make it. now. the. best.

  33. these are awesome! I can see how you can change up the flavor profile with different herbs and cheeses depending on the purpose. thanks for posting!

  34. could i make these without a waffle maker? Would oven or frying pan be best? thanks for inspiring me to try something new 🙂

  35. Anyone have any recommendations for a waffle maker to use with this recipe?

  36. They work just fine in the pan, they are called fritters…zuc,and aspergus work well also. and yes you can use shaker grated fine cheese. sometimes I even add a small scope of a unflavored protien powder adj. batter with a little water, dairy or alt. milk

  37. Diced pepperoni or ground pre-cooled crumbled sausage or crumbled bacon is also some good choices..

  38. Have you tried these with cinnamon and vanilla instead of the suggested spices? I just made them and to my surprise they were actually pretty good!! Even though I told myself I was done with cauliflower recipes!! They really did resemble waffles so I was wondering about cinnamon. Thanks!

    • Your Lighter Side says

      Hi! I have not. Cauliflower is pretty pungent, so it needs the spices to offset the smell/flavor. That said, I do have other waffle recipes on the site you might want to check out that are good for syrup and butter!

  39. Kim Howell says

    Are you actually eating these with butter and syrup? Or is it more of a side dish that just happens to be made in a waffle iron? Would these work with a little cinnamon and sf sweetener instead of being savory?

    • Your Lighter Side says

      Hi! No butter and syrup on those. I more schmear them with sour cream or dip in a savory sauce. Great question!

  40. Just made these today. I didn’t have mozzarella cheese, so I substituted blue cheese, added the sundried tomatoes (in EVOO). Only issue I had was they stuck to the waffle places. I have a Cuisinart grill with waffle plates. So then I switched to trying pan frying, still didn’t seem to work well. So I ended up throwing it all in a casserole dish and baking at 350 for 30 minutes. I am sure the end result is probably the same, great flavor!

  41. This sounds great! How do you think they would freeze? I would love to make a huge batch and just be able to pull them out and pop in toaster. Thanks for all your recipes!

  42. Just found the link to this from FB – tried it just now and they are not only delicious, but gorgeous! I made them in a big belgian waffle maker using mozz/cheddar and the recipe made 3 good size waffles that were golden and gourmet looking with the chives peeking through! But most importantly they taste awesome! I could see one of these on a dinner plate topped with meat and veggies in a fancy restaurant! No icky cauliflower taste either! I ate one and I’m full! Thanks so much!

  43. Didn’t have cauliflower so I used broccoli and they taste great! My veggie hating husband freaked when he saw me processing the broccoli. But, after one taste he ended up eating the whole batch! Thanks!

  44. Diane Fulton says

    Thank u for this recipe! My husband was so tired of eating scrambled eggs or an omelette every day (we are doing low carb eating) and this was a great alternative! He would never eat cauliflower before this- it’s delicious!

  45. I think I found this recipe on Pinterest and had to try it. Problem.. no waffle maker. I kept my eyes open and found one at a yard sale (talked him down to $2) Tonight I had all the makings and just finished cooking up a big batch. I made a few little tweaks here and there to accommodate the ingredients in my fridge. I added the sun dried tomatoes, some basil from my freezer, and some jalapeno’s. .. because everything is better with jalapeno’s. I didn’t peek although I was tempted. and OMG!! they’ were great! AND they look gorgeous. I have another favorite recipe that will work well with any meal.

  46. Robin Luney says

    Oh wow! I am NOT a cauliflower person but this is awesome. For the batter, I used a little bit of gluten free flour and a little bit of 2% milk.

  47. Kelly West says

    omg!! I love these although I changed the recipe a bit. I used your cauliflower and the eggs as well as the Parmesan but I used pepper jack cheese instead of Mozzarella and I added cooked turkey sausage. Let me tell you my daughter and I are in love with these. I also changed the spices, I used Adobo, garlic and onion powder with chili powder and some black pepper. I like spice =)

  48. Home Sweet Home says

    Fantabulous recipe! Just had it with meatballs tonight and plan on revisiting this weekend with bacon and eggs. Delish!

  49. So relish!

  50. AMAZING!! I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure about these at first! Just got done eating them and I want more!! But the best part is I don’t feel gulity! Bravo for a well thought out recipe!

  51. I added pesto on top with fresh tomatoes – very tasty.

  52. Patrice Baker says

    Pesto! there is a great idea! I’m going to try these but don’t have a waffle iron. HOWEVER, we have an awesome second hand store… and I know they have them. Probably cost me $5, but no time for a garage sale search for now.

  53. Mine did not get crispy. What did I do wrong?

  54. Nicole @ Colies Kitchen says

    They flavor is fantastic!! I can’t figure out what I did wrong but I could never get them to actually turn into waffles. They actually just turned into a mess. The mess was delicious! I added chopped ham to it and loved them. The flavors paired nicely. The next time I make these I will make them into pancakes. I think I might have better success! Thanks for the recipe! It’s fantastic!

  55. Brought a waffle iron just for this. Added half the mozzarella and half cheddar.sprinkled in a little grated Parmesan. Had no tomatoes so… How could I eat just one . They were so delicious I had 2.. I’m using them to do eggs Benedict with no mayo in my hollandaise sauce. Thank you so much

  56. Do you think it would work with broccoli instead of cauliflower?

  57. I made these tonight following the recipe exactly as written except using Monterey pepper jack cheese, and they were great, definitely moreish.

  58. Hi there – just tried this recipe and it is excellent – I made 10 smaller ones – didn’t have chives so i used basil and they were delicious. Wanted something sweet so i made a second batch – omitted parmesan and savory spices – added in 2 tbsp sweetener, 2.5 tbsp cinnamon and 3/4 cup Jen Eloff’s original bake mix. Delicious hot or cold. Thanks so much for your recipe and inspiration!

  59. I made these on a 1930s waffle iron that I inherited from my mom–it was a wedding present! I added 2 TBSP of oil just because all the waffles I’ve ever made had a touch of oil in them. I ended up having to cook them for 10 minutes to get them crispy, but that might be because of the age of the waffle iron. They were very good!

  60. Thank you so much, these are delicious! After starting LCHF, I thought for sure that my waffle days were over but these are every bit as good as high-carb waffles I’ve eaten in teh past.

  61. Your page takes a long time to load onto my older PC. It would help if pix were lower res I think.

  62. These things are WONDERFUL they have become my go to quick lunch. I added bacon YUMMY.

  63. just made these and they are great! the only thing i did differently was to double the recipe, add 1 extra egg because my chickens are still young so their eggs are on small side, and instead of parsley I added some Cilantro. I had no trouble with them sticking to my waffle iron. i just gave them plenty of time.

  64. I do not have a processor, is there anything I can do to get the same consistency?
    Blender maybe?

  65. Gavin T Schiffert says

    Looks good and Weight Watchers friendly too. I’ll have to calculate the points tho. I may post back when I do.

  66. I am dairy intolerant. Could I skip the cheese? Wasn’t sure if the cheese helped the batter to stick together?

  67. I just made these the other day. One batch without eggs which I would not recommend. I made the rest with eggs and it was wonderful! I would recommend not filling the entire waffle iron as it will spill out. This is my new favorite recipe and go-to for something savory!

  68. Before I changed to low carb diet I bought a waffle maker so I could make stuffing and mashed potato waffles from turkey dinner leftovers. We love and miss those high carb delights. But now this! Thank you. I added a bit of sage and a bit of OXO soup base with the other spices. They were delicious and we can again enjoy the taste of an old favourite without all the carbs.

  69. There was no method so I made it up and they were delicious with a tomato salsa. I used a combination of Comte cheese, Parmesan and a soft goats cheese


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