Archives for June 2012

Simply Delicious Sugar-Free Cheesecake

Cheesecake of summer freshness, stat! Now you know there's nothing like the freshness of berries straight from the farmer's market or your garden, combined with fresh whipped cream, to make a dessert so delectably delicious and refreshing that … [Read more...]

Fun, Family, Friends, and Frankfurters

  We've always been a fan of Hebrew National all-beef hotdogs, so when given the opportunity to host a party and share the kosher love with friends, we jumped at the chance. Keep reading for three new relish recipes and your own chance to win a … [Read more...]

Just Like Miracle Whip

Miss Miracle Whip? No, no, no. I didn't just crown you. Take off the tiara. Now give it to me. Thank you. I love tiaras. … [Read more...]

Avoidance Behaviors and why I haven’t been posting much

I have 'em. Whether I'm taking a nap or running to a new task when I was in the middle of a different one, I have a hard time finishing some of my projects, and when things become hard, I tend to shut them out. I am a perfectionist, and I obsess … [Read more...]

New forum!

Just in time for Friday. It's fresh. It's swank. It's so awesome you'd almost call it hip, but it's not hipster. It even still has that new forum smell. What's the goal of the forum? It's just a place to hang and talk keto lifestyles … [Read more...]