New forum!

Just in time for Friday.

It’s fresh. It’s swank. It’s so awesome you’d almost call it hip, but it’s not hipster. It even still has that new forum smell.

What’s the goal of the forum? It’s just a place to hang and talk keto lifestyles and–hello–food. There is even a section dedicated solely to keto food porn.

Moderation is minimal (holla if you hate ridiculous moderation) and the talk is fresh. Granted, the board is going to grow slowly, but with hundreds of thousands of readers and almost 12,000 FB friends, I think we’re going to grow, so check it out. You can even start your own journal.

It’s also private, so you have to register to read and post, but why not. People don’t need to know your bidniss.

New Forum for food porn, recipes and chitter chatter.

Bring it!


*Addendum. I have had some (rightful) confusion over the options available for socializing.

There are four ways to keep in touch:

1. This blog, where the recipes and posts go.Link
2. The Facebook Page where I visit with fans, friends and family Link
3. The private Facebook group page for people who want a private forum but on FB Link
4. The new Forum for people who think FB can go suck a lemon. Link

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  1. Hi Jamie, I tried to register but it says username not found? Can you please post a link to the register page? Thanks so much!

  2. Apeytonwilson says

    I have had the activation email sent many times but it is not working for me. I have checked spam folder and inbox but no activation email. I double checked my email address for typo but it is correct. Any advise? I look forward to the forum. thanks

    • Hi! Are you in yet? If not, I can try adding you manually. Please let me know. I changed permissions to make it easier to get in–supposedly.

  3. Lee Jacintho says

    I get the same site for links 1 and 4.

  4. Never mind. Didn’t see I have to agree to the terms. Total BLONDE moment! lol.


  5. I registered but never got the activation email. So now tried to login and all I get is an error. What now?

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