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Chocolate Covered Bacon recipe

I had to do it. Pictured above with my bacon milkshake. … [Read more...]

12 Recipes for National Cheesecake Day

Looking to get your cheesecake fix on? Enjoy National Cheesecake Day with these 12 amazing sugar-free, gluten-free recipes: … [Read more...]

Eggs, sausage and cheese, three ways

I love Egg McMuffins. If the world was perfect (and I could eat wheat without turning into a Goodyear blimp) I'd probably find a reason to eat one McMuffin a week. Unfortunately, I live in Jamieland where unicorns make bacony sprinkles, where zombies … [Read more...]

And he didn’t even need his cape…

What I’m loving about the Christian Bale story right now (he is visiting victims and law enforcement who were affected by the horrific events last weekend) is that here is this profound tragedy, and while one man created the tragedy, another has … [Read more...]

Gluten-Free Pizza Pot Pies

Sometimes recipe mistakes lead to better things. Example: I had thoroughly anticipated sharing a fun, new deviled egg recipe today, but I wasn't happy with the outcome. Next I turned to a new iteration of Oopsie rolls today I had considered, but … [Read more...]

YLS Five-Year Anniversary Fan-Share Winners

I am so glad so many of you entered to share in over $1,000 in prizes. To make things fair, I used the random number generator at to choose the winners. Congratulations to: … [Read more...]

What Makes My Cat a Part of My Family?

 Bijou is a singularly patient cat. As you can see from the featured image of my son pretending to stalk the cat with silverware, it's often that someone is testing her infinite patience. … [Read more...]

Banana Smoothie Mix Review

How do banana, chia, and fiber come together to make a delicious, 0 net carbohydrate smoothie that will fill you up and keep you going for hours? LC Foods Corporation has succeeded with their refreshing, thick Banana Smoothie Mix . The ingredients … [Read more...]

Help me help you help me help them (and you)

Did you know: The more who enter these fan shares/giveaways, the more opportunities I have to share more goods from companies? It is true! When I talk to a majorly amazing company about their product, they love the idea of getting their product in … [Read more...]

Comment of the day

I love your comments and emails. You have no idea how many times I've run to tell my husband or my kids about something you have shared. Today, Kathleen shared this anecdote about her experience with my cauliflower crust pizza recipe: Loved it. … [Read more...]

Sorry for all of the inbox posts today

It wasn't too long into this anniversary celebration that a couple of snags became apparent: I should have used an aggregate service like Rafflecopter to handle the giveaways, because my inbox keeps filling up (which is awesome! Keep entering! … [Read more...]

Your Lighter Side Five Year Anniversary Party– $1000 in prizes (Contest Closed)

It's Your Lighter Side's Five Year Anniversary! … [Read more...]

YLS 5-Year Anniversary Prize Package from Zevia (Contest Closed)

Zevia is one of my favorite colas ever. Why? Because erythritol and stevia are sweeteners that don't make me hungry, don't make me nervous and jittery, or cause me stomach upset. … [Read more...]

YLS 5-Year Anniversary Prize Package from Lakeside Studio (Contest Closed)

Being able to celebrate this site's Five Year Anniversary is so exciting. I have enjoyed the ups and down of site ownership, the joys of getting to know so many of you on a closer basis, and knowing that I am helping so many families eat with joy, … [Read more...]

YLS 5-Year Anniversary Prize Package from US Wellness Meats (Contest Closed)

US Wellness Meats is locally-grown sensibility and quality with national accessibility, and the standard in quality proteins--and for a good reason. Their sustainable practices not only produce the healthiest, most amazing grass-fed beef, but they … [Read more...]