A tweak of my cauliflower crust hits the Today Show

And the excitement keeps coming. I am thrilled that Jennifer was featured on the Today Show sharing a fresh-veg version of my original cauliflower crust!

Check it out below:

My recipe tweaked and on national tv

For me, it’s always thrilling to see versions of my work getting out there and helping even more people. From Dr. Oz to Glamour.com and now Today, it goes to show that people want to see these recipes and enjoy these healthy food options.

Have you tried my cauliflower crust yet? If not, it rocks! Check it out.

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  1. lisa vaas says

    I emailed the Today Show to suggest that they credit YourLighterSide.

    • Hi, Lisa! I appreciate your efforts and kindness, but it’s really all right. Recipes that are altered are not mine any longer. I am just a proud mama! Thank you for your kindness, though.

  2. You are such a class act, Jamie, to not be upset by the Today show giving Jennifer full credit for the cauliflower pizza crust. Yes, I know that tweaks mean it’s no longer your recipe and all, but still…you are the one who pioneered the idea (cauliflower? in a pizza crust? it doesn’t get much more innovative than that!) Jennifer may have received the nationial spotlight, but you will always be our favorite Cauliflower Queen!

    • Aw! You are so sweet! I look at it this way: The more well-known you become, the more people repurpose your work for their sites. It just happens. Paula Deen and Martha Stewart have their work “liberated” all of the time. I just look at it as a sign of success. I’ve been around since 2007, have over 5 million readers, and we’re not slowing down any time soon. Healthy eating and creative cooking demand attention, and the fact that a modification of my original recipe from 2008 garnered 2nd place on Today makes me pretty happy–and I didn’t even have to put on my bra and fly to New York.

  3. Gladiolia says

    If youbwould like to eat a calzone…

    Sprinkle a generous amount of mozzarella onto the bottom of a non stick pan….on med to med low heat…allow it to melt and become crusty brown!

    Top it with your favourite pizza topping…all low carb of course!

    Plus just a whisper of pizza sauce or tomato sauce…

    Add hot red pepper flakes.,,and lots of dried oregano, for a great piazza taste.

    By now thencheese has not only melted….it has turned brown and become quite firm.

    Simply fold your stove top baked calzone,,,onto a plate…folded to become a half moon shape…eat with anfork and knife…and enjoy the lowest carb pizza ever!

    For lowest carb count…I add olives, green onion and pepperoni…plus more cheese so that it will melt in the middle!

    Try it…a neat and fast taste sensation! When you have the munchies!

  4. Oh good grief! they just HAD to make it LOW-FAT, didn’t they?? LOL


  1. smoothest coffee

    A tweak of my cauliflower crust hits the Today Show | Your Lighter Side

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