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I love your comments and emails.

You have no idea how many times I’ve run to tell my husband or my kids about something you have shared. Today, Kathleen shared this anecdote about her experience with my cauliflower crust pizza recipe:

Loved it. My husband freaked out when he saw it was cauliflower in the crust while I was making it calling it some choice words I won’t repeat here and told our two year old mommy was making ‘wierd brocolli pizza’. Then he loved it so much he ate more of it then I or our son ate.

You are the reason I do what I do, so thank you for writing.

Please keep dropping me your experiences and thoughts. To me, in addition to the cooking, what makes this place so much fun is that it’s like a big message board of fun, food and ‘weird broccoli pizza’ spouses.

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  1. Hiya Jamie!

    I tried the cauli crust again yesterday, with the fennel this time and you are totally right: the fennel cancels out any and all cauli taste!! 🙂

    I thought is was horrible though. Turns out I don’t like fennel…. who knew?? Any idea if there is another herb or spice I can replace the fennel with?

    Best regards from a BIG fan!

  2. Okay, I’ve been meaning to share this but kept forgetting… My son saw my written recipe for Oopsie rolls and thought it would be HILARIOUS to put a “P” in front of Oopsie. Now, he can’t wait for me to mention Oopsie rolls or waffles or whatever so he can say, “you mean Poopsie rolls??” He thinks he soooo funny!

  3. Jeanette says

    That made me giggle. First laugh of the day! woo! hoo!

  4. Did I boast about making your Fresh Cheesecake?

    It was not only delicous, creamy, the nut crust was great
    and the strawberry/blueberry fruit on top didn’t hurt either.
    It was a huge success at the party and I left with only
    the bottom of the spring form pan to take home.

    Thanks Jayme

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