My Most Memorable Life Moment with my Cat

There are so many things that make a cat an integral part of our home, but if you were to ask me in all sincerity what makes for the most memorable life moments with my cat, it has to be her uncanny way of making us laugh.

Cats are notoriously agile and nimble, able to walk along fence tops or garden gates where, in careful, gently placed steps, they maneuver high above the ground, looking for birds to come in for a visit (and perhaps lunch). Bijou is no exception. Whether ambling behind heads on sofas, or shimmying into the tight nook of a text book the night before an important test, her soft fur begs to be patted, early, often and without apology.

I have seen her scale counter tops for hopeful remnants of tuna fish, meandering ever so genteelly over an inch of counter top ledge, and bouncing ever so quietly over the antique reproduction record player in an effort to evade notice while she nibbled on bits of Drew’s pastrami sandwich, resting unattended.

This purveyor of pristine feline movement is constantly a topic of our conversation, as she jumps to heights above our chests, and then as we, say, “Look at that!” she simply outstretches her leg and licks as if to say it wasn’t anything.

And so it was, the show girl moved with ease between all of us as we watched our favorite quiz show on television, rubbing her head under our chins, our calves and toes, chirping with pleasure at contact, that she became feisty and wanted to show us a thing or two. Leaping from chair to chair worked wonderfully, but, in a moment, she decided that jumping from the chair to the coffee table to the facing love seat would suit her needs better. After all, her favorite attention giver rested temptingly, and was sure to lavish her with a neck rub and whisker scratch.

“Which domesticated animal is said to be most likely use to their long tails to aid their outstanding balance?” the game show host asked contestants whose hands hovered over buzzers.

At that moment, Bijou crouched, wiggled, and then leaped for the coffee table. Unfortunately, the now-neglected textbook poised precariously on the ledge was her chosen landing point. Her feet pushed the book towards the floor, as the front end tipped up and unceremoniously thwacked her face. Both landed in a sprawling thump on the carpet below.

“Cats, “answered the contestant. “The answer is cats, Alex.”

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