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YLS 5-Year Anniversary Prize Package from Dreamfields Pasta (Contest Closed)

It's no secret that my family loves Dreamfields Pasta. Reviewed here, it is a filling, satisfying pasta replacement for diabetics and keto dieters following specific plans (and those who love them) who don't mind a little gluten on their plates. I … [Read more...]

YLS 5-Year Anniversary Prize Package from J&D’s Foods (Contest Closed)

There's nothing like entertainment and fine dining. Add bacon and you've got a triumvirate of terrificness. For this reason, I love J&D's Foods and have been crushing on their brand for years now. From their original J&D's Bacon Salt, to … [Read more...]

YLS 5-Year Anniversary Prize Package from Homestyles Chili (Contest Closed)

I am a major chili fan, so just when I thought I was going to have to go bean-free forever (sometimes you just want to wave hello to a bean), I was saved by Homestyles Chili. I love their products and even had the opportunity to review both their … [Read more...]

YLS 5-Year Anniversary Prize Package from LC Foods Corp (Contest Closed)

I have had the distinct privilege of working with Glen from LC Foods Corporation for a few years now. … [Read more...]

YLS Five Year Anniversary European Fan Share (Contest Closed)

Hello Europe! Thank you so much for your support of Your Lighter Side over the last 5 years. Since so many of my readers come from your continent, I want to make sure to thank you properly. … [Read more...]

YLS Five Year Anniversary Australia Fan Share (Contest Closed)

Hello Down Under! I want to so thank you guys for your support of Your Lighter Side over the Years. I have made so many amazing friends from your country and I want to show my appreciation. … [Read more...]

YLS Five Anniversary US Fan Share (Contest Closed)

Hello USA! … [Read more...]

YLS Five Year Anniversary England Fan Share (Contest Closed)

Note: If you are from Great Britain, you can enter in the "Europe" giveaway if you prefer. I am not in any way intimating that Scotland and Ireland write, "England Rules!" Trust me. That's like asking Milwaukee, WI, to bow down to Chicago, IL (or … [Read more...]

YLS Five Year Anniversary Canadian Fan Share (Contest Closed)

It's my party and I'm sharing, sharing, sharing! … [Read more...]

My Most Memorable Life Moment with my Cat

There are so many things that make a cat an integral part of our home, but if you were to ask me in all sincerity what makes for the most memorable life moments with my cat, it has to be her uncanny way of making us laugh. … [Read more...]

Dole Fan Share Winners

It was so nice getting mail yesterday from you guys! The randomly drawn winners of the free Dole products I reviewed here are: Nancy and Anne. Nancy likes long walks along the supermarket frozen aisles and wants to give the world a puppy. … [Read more...]

Nut flour versus nut meal

Pictured: Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake calls for a nut meal to create that perfect texture. Ever wonder what the difference is between nut means and flours? Following are explanations along with uses and tips for storage. … [Read more...]

Better Buttery Blueberry Buckle Recipe

One of the things I love about what I do is having the ability to work with some amazing companies and try new products. … [Read more...]

We’re number one. And 99. And… five…

Thanks to your diligent voting efforts and your support, I placed first in's popular vote by at least 600 votes! … [Read more...]

Five tips for preventing food fights and mayhem

It happens time and again in break rooms and at parties all across the world. Tens of millions of us have made health and dietary choices that others either don't understand (and can you blame them? They're not our keepers) or who want to debate (I'm … [Read more...]