Sorry for all of the inbox posts today

It wasn’t too long into this anniversary celebration that a couple of snags became apparent:

I should have used an aggregate service like Rafflecopter to handle the giveaways, because my inbox keeps filling up (which is awesome! Keep entering! I’ve always had old-school contests like this).

Unfortunately, I’m filling up your inboxes, too! I was hoping for some ridiculous reason that the posts sent to emails would arrive in a daily digest type format; instead I was slammed by over 12 individual posts to my own account…and by me. O delicious irony.

While all posts needed to be separate to avoid confusion, I’m looking at ways to keep things a little less crazy on the receiving end in the event of another giveaway extravaganza. Believe me, I received each and every post via email, too. Sorry about that situation. I know the feed readers out there get everything in a neat, daily digest, so I was hopeful the same could be said for WordPress.

Long story short: Don’t unsubscribe! Know that today is highly unusual due to the 5-year anniversary. And I am so sorry. No really.

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  1. Patty Seifert says

    AHHHH!!! I knew it was the excitement but what a way to do it with a huge BANG!!

  2. Terry Doria says

    Doesn’t hang me up at all! 😉

  3. Anne-Marie Van den Bossche says

    It was no problem for me at all, so don’t worry ;-). Enjoy your lighter side birthday, Jamie. xxx

  4. Denise M says

    dont worry about it! it was a one time thing and you never spam us

  5. You’ll have to come up with something much more bothersome to get rid of me. I actually find myself looking forward to cooking and eating now that I’ve discovered your website.

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