Sugar free, gluten free Fourth of July Menu

Bring the fun and the fireworks with your own explosions of taste and fun!

Here is the key for understanding what each recipe offers you: Atkins Induction Friendly = IF, Gluten Free = GF, Sugar Free = SF, Vegetarian = V, Vegan = V+, Less than 5 net carbs per serving = -5

Easy celeriac chips are crispety and crunchety without the guilt.



Crispy Celeriac Chips are an infusion of fun, crispy flavors, without the nightshades. IF, GF, SF, V, V+, -5
Popcorn Looking for a low carb cheat popcorn made from oopsie roll dough? Look no further for a light, airy snack! IF, GF, SF, V, -5
Cheetos These are phenomenal anmd have been a smash hit with many bakers! IF, GF, SF, V, -5
Snack Platter Ideas Looking for a few different ideas for snack platters that feel decadent? Look no further! IF, GF, SF, V, -5
Cheese Chicken Dorito Chips Zippy taste and crunch in every bite. And you’ll never know these contain chicken! IF, GF, SF, -5

Easy relishes to zap your taste buds into submission.

Sides and Spreads

Fresh Dill Relish This kicky condiment is low in carbs but big on flavor–and really easy to make! IF, GF, SF, V, V+,-5
Hawaiian Relish Married bacon and pineapple with red pepper for a zesty topping that will surprise everyone with its freshness. GF, -5
Potatoless Potato Salad Hate cauliflower? Perfect! You’ll never notice it in this favorite picnic dish! IF, GF, SF, V, -5
Basic Coleslaw This fan favorite is a clean classic dish. Refreshing and perfect! IF, GF, SF, V, V+, -5
Parmesan Vegetable Salad Simple, sassy and classy, put those summer veggies to good use! IF, GF, SF, V, -5
Sexy Egg Salad    Hate egg salad? this is the dish for you. Filled with crunchies and munchies, you’ll forget when you see how good it looks. IF, GF, SF, V, -5
Chili This dish is beans-free for the meatiest, delicious mouthful ever. Perfect with dogs and burgers. IF, GF, SF, -5

Grilled turkey breast is so stuffed with goodness, you’ll give thanks.

Main Dishes

Foil-Wrapped Skewerless Steak Kebabs A wonderful outdoor recipe allows guests to pick their own accoutrements for a filling feast. IF, GF, SF,  -5
Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Turkey Breasts Looking for Turkey in July? I’ll take it whenever I can. IF, GF, SF, -5
Seven Minute Steak Easy peasy way to prepare a steak. IF, GF, SF, -5
Loaded Andouille Go bunless! IF, GF, SF, -5
Loaded Coney Dog Now with oopsie roll gluten free buns! IF, GF, SF, -5
Cow Dog in a Blanket Tastes great, more filling. IF, GF, SF, -5
Loaded Chili Dogs Go for broke on this delicious chili dog! You won’t regret a thing. IF, GF, SF, -5

Horchata is refreshing and dairy and rice free!


Easy Lemonade Just three quick ingredients makes gallons of fun in the sun. GF, SF, V, -5
Unsweetened Iced Mint Tea Perfectly unsweetened and minty, this refreshing take on tea will steal the show. IF, GF, SF, V, -5
Horchata This almond milk-based beverage will become a new fast favorite among picnickers. IF, GF, SF, V, V+, -5

This sugar free, gluten free cheesecake flirts with taste buds and allows your summer fruits to shine.



Fruit Dessert Pizza A favorite, this easy, delicious dish is fresh to look at and fun to eat. GF, SF, V
Red White & Blue Dessert Pizza Celebrate the Red, White and True Blue with this fun to prepare seasonal treat. GF, SF, V
Easy Cheesecake Honestly the best, simplest cheesecake recipe I’ve developed in years of baking. GF, SF, V
Strawberry Shortcake. Bring it! GF, SF, V, -5

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