YLS 5-Year Anniversary Prize Package from Dreamfields Pasta (Contest Closed)

It’s no secret that my family loves Dreamfields Pasta.

Reviewed here, it is a filling, satisfying pasta replacement for diabetics and keto dieters following specific plans (and those who love them) who don’t mind a little gluten on their plates. I keep my cupboards stocked, and now that Super WalMarts are carrying the product for only $1.89/box, I find myself there more often, filling my card with those slimming black boxes (They make some of the other cart sharing items look positively fat by comparison. Like toilet paper. Or this shovel).

Aside from the standard spaghetti dishes and variations, here are a few recipes I keep their pasta on hand to make occasionally : Gourmet Six Cheese Chicken Casserole, Festive Pasta Salad (pictured), and Grilled Tuna Pasta Salad. My cousin Valerie loves their Angel Hair, too! I have even shipped a crate of their spaghetti to my hubby’s mom and dad in Washington where the stuff’s not readily available, so we really love it.

I am such a fan of the product that when Dreamfields came to me and asked me to be an Ambassador of their Dreamfields Dream Team, I said absolutely. I believe in their product and love to share what have been our positive experiences with their products.

To boot, Dreamfields, being the awesome company that they are, is joining the party with a very generous share for Your Lighter Side celebrators!

A lucky reader will win a $25 gift card and a case of Dreamfields pasta (retail value: approx. $50).

The rules are so simple, you’d think you were just resting peacefully in a hammock and not reading this post right now.


1. US Residents only.

2. Subscribe to receive emails from Your Lighter Side to keep up to date on the latest recipes (including a few incredible Dreamfields-based dishes).

3. Email me at yourlighterside@gmail.com with the title Pasta Me, Baby! In the body of the email, let me know a recipe (with or without pasta) you’d like to see me create and share on the site in coming weeks.

4. Fanshare Winner Drawing: On  Tuesday, July 24, at 12pm MST (Denver, US), I will pick a random winner and email him or her. Please respond within 24 hours with your home shipping address. Dreamfields will ship your prize package once I send them your address. I will then immediately delete your home address for personal privacy reasons.

It’s that easy!

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  1. Jenerosity says

    Done, thanksomuch!!

  2. Done and this is fun

  3. Done! Thank you so much Jamie.

  4. Done and excited to enter! (I miss pasta a lot!)

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