YLS 5-Year Anniversary Prize Package from Homestyles Chili (Contest Closed)

I am a major chili fan, so just when I thought I was going to have to go bean-free forever (sometimes you just want to wave hello to a bean), I was saved by Homestyles Chili.

I love their products and even had the opportunity to review both their Chicken Chili and their Beef Chili.

Their shelf-stable, easy-to-take along packaging means you don’t have to say no to quick microwave meals on the go. And while I typically avoid soy (mild intolerance) I seriously took a chance with the black soybeans they use in their products, and I haven’t regretted that. The only problem? There isn’t one; it’s just addicting.

And now Homestyles Chili wants to treat five, lucky readers to a “Dinner for four” (4 packages of Chili) prize package (a $53 value).

Ready to grab a spoon and dive into some chillin’ chili?


1. US Residents only.

2. Share this giveaway with friends on Facebook, Twitter or any of your favorite social networks by using one of the share buttons below this post.

3. Like Homestyle’s Facebook Page or, if you don’t use FB, sign up for their newsletter.

4. Email me at yourlighterside@gmail.com with the title Is it Chili in here or is it just me? In the body of the email, please tell me which social network(s) you shared us with.

5. Fanshare Winner Drawing: On Tuesday, July 24, at 12pm MST (Denver, US), I will pick a random winner and email him or her. Please respond within 24 hours with your home shipping address. Homestyles will ship your prize package once I send them your address. I will then immediately delete your home address for personal privacy reasons.

It’s that easy!

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  1. Gladiolia says

    Dear Jamie,
    If you miss homemade chili…..

    Here is what I do as a treat!

    I use Tostinos med salsa.
    (I am Canadian..,,and veggies in winter are so expensive….that I substituted salsa….for the peppers, celery, onion etc….and tomatoes)

    I use ground beef….but usually ground pork…it absorbs all the
    And I use it sparingly….by measuring carefully…

    I add lots of garlic, chili powder and cayenne for heat!

    And for the beans….

    I use EDEN brand BLACK SOYA BEANS.
    High in protein
    High in fibre
    Low in net carbs.

    They are great….but need some simmering to make tender.
    I use one can….to say at least three pound of meat. The resulting mixture is very meaty! Hence lower carb….but I make it as a treat!

    Then chili is a breeze! A tasty treat…easy and quick!

    The hardest part is deeply browning the meat, keep stirring!

    Try it!
    You may love it as I do!


    • Gladys, that sounds positively delicious. I will definitely give that a try.

      • Gladiolia says

        Oh, thank you! I would love to know what you think!

        So many products are American…and just do not come into Canada?
        So I improvised….the salsa is low carb…and it eliminated the need for the purchase of celery, green peppers…and a can of tomatoes…salsa contains it all….however your pot of chili will require seasoning to your taste!

        And all the best for another five years …at least!
        Let us all convert the world…to what Dr. Atkins taught us all!

  2. Linda Wedding says

    I have heard of this chilli on Low Carb Friends and would love to try it!
    I signed up for their newsletter…☺

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