YLS 5-Year Anniversary Prize Package from J&D’s Foods (Contest Closed)

There’s nothing like entertainment and fine dining. Add bacon and you’ve got a triumvirate of terrificness.

For this reason, I love J&D’s Foods and have been crushing on their brand for years now. From their original J&D’s Bacon Salt, to their Baconnaise, their porktacular Bacon Popcorn,  and even their Bacon Caskets, there’s nothing like a company celebrating the love of pork with a healthy dose of humor.

After all, life is too short to cry in your pork. That and it makes the bacon soggy.

I have had the opportunity to sample some of J&D’s products this week and will be bringing you those product reviews very soon. In the meantime, J&D’s has very graciously celebrated our 5 year Anniversary with us and is offering a very generous baconpalooza sampler prize package:

Two lucky readers will receive a care package with their very own cult classics: J&D’s Bacon Salt andBaconnaise (2- $8 prize packages)

The rules are simple, because bacon.


1. US Residents only.

2. Share this giveaway with friends on Facebook, Twitter or any of your favorite social networks by using one of the share buttons below this post.

3. Follow J & D’s Twitter Page or Like their Facebook Page. If you don’t have either, please sign up for their recipe emails. They’re a hoot!

4. Email me at yourlighterside@gmail.com with the title Bacon makes the Heart Grow Fonder. In the body of the email, please tell me which social network(s) you shared us with and if you followed on Twitter or Facebook or via email.

5. Fanshare Winner Drawing: On Tuesday, July 24, at 12pm MST(Denver, US), I will pick a random winner and email him or her. Please respond within 24 hours with your home shipping address. J&D’s will ship your prize package once I send them your address. I will then immediately delete your home address for personal privacy reasons.

It’s that easy!

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  1. zandra morris says

    bacon makes the heart grow fonder on facebook

  2. Rhonda Rogalski says


  3. Bacon makes this heart grow fonder! Following J&D’s via email and can’t wait for the opportunity to try their products. Thank you! Thank you!

  4. Karen Hall says

    I LOVE Bacon & Spread the Message!!!

  5. Anne-Marie says

    My 8 year old daughter has the nickname “bacon-nator”! She LOVES J & D’s Bacon Salt on hot buttered popcorn!!!!! Thank-you for the chance to win a prize package from J & D Foods!

  6. Don in Arkansas says

    I subscribe to their recipe e-mails. Would love to have the sampler. Bacon is my friend.

  7. Jenn Morandi says

    Because bacon.

    That’s my new favorite retort to the kids.


  8. They have a bacon COFFIN on there!! Oh my!!!

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