YLS 5-Year Anniversary Prize Package from US Wellness Meats (Contest Closed)

US Wellness Meats is locally-grown sensibility and quality with national accessibility, and the standard in quality proteins–and for a good reason.

Their sustainable practices not only produce the healthiest, most amazing grass-fed beef, but they care about the environment, too. How so? For starters, the grass fed to their animals isn’t dependent on imported oil and fertilizer, and it helps absorb carbon rather than produce it. A 30 to 45-day rest period between grazing increases the density of existing plants in their pastures and allows for the re-introduction of new native plants.

Their cattle graze freely throughout their lives, eating the all-grass diet nature intended, to become robust and healthy. No hormones, no antibiotics, no steroids necessary. Want more? You can visit each of the four families raising your cattle, the Woods, the Leesers, the Suters, and the Crums. How many companies can introduce you to those kinds of food origins?

Are you a believer yet? If you’re not already running for the car keys to drive over to hug their cows at any one of their farmsteads, check out their helpful site, including informative pages sharing cuts of meat, their humanely raised pork, lamb, poultry, rabbit, ice cream, neutraceuticals, and even pet food.

And, to boot, this seriously terrific, ethical, earth-friendly company is offering one lucky reader a $100 certificate good for US Wellness Meats products. I am so jealous! Why can’t she be meeee!!!


1. US Residents only.

2. Share this giveaway with friends on Facebook, Twitter or any of your favorite social networks by using one of the share buttons below this post.

3. Like US Wellness Meats on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, or sign up for their newsletter, full of tips, savings and delicious recipe ideas.

4. Comment Below to share four US Wellness products you are hoping to buy with your $100 gift certificate if you win, and please share how you are following US Wellness Meats (FB, Twitter, Email newsletter).

5. Fanshare Winner Drawing:Β OnΒ  Tuesday, July 24, at 12pm MST (Denver, US), I will pick a random winner from the comments section and email him or her. Please respond within 24 hours so we can get your $100 winning certificate to you!

It’s that easy!

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  1. I’m not in the US mainland but I already called the company and they ship to PR where I am. Can I enter? I so want this!

    • Honestly, if they say they can and will ship, then cool. But if you win the drawing and I get the stink eye, I’m giving you the face every guilty kid never wants to see coming from their mother! And you know that look. πŸ˜€

    • I would get as many of any steaks that I can!! lol And of course some bacon! And maybe, some beef sticks for the men in my life that I have converted to the Atkins lifesyle. I am following on Twitter.

  2. Either way, I would get:

    1. skirt steak
    2. pork bacon (of course…)
    3. some mignon fillets. mmm
    Amongst other things…

    I already liked wellness meats on facebook but will now go and follow on twitter and sign up for newsletter.

    And finally

    Congrats to you Jamie and YLS for 5 years of Epic Awesomeness!!! Here’s to many more!

  3. I would LOVE some SF bacon, liverwurst, wild shrimp, and a filet! YUM YUM, I follow US Wellness on twitter and facebook!

  4. Yum! πŸ™‚

    I am especially excited about their nitrite- and preservative-free beef snack sticks and beef jerky! Also salivating over the tenderloin filet and the lamb loin chops!

  5. Sarah Neyman says

    I shared on facebook and I would love to get the gift card so I could try the ground beef (a staple in feeding a family of four), the summer sausage, the breakfast beef sausage, and some of the lamb rib chops!

  6. Mari Fenili says

    I would so buy the Delmonico steaks, the ribeye steaks, the New York strips and then some bone in chicken breasts just for some variety! Yum yum yum!!

  7. Hi! Thanks for the opportunity!

    If I win, I would buy $100 in grass-fed beef because my family LOVES beef!

    I’m following US Wellness Meats via their newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.

    I shared this giveaway on Facebook.

  8. I’d use the gift certificate to purchase beef…beef and more beef!
    To grill steaks, make roasted beast, steak fajitas, steak and eggs. MMMM! BEEF!
    And following on FB

  9. If I win, I would want to try:
    Ground Lamb
    Ground Beef
    Beef Tallow
    Minute Steaks

  10. I followed and shared to Twitter. I would buy grassfed steaks, ground beef, bacon, and franks. Yum!

  11. I would go for an assortment of grass-fed beef and grass-fed cheese. And pemmican. I have always always wanted to test out pemmican.

  12. I want to try their broth, jerky, liver and liverwurst. For starters.

  13. i like US Wellness on Facebook.

    i would hope to get
    1. 85% Lean Beef Patties
    2. Free Range Chicken Breast
    3. Tenderloin Filet Mignon
    4. Sugar Free Pork Bacon

  14. Oro Pendola says

    I’m hoping to get what others don’t want. I just started a low protein/high fat/low carb diet and am looking for turkey gizzards, ground lamb, ground pork, high fat lamb, high fat beef and pork cuts, pork shoulder…just about anything high fat in this low fat world of ours. πŸ™‚

    I just signed up for their newsletter and liked them on facebook. Thank you for bringing them to our attention.

  15. Lamb liver, Kerrygold butter, raw grass-fed cheese, pemmican, steaks!

  16. Forgot to say that I’m a fan of US Wellness Meats on FB and Twitter, and that I shared this giveaway!

  17. Bison filet, Beef Snack Stick Ends, 75% lean ground beef and summer sausage. Following on Twitter.

  18. Flank Steak
    Beef Tenderloin
    75% Lean Ground Beef Patties
    Kerry Gold Salted Butter
    Natural Pork Breakfast Sausage
    Natural Smoked Bratwurst
    (I know that’s more than 5, but YUM!)

  19. I signed up for their newsletter.

    85% Lean Ground Beef – 1 Lb. package
    Free Range Chicken Breasts
    Tenderloin Filet Mignon – 6 ounce
    Fresh Cut Pork Chops

  20. Terry Doria says

    Wonderful resource!

    Ground Turkey
    Turkey Provolone Sausage Links
    Turkey Jerky Sticks- Plain
    Italian Pork Sausages


  21. Shawna McAlearney says

    I’m so excited to try your products. I love Prime rib, delmonico steaks, and bacon, but I’m sure my furry friends would love the knuckle bone cartilage.

  22. Angela Beck says

    I shared on my timeline, liked them on FB and signed up for the newsletter! Great site; can’t wait to spend some time shopping on there. If I were to win the prize package I would truly buy $100 worth of nitrate-free bacon!!

  23. Lean Ground Beef
    Free Range Chicken breast
    Tenderloin Filet Mignonette

  24. Miriam Pinheiro says

    I would buy the bacon, ground bison, wild Alaskan salmon and free range chicken breast. I liked U.S. Wellness on FB.

  25. Kathleen says

    I would get some grassfed beef steaks, some bacon ends, marrow bones, and the jerky for sure.
    I signed up for their emails and shared on Pinterest.

  26. Marjorie says

    I would purchase a little bit of pork, dairy, lamb and probably more pork. =) I don’t have access to any of those pastured at a reasonable price.

  27. Marjorie says

    I “Like” US Wellness Beef on Facebook

  28. Have never gotten any meats from US Wellness, but I do buy local grassfed/organic meats and love it. I would probably get Free Range Chicken Breast, Ground beef, and a bunch of roasts!

  29. Michele Brumbaugh says

    I followed and shared on facebook. I would purchase; Top sirloin butt steak, Tri tip steak, Free range chicken breasts and Chicken apple sausage links. Om nom nom! So excited about all of these fun sweepsteaks! Err…Sweepstakes. ;^)
    Thanks so much!

  30. Barbara Locklear says

    I have never had grass fed meat and wish I could get a sample of everything. However if I only had $100 I think my top picks would be the petite top sirloin, Bison tenderloin filet, wild caught raw shrimp, the chicken/feta/ spinach links. That is the 4 products you asked for but if I had any money left over I would also like chicken apple sausage links, and the fresh cut pork chops and some bacon please.
    I “liked” on Facebook, followed on twitter, and signed up for the newsletter.
    Congrats on your anniversary and thanks so much for all the help and inspiration this site has given me. Now make sure to celebrate by doing something extra special for yourself.

  31. what a cascade of goodies!

    I shared and liked US Wellness on FB.

    My shopping list would include some 6 oz filets, SF bacon, the beef snack sticks and some of that Kerrygold butter!

  32. I followed on facebook and shared on Twitter. Would love to try their pork bacon (duh!), flank steak, rib eye and tenderloin. Yum!!

  33. Edie Evans says

    seriously, Whoa!
    I’d love to try their ice cream (a non LC splurge, but oh!)
    beef sticks, chocolate, vanilla whey and the beef patties.

    I have liked on FB


  34. This made me hungry! I would really like to try:

    Kerrygold salted butter
    Beef tenderloin
    Sugar free bacon
    Free range chicken

    I am following you on facebook and will share there also.

  35. Stacey Baker says

    some sugar free beef franks for the kidlets
    sugar free bacon
    and some pork chops
    I am following on Facebook and Twitter I subscribe to the newsletter and I shared on Twitter here is a link to my tweet
    Thank you so much for putting on this giveaway πŸ™‚

  36. Nicole Malinowski says

    I would love to win! I’m really looking forward to trying any of their products, but if I had to name just 4, I’d choose the Lamb Loin Chop, the Boneless Rabbit Striploin, the Bison Tenderloin Filet, and the Tenderloin Filet Mignon. Yum! I can’t wait to introduce my family to this product!

    • Nicole Malinowski says

      Forgot to say, I have been a fan of US Wellness Meats on facebook for awhile now. I can’t wait to see who wins!

  37. I follow US Wellness Meats on Facebook, and if I won the certificate, I would get myself some 75% lean ground beef, some nitrate-free bacon, Delmonico steaks and plain beef jerky. Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. Hello
    I am following on Twitter, I shared on Facebook, and I signed up for their newsletter.
    I would get these items if I won the 100:
    Beef snack sticks
    Tri tip
    Sugar free bacon
    Free Range Chicken

  39. !. Grass fed Lamb
    2. Grass fed Bison
    3. Grass fed beef
    4. Pastured poultry
    All cuts & quantities. Haven’t purchased from you yet but just attended your seminar in the Real Food Summit by Sean Croxton.

  40. I would buy:

    1. sugar-free bacon
    2. bones for yummy bone broth
    3. free range chicken
    4. yummy grass-fed beef

    I follow US. Wellness Meats via their newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.

  41. Love this giveaway! Thanks!

    Would like to buy:

    -Flank Steak
    -Sugar Free Bacon
    -Ground Beef
    -Breakfast Sausage!

    Love US Wellness Meats!

    Already subscribe to their newsletter, Facebook and twitter pages! Thanks again!

    Good luck everyone!

  42. Katherine P. says

    I’ll use the certificate for Honey & Cherry-Free Pemmican, 85% lean ground beef, ground bison, and sugar-free pork bacon. YUM!

    I follow US Wellness Meats on Facebook, and I shared this contest via e-mail.

  43. Helen Charbonneau says

    I would buy some ground beef, bacon, and steak, and shrimp.
    Thank you

  44. I follow on Facebook and get the newsletter; if I win I will probably buy beef and bacon! Thanks!

  45. Richard Sotomayer says

    I have already enjoyed several of their steaks. I would definitely get the following:
    1. Delmonico steak
    2. Bison Tenderlon Filet
    3. Tenderlon Filet Mignon
    4. Coulotte Steak

    I follow US Wellness Meats on Facebook

  46. Jodi Jordan says

    Ribeyes, for sure, but also chuck roast, short ribs and skirt steak!

  47. Heather Brandt says

    I will use it to buy sugar free beef hotdogs πŸ™‚

  48. Richard Sotomayer says

    I tried posting this to Facebook, but I keep getting an error.

    • Hi, Richard! If it isn’t working, you can just post the link to FB. The shortcuts are supposed to make the process easier, but…but…but… aw hell, just go ahead and enter. I hate it when stuff gets a little fussy.

  49. Luis Marrufo says

    Shared the contest on facebook.

    I follow on Facebook and subscribe to US Wellness newsletter.

    With a $100 gift card I’d buy:

    1) Sugar free bacon
    2) Delmonico steaks
    3) Liverwurst
    4) Breakfast sausage

  50. I would get as much grassfed beef and bones that $100 can buy. πŸ™‚

    Following on FB, Twitter, and the newsletter- here’s the link to my tweet, since the Twitter share button didn’t want to work for me-


    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  51. Melissa Beck says

    Absolutely LOVE US Wellness Meats!! My favorites are the sugar free beef bacon, the beef franks, the bison ground beef and the eye of round roast!

  52. Jennifer Fillion says

    I’m a fan on Facebook and if I won, let the shopping spree begin! Some of my favorites are the free range chicken breasts, spicy beef jerky, Italian pork sausages, and nitrate/white sugar-free ham. Now I’m hungry. πŸ™‚ Thanks!!!

  53. Rene Friberg says

    I’ve shared on Facebook, and Google+
    I love US Wellness, and I’d love to try their rabbit, their pemmican, more of their bacon (Yum!), and their steaks.

  54. Erika S. says

    I’ve shared this on facebook πŸ™‚ I already like US Wellness (and you!) on there. This is a great giveaway. Congratulations on 5 years!!

  55. Jessica Talstein says

    I want to try their free range chicken breast, grassfed steak, ground beef and bacon! I follow USWM via twitter, FB and newsletter already. Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. Already signed up for the newsletter. As for what I’d buy? Well, who could turn down a chance to get some bacon. Also some steak and, now don’t cry about Thumper, but I’d go with the rabbit too.

  57. Andrea Layne says

    We LOVE US Wellness Meats and recommend it to whoever we can! I follow the board of Pinterest….love knowing new recipes I can make with your great products! I would purchase what we usually buy:
    1. Pork Chops
    2. Ground Beef
    3. Chicken Breasts
    4. Beef Filets

    Thanks for providing such a great and easy way to get the best healthiest meat!!!

  58. I would buy:

    1. Bacon
    2. Bone Broth
    3. Skirt Steak
    4. Chicken Breasts

    I like US Wellness on Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe to their newsletter.

    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  59. 2. Shared on Pinterest, Facebook. The share buttons aren’t working for me, by the way.
    3. Liked USWM on Facebook, follow them on twitter, and already subscribe to their awesome newsletter.
    4. My four product choices include ground beef, sugar-free bacon, hot dogs, and chicken. Maybe liver : )

  60. Kathy Harrelson says

    I would buy ground beef, beef snack sticks, liverwurst, and sugar-free bacon. I follow US Wellness Meats on facebook and via newsletter. Thanks!

  61. Hi Jamie, Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I would love to win the Wellness Meats prize and would spend the winnings on nitrite free pork, wild caught seafood and their beef products. Everything looks so good!

  62. Danel Niemeier says

    I would get:

    Filet Mignon
    Grass Fed Butter
    Nitrate Free Bacon

    I follow on Facebook and the newsletter. I shared on Facebook.


  63. Oh, I posted this on the wrong YLS post! Here it is again:

    I liked U.S. Wellness on FB already! Just shared this competition on my page … I would definitely get liverwurst and pemmican. I’d probably get some bacon because I hear it is so yummy. Osso Buco looks very interesting. Short ribs … It’s hard to decide!

    Great blog.

  64. Jenerosity says

    Liked them on Facebook, great info!

    SF BACON, bacon, and more bacon! Kerrygold butter! Filet! And bison! oh my!

  65. Gladly shared the giveaway on Facebook! Been a follower and fan of US Wellness Meats for a few months now. Would love to stock up on more steaks, bacon, ground meats, and try a treat!

  66. I am following by email and facebook! I am really hoping to win so I can buy grass fed ground beef, grass land poultry (chicken), clean pork and a type of grass fed beef that can be used for steak! Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  67. LOVE U.S. Wellness Meats!! I follow them on Facebook and get their email newsletter. If I win I would order:
    Beef Snack Sticks Nitrate and MSG Free,
    Sugar Free Beef Franks
    Sugar-Free Pork Bacon
    and Alaskan Sablefish (Black Cod)!

  68. Amanda Mundy says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win. I’m following US Wellness Meats on Facebook and shared on my timeline.

    2 Petite Top Sirloin
    2 Ribeye Steaks
    #? Kerrygold Salted Butters (however many to get to $100) πŸ™‚

    Steaks and kerrygold… nom nom nom

  69. sandy burge says

    sf bacon, beef roast, kerrygold butter, filet mignon
    shared via facebook

  70. Stephanie says

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

    I Pinned this giveaway and posted it to FB πŸ™‚

    If I won the giveaway, I would use it towards BACON (pork bacon for us YUM)!!! And some NY Strip steaks, some South Carolina whole chickens, and definitely some grass-fed ground beef!

    I follow US Wellness Meats on FB and Pinterest and I think I’m signed up for their newsletter too.

  71. Sharon Johnson says

    I follow on FB and get the newsletter! I would buy a bunch of steaks for the grill!! And some bacon!

  72. I am following US Wellness Meats on Facebook.
    I would love to replace my staples with grass fed ground beef and cage free hormone free chicken breasts. Did someone say they have bacon? Oh and grass fed dairy.

  73. Andy Beckwith says

    I would have to go with:

    Pork AND Beef bacon
    Beef Tenderloin
    Hamburger/Ground Beef
    Protein Powder
    I have to stop?

  74. I’m following and sharing on Facebook.
    I’m drooling thinking of the ribeye steaks I would buy!
    I’d also get some ribeye ,ribeye, and more ribeye.
    Hey, I know what I like! πŸ™‚

  75. I followed and tweeted on Twitter (redundant?) and I am following on FB… I would get…hmmm, how to choose? Ok. 1. Ground beef. 2. Ground lamb. 3. Beef heart. 4. Beef kidney. Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. Caroline says

    I would get sugar-free bacon, jerky, ribeye steaks, and pork chops.
    Or just bacon x 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚
    I already follow them on twitter and facebook, and just shared this post on fb!

    • Caroline says

      oops – I get all flustered when I think of bacon!

      What I meant to say was I already follow them on fb and I am a subscriber to their weekly email newsletter, and I just shared this on my twitter!

      hee hee

  77. Brenda Killinger says

    I liked on fb and also shared.
    I would love a variety of steaks and burger and the butter would be absolutely wonderful.

  78. gwen obrien says

    I would love to receive
    Chicken thigh pack
    sugar free beef franks
    85% ground beef
    kerry gold butter

  79. I have been wanting to try their sugar free bacon, free range chicken, rabbit, beef bones, and various steak cuts.

    I am following via e-mail and FB

  80. Alan Friberg says

    Hmmm…tough choice on what to get.. Bacon, Rib Eyes, Bacon, breakfast Sliders, maybe some Bacon to go with the ground beef (bacon-burgers) oh and some BACON…
    Did I mention I like their Bacon?? Oh I’ll share it on Facebook too.

  81. I would get
    rib eye

  82. following on facebook

  83. I already get their e-mail list at another e-mail address.

    If I win the $100, I would get Delmonico steaks, the ribeye steaks, the New York strips and bacon.

  84. Shana Blair says

    I would get:

    beef tallow
    beef marrow bones
    beef snack sticks

    And I’d probably end up buying a lot more in addition to the $100 as well! πŸ™‚

  85. I’ve “liked” US Wellness Meats on Facebook and have been on their email list for awhile. I’d love to try ANY of their meats because I’ve never had grass fed beef before! I’d also love some of their sugar free bacon! Thanks for the chance!

  86. Ground beef

    An assortment of steaks

    Some beef snacks

    And I’m curious to try some pemmican!

    I liked the Wellness Meats via FB!

  87. Ground pork, ground beef, ground chicken (LOVE them for breakfast) beef back ribs, and beef short ribs for my smoker.

    I already get their newsletter and follow them on fb.

  88. I follow US Wellness on facebook and twitter.

    I would get:
    Cherry/honey free pemmican bars
    Tri tip steak
    Sandwich steaks
    Minute steaks

  89. In reality, probably —

    But maybe

    Lamb chops
    Raw cheese
    ground pork

    I follow on FaceBook

  90. Julie S. says

    I liked on FB and tweeted.
    I would like to try out some:
    Lean Ground Beef
    Free Range Chicken Breasts
    Tenderloin Filet Mignon
    Sugar free bacon

  91. candy griffin says

    Mmmmm, I want sugar free beef bacon, pork tenderloin, pork shoulder, and grass fed ground beef!

    I already follow US wellness meats on facebook, already subscribed to their newsletter. Love them!

  92. With $100 would try:
    15 oz Ribeye
    14 oz New York Strip
    Tenderloin Filet Mignon
    Beef Jerky

    Than You!,,

  93. Allison Cooke says

    Following on FB. Sugar free baaaaacon, liverwurst, rabbit, and steak!

  94. Lisa M.M. says

    NY Strips, skirt steaks, 75/25 ground beef (love this from USW!), pork chops, bacon & ribs! Would also like to get beef bones.
    I follow them and shared on Facebook and Pinterest, and also receive their newsletter.

  95. shared on twitter, like US wellness meat on FB (gala ya)
    Lamb chops
    Raw cheese
    whole chicken

  96. I shared on Pinerest/Facebook already likes USWM on facebook and i get their newsletter. I LOVE them
    I’ll probably get Bison and some lamb. I have never purchased lamb before and i’m looking forward to it!

  97. I liked US wellness meat on Facebook

    I would get:

    Lamb chops
    Bison burgers
    Raw cheese

  98. Teresa Hemphill says

    The bacon, beef jerky, and the chicken would be great to have in my fridge! I follow them on facebook

  99. Hi Jamie. Happy Anniversary/Birthday! LOVE this site sooo much! Have no trouble drooling over your recipes but do have trouble keeping up with all that I want to try. What I have tried has been outstanding.

    I liked US Wellness Meats on FB, signed up to rec their emails and added at Twitter.

    What I’d order with my prize:
    Beef Bacon Tips
    Pork Tenderloin Filet
    Pork Sirloin Roast
    Pork Shoulder Roast

    Thanks so much!

  100. Barbara Goldstein says


    Prime Rib
    Ground Beef
    Short Ribs
    Round Steak

  101. Dave Vacilek says

    Shared and Liked on Facebook

    Beef snack sticks

  102. Bacon
    sf hot dogs
    ground beef
    pork breakfast sausage
    sandwich steaks
    tenderloin filet mignon
    did I forget the bacon?

    • Forgot to mention that I follow US Wellness Meats on Facebook. And I goofed and posted more than four items, can that be edited? (So hard to choose!!!)

  103. Chris Staats says

    Shared/liked on Facebook, Twitter and pinned on Pinterest

    I would love to try their Tri Tip Steak, Ground Top Sirloin Beef Steak Patties, Nitrate/White Sugar Free Ham and Pork Baby Back Ribs

  104. Lisa Friel says

    I’d buy a beef primal cut, hot dogs, ground lamb, and their Italian sausage.

    I follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, and newsletter.

    Shared this on Facebook and Pinterest.

  105. Rhonda Rogalski says

    If I win I am all about grass-fed beef, and of course, BACON!!!!!!

    I am following them on FB

    I posted the giveaway on FB

    I signed up for their newsletter.

    I hope I win =D

  106. Marion Summers says

    I will purchase as many steaks I can if I win the gift certificate.
    I follow on Facebook.
    Thank you. Hope to win!

  107. Jeri Fuller says

    Fabulous! So good to know change is happening…at least somewhere, LOL!

    Would love to try a variety of meats but would probably splurge on steak since that’s something we hardly ever purchase:

    Minute Steaks
    NY Strip
    Delmonico Steak
    Ribeye Steak

    Liked on FB and signed up for their newsletter…anxious to read more about them in the future. And have long since shared/liked your wonderful FB page!


  108. LuAnne Smith says

    Have never had the opportunity to try meat from US Wellness Meats, but would love to do so. If I won I would buy ground hamburger, bacon, and sausage for my husband. I have been trying to get him to eat healthier but he refuses to give up on his beef. So here is a way for me to accomplish that goal. Thanks for the opportunity. I am following on facebook.

  109. Christina says

    Liked their Facebook page and signed up for their newsletter … appreciate learning about them!!

    My shopping trip would include:
    Kerrygold Butter
    Ground Bison
    Tenderloin Filet Mignon
    Sugar-free Pork Bacon

    I would probably want to add Beef Snack Stick Ends and Beef Breakfast Sausage Sliders.



  110. Jodi Stein says

    NF Bacon, of course, beef, and chicken breasts! YUM!

  111. I already follow US Wellness meats via email newsletter, but would love the opportunity to try their meats. My wish list would probably include the grass fed beef (ribeyes, flank steak, ground beef/bison) and of course sugar-free bacon! Congrats to you and thanks for such a wonderful opportunity!

  112. I am excited to find out about this company. I subscribed, I liked them on FB and this is what I would like to try.
    I would love to try the lamb steaks as I have never eaten that before.
    The ribeye sounds delightful and mouthwatering.
    A healthy sausage and bacon would also be a hit around here. I am going back now to check around their website. Thanks so much, Sheatina

  113. Jennifer says

    I have liked and shared on facebook. I would get:

    85% Lean Ground Beef – 1 Lb. package
    Filet minon

  114. Beulah Hartge says

    My list would consist of bacon, bacon and more bacon πŸ™‚

  115. Bacon ,steak,Ground beef,Bacon,chicken breast,steak,bacon and more bacon
    I follow on facebook

  116. Claudine says

    Beef!!! I want to try the snack sticks, ground beef, jerky and filet. I follow on facebook. Thanks!

  117. Vanessa Madrigal says

    I liked their FB page and shared on Google+. I’ll go with burgers, SF franks, bison, and bacon. =)

  118. I follow them on Facebook and I would love to try the tallow, and beef pemmican as well as ground beef, and rabbit.

  119. Jennifer Scarborough says

    I signed up for the news letter and facebook. If I won, I would get Ground beef, hot dogs, bacon(if it is stock…lol) and the beef snack sticks. The snack sticks are the first I have seen that didn’t contain sugar. Great site!

  120. Angela Rosales says

    I want to purchase their ground beef, Kerrygold butter, grass-fed baby swiss cheese, and ground bison! I follow US Wellness Meats via their newsletter on e-mail.

  121. Following on FB

    I would get steak & bacon
    Oh and some jerky too. πŸ™‚

  122. Liked FB, followed by email. would like steak, ground turkey/burger, roast, chicken breasts

  123. Don in Arkansas says

    I follow their e-mail newletter and like them on FB. I would use the money to buy grass-fed lamb. I can taste it right now!

  124. Bacon
    Grass fed beef

    And lots of all of the above

    Shared on FB and am going back to sign up for emails

  125. Thanks for sharing this site!

  126. christal bassett says

    Grass feed steaks and bacon. It doesn’t get any better than that!

  127. any of the beef
    ground beef
    beef snacks sticks for those I gotta have something now moments

  128. Ground Turkey – Antibiotic Free From Birth
    Beef Snack Sticks Nitrate and MSG Free
    Organic Raw Grass-Fed Sharp Cheddar
    Ground Top Sirloin Beef Steak Patties
    I’m now following in Facebook!
    Thank you!

  129. 1. I’m a U.S. Resident
    2. I shared with friends via Pinterest.
    3. I liked US Wellness Meats on Facebook, and signed up for their newsletter.
    4. I hope to win 13 pounds of 85% lean ground beef and I’m following US Wellness Meats via facebook and the newsletter


  130. Sandra White says

    I am following on FaceBook and the four products I would like are
    Beef Breakfast sausage sliders
    85% lean ground beef
    wild Alaskan sockeye salmon
    Beef Pemmican

  131. Valerie Parker says

    I am signed up for US Wellness Meats newsletter and follow on Facebook. Products I would like to try are:

    1. SF bacon
    2. Ribeye steak
    3. Beef jerky sticks
    4. Beef polish sausage sliders

  132. Nora Hughes says

    I want to try their rabbit (been years since I had any) and Roasts; I love me a good roast (I hate to cook so a big roast can last me for days!)
    and whole fryers…they last a few days as well!

  133. katherine d says

    1. I shared on twitter: https://twitter.com/KayDay3/status/226453796111405058

    2. I follow us wellness meats on twitter @Kayday3

    3. I would like to buy (1) Coulotte Steak, grass fed (2) Petite Top Sirloin, grass fed, (3) Ground Top Sirloin Beef Steak Patties, grass fed, and (4)
    Kerrygold Salted Butter

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  134. Linda Wedding says

    Hi Jamie
    I would love to win this gift card!
    I would choose pork bacon
    Flank steak
    Large top sirloin steak
    And flat iron steaks…ummmmm
    I did sign up for US Wellness Meats emails!

  135. I followed on Twitter and would get the petite sirloin bundle. Never can have too many steaks.

  136. I follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

    I’m dying to try the beef Braunschweiger, the beef tallow, gourmet rabbit, and lamb! And whey protein powder–my source for good whey protein powder is not available right now.

  137. My order would be
    2 Petite 8 ounce NY strip steaks
    2 flank steaks
    a Sirloin Tip Steaks
    1 Delmonico steak

    Thanks and happy anniversary

  138. I forgot to say I do follow them on Facebook and get their newletter.

  139. Debbie :) says

    I am following via Facebook! Aaaaaaand I would get:

    -Sugar Free Hot Dogs!
    -Sugar Free Bacon Ends
    -Sugar Free Ham


  140. Would it be terrible if I spent all of the money on bacon? ;c) I’d actually love some steaks for grilling and ground beef, since I love grass-fed and can’t always afford it! (I liked US wellness on FB and shared there as well!)

  141. I’d really love to win this. I would get lamb chops, sirloin tip roast, hamburger, steaks and beef sticks.
    I follow on Facebook.

  142. Stephanie Fulk says

    I get the newsletter from us wellness meats. I really want to try the sugar free bacon, rib eyes and flank steak.

  143. rena delgado says

    Liked Wellness Meats on Facebook
    would love to get:
    1. Bison stew meat
    2. Leg of lamb steaks
    3. ground lamb
    4. ground bison

  144. Liked on FaceBook

    10080 Knuckle Bone Cartilage 0.5 $5.36
    10002 75% Lean Ground Beef – 1 Lb. package 1.0 $6.45
    88065 Ground Turkey – Antibiotic Free From Birth 1.0 $7.35 20290 Lamb Spare Ribs 1.25 $7.00
    88045 Ground Chicken – Antibiotic Free From Birth 1.0 $7.09
    70710 Ground Pork 1.0 $7.26
    70768 Sugar Free Pork Bacon Ends 1.0 $9.89
    70730 Italian Pork Sausages 1.25 $10.00
    155502 Ground Bison – 1 Pound Package 1.0 $12.06
    164220 GoodOnYa – Breakfast Bar 0.5 $12.56 (4 Qty)
    164224 GoodOnYa – Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar 0.5$12.56 (4 Qty)
    Total – $97.58

  145. I would start with some ground bison – my DH wants to try bison burgers! Then a treat for my pups – beef knuckles. Then I’d follow with some basic snacks – of which, being Paleo, are always expensive – like some pemmican and jerkeys. End with a some marrow bones for bone stock (YUM for winter soups) AND finish off in steak – ribeyes or one of the many other interesting cuts – they have several I didn’t even know about.

  146. Shared via Facebook and twitter, and following and liked!

    I would love some steak! We eat ribeyes about once a week. I’d also like some ground beef.

    So if I win, maybe split it 75/25 in favor of the steak πŸ™‚

  147. Now following them on Facebook – so glad I found your site!

    I would order bacon, some pet burger for my spoiled dogs, lean ground beef, chicken breasts, ground bison, and some prime steak cuts to name a few. Delicious!

  148. If I were the lucky winner, I would get:
    Ribeye Steak
    Small Brisket
    Corned Beef Brisket
    Whole Chicken

  149. Lisa Bruno says

    Leg of Lamb Steaks
    Spicy Beef Jerky
    Any steak
    though I would consider blowing the whole thing on the leg of lamb:)
    I liked them on Facebook.

  150. Wow! Love this!

    I would get the sugar free pork bacon, the sugar free beef bacon, and the pet burger πŸ™‚

    I liked them on facebook and I already get the newsletter.

  151. I would primarily choose beef items but for the hubby maybe some bison or lamb and probably cheat a bit with their raw organic ice cream. So many great sounding products it’s hard to decide!

    I shared on Twitter and liked on Twitter!

    Fingers crossed!!

  152. Bacon
    flank steak

  153. Beverly Rodriguez says

    I’m following them on FB and subscribed to the newsletter. There is a lot to choose from but I’d have to say I want to try the grass-fed sirloin so I can serve it to my Nebraska family who swears that grass-fed beef is tough and won’t have the flavor that corn-fed has. I’d also try the free range chicken which I’ll bet tastes a whole lot like the chicken I ate in France, and some Kerry Gold butter for sure to cook with. I’d also go for some lamb – deliciousness!

  154. Choices would include;
    Bison Jerky
    Flatiron beef steak
    London broil
    Minute Steaks

    I liked and shared on Facebook.

  155. I have liked US Wellness Meat on FB, following them on Twitter, and signed up for their newsletter. Now how can I possibly narrow my list down to 4 lol!!!
    I definitely would need to get me some sugar free pork bacon, Ribeye steak, Turkey provolone sausage links, and beef patties.

    Ok, now my mouth is watering…time to grill me up a burger

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  156. If I won I would get:

    Kerrygold butter
    Beef kidneys
    Beef tallow
    One of the steak primals
    Lamb rib chops

    I have ‘liked’ US Wellness Meats on Facebook and I am sharing on Pininterest, and signed up for the newsletter.


  157. I’m following US Wellness on Facebook. If I won I’d like to try bison burger and bison steak, leg of lamb steak and 85% ground beef.

  158. Liked and shared on facebook as well as sending emails. I’d have a hard time picking but suspect it would be beef, chicken, bacon and probably more beef!

  159. I tweeted about the giveaway: https://twitter.com/bonnie0128/status/227484758484082690

    I follow US Wellness Meats on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

    The top 4 products on my list:
    Beef Bacon
    Pork Bacon
    Ground Beef
    Snack Sticks

  160. If I win, I will probably purchase:

    1. Bacon (obvs)
    2. Steak!
    3. Beef Sticks
    4. Kerrygold buttah since no one carries it here

    I shared this on twitter and am also following on twitter (@slancaster82)

  161. Patricia says

    OH man! They have PORK!!!

    1. Pork Baby Back Ribs
    2. Pork Shoulder Roast
    3. Sugar Free Bacon
    4. Free Range Chicken (probably a mix that would include chicken feet!)

    Like them on Facebook and signed up for email newsletter.

  162. I was exposed to US Wellness Meats by a speaker at the Real Food Summit. I purchased a mix of what they offer. I love it!!! It is so great to have flavor and tenderness (not from fat). So far I have enjoyed hamburgers and a roast. This weekend I am making crock pot chicken.
    If I win, I am going to break out and try some new things:
    Bacon, lamb chops, ox tails, bison burgers and an old favorite….ribeye steaks.

    I have liked US Wellness Meats on Facebook and signed up for their newsletter.

    Thank you US Wellness Meats for producing a great, healthy product that is reasonably priced and available. Your variety is better than the local market….why would I ever go back there when you deliver to my door.

  163. Stephanie says

    I’d buy:
    1. BACON
    2. Coulotte cut steaks
    3. Filet mignon
    4. top sirloin

    Following on Facebook

  164. YUM!!
    I’d buy
    1. Bacon
    2. Flank or Rib-Eye Steaks
    3. Rack of Lamb
    4. Beef Jerky

    Congrats on 5 years Jamie!! πŸ™‚

  165. Mary Buetow says

    1. rib eyes
    2. bacon
    3. pork shoulder
    4. beef brisket

  166. I would buy:
    Sugar Free Pork Bacon
    Tenderloin Filet Mignon
    Sugar Free Beef Bacon
    Ground Bison

    I “liked” them on FB, 1+ on Google and am following on Twitter!

  167. Rabbit
    Jalapeno cheese
    Flat Iron steak
    Bacon ends
    Osso Bucco

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