YLS Five Anniversary US Fan Share (Contest Closed)

Hello USA!

It’s no surprise that while I enjoy and appreciate hundreds of thousands of readers from around the globe, millions of my readers are in the US!

As such, I have to spoil you guys a little bit.

In addition to the other amazing prizes available to US residents in this partypalooza, I am also giving away two Amazon.com gift cards ($50 each) to two lucky readers!

Winners: Why not spend your certificate on any of the items amazon.com carries, from books, to music, to that bacon lip gloss I saw you eyeballing.

The rules are pretty simple because you’re too busy working it to deal with crazy hoops.


1. United States Residents only.

2. Subscribe to this site to receive updates, free recipes and more via email!

3. Email me at yourlighterside@gmail.com with the title US is Best. If you’d like, in the body of the email, please tell me about any recipe you’d most like to see made diabetic/low carbohydrate friendly.

4. Fanshare Winner Drawing:  On Tuesday, July 24, at 12pm MST (Denver, US), I will pick a random winner and email that winner. Please respond within 24 hours with your email address so that I can send these cards out to you via email.

It’s that easy!


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  1. Hey! Way cool!

  2. This is very exciting, even if I don’t win, maybe you can convert my recipe.

  3. Jenerosity says

    Done! SO much awesomeness in one place!!

    Merci!! Grazie! Muchas gracias!

  4. Dita MacDonald says

    Jamie, I already subscribe to your website and am so happy I found you about a year ago. Your enthusium is contagious!!! Your recipes are truly amazing. Please continue the good work in helping us live the low carb lifestyle.

  5. I already subscribe to your site and so glad I do! Love the humor, tips, and recipes, especially anything with meat. I always thought it was bad for me to like meat and especially thought it was a guy thing. Now I am out of the meat locker and holding my bacon up high!

  6. Beulah Hartge says

    I really enjoy getting your emails-always so funny and the recipes are fabulous!

  7. Done! Looking forwarded to it!

  8. Don in Arkansas says

    I already subscribe and you are one of my favorite sites.

  9. I already subscribe to the website and love love love it!

  10. Linda Wedding says

    I also already subscribe…I found you on Low Carb Friends. I love reading your blog and can’t believe how nice you are.
    So far I have made your cauliflower pizza crust and the zucchini one and they are very good.
    I would love to win…YAHOO!!!

  11. I also already subscribe, You have been such a help eating low carb.

  12. I just LUST what you do for us and that you do it with such decadent humor! I’ve recommended a bazillion people to your FB.


  13. So glad to be here, learning ways to really eat and enjoy life as a low-carber.

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