YLS Five Year Anniversary England Fan Share (Contest Closed)

Note: If you are from Great Britain, you can enter in the “Europe” giveaway if you prefer. I am not in any way intimating that Scotland and Ireland write, “England Rules!” Trust me. That’s like asking Milwaukee, WI, to bow down to Chicago, IL (or vice versa).

It’s my Five Year Anniversary party and I’m sharing, sharing, sharing! England, I want to so thank you guys for your support of Your Lighter Side over the Years. Since so many of my readers come from your wonderful country, I want to make sure to thank you properly.

Because I feel like you guys are not included in the US giveaways, I am giving away two, $50 gift certificates to Amazon.com in England to celebrate!

Winners: Spend your certificates on any of the items amazon.com carries, from books, to music, to those bacon boxer shorts I saw you eyeballing.

The rules are pretty simple because you’re too busy being fab to obsess.


1. British Residents only (though I’m pretty sure anyone in the UK can use the amazon.com cards, so you can enter, too)

2. Subscribe to Your Lighter Side to receive emails for more recipes, latest news, and schtuffs.

3. Email me at yourlighterside@gmail.com with the title England Rules! If you’d like to, in the body of the email, please let me know if you have any recipes you’d love to see converted into a diabetic friendly/low carbohydrate dish.

4. Fanshare Winner Drawing:  On Tuesday, July 24, at 12pm MST (Denver, US), I will pick a random winner and email that winner. Please respond within 24 hours with your email address so that I can send these cards out to you via email.

It’s that easy!

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