Your Lighter Side Five Year Anniversary Party– $1000 in prizes (Contest Closed)

It’s Your Lighter Side’s Five Year Anniversary!
Sure, when I first began my own site in 2007 as a way to buck the authority of some of the more oppressive web sites, I never planned to do much with it. Back then on my sparse blue and green blogger template, I posted whenever I felt like it, often just throwing encouragement out there for others going through the same things I was as the pre-diabetic anti-cook, slinging comments to the wind, and sounding off whenever it felt appropriate.

Then something happened. I accidentally screwed up an Atkins Revolution Roll in the kitchen in 2008. And, furthermore, people liked it. Then I threw together a rag-tag combination of cauliflower, egg and cheese one Sunday afternoon. And the cauliflower pizza crust was born. I had no idea, 350 recipes later, that after only learning to cook at the age of 38, I’d get seriously kick-hiney letters like this one that I received just a couple of days ago:

I just wanted to thank you for your site.  I have a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic 5 yr old.  I don’t agree with the current philosophy of managing the disease….”Eat whatever you want, just cover it” (meaning ‘give enough insulin’). I am finding recipes on your site that don’t require me to give him any insulin.  He even had a little PB&J on an oopsie roll today…no insulin! This is HUGE for us. Really life changing.  One smiley kid  and one grateful mama thank you!! –Denise

I never could have expected this kind of support when I began this site. Before I realized it (I was having fun and goofing in the kitchen), 5.6 million readers and five years later, Your Lighter Side has made a mark in the diabetic, ketogenic world. I am pretty humbled by this. Because of this site, I have had too many opportunities to count, from working with frazzled parents, to working with national companies, to working with major publishers.

What now? Sometimes that’s what I ask myself, but I really know the answer isn’t dressing up like Sailor Jupiter and going to comic book conventions. You can expect to see more joy of eating healthfully. More fun, innovative recipes that challenge the norm  and please even the pickiest kids, spouses and cooks. More humor. More heckling. More ham. More lamp. Especially more lamp.

But at this moment, it’s all about you, because where would I be without you? I’d be making pirate faces in the mirror and licking bread. Still. It’s time to party a little bit.

Ready for some amazing fan shares? Terrific companies and Your Lighter Side have come together to offer readers some fun giveaways, and we hope you enjoy.

Start your engines! Vroom vroom! (Sorry; it’s the caffeine.) Simply click below to read the rules, ooh and ahh with me over these companies, and enter! I have also added a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to the mix in the form of and gift cards for all of you, because I want you to know that I appreciate you very much, as well.

You can enter into more than one contest–just be sure they’re in your region (I’d hate for you to accidentally win an Australian gift card if you’re in Georgia). Click. Enter. And I hope you win!

To Enter

Australian Readers: Enter to win one of two $50 gift cards
British ReadersEnter to win one of two $50 gift cards
Canadian ReadersEnter to win one of two $50 gift cards
European ReadersEnter to win one of two $50 gift cards

US Readers:
Enter to win: $200 in fine art portraiture from Lakeside Studio Art Portraiture
Enter to win: $100 gift certificate for LC Foods Corp
Enter to win: $100 gift certificate from US Wellness Meats
Enter to win: $50 in pasta and a gift card from Dreamfields Pasta
Enter to win: Two cases of Zevia Cola ($48 value)
Enter to win: Homestyles Chili Dinner for Four (5 @ $14 value)
Enter to win: J&D’s Foods Bacon Sampler Pack (2 @ $8 value)
and finally, enter to win One of two $50 gift cards

In all, over $1000 in prizes!

I am so thankful to the companies and artisans who very generously provided items for you to sample and enjoy for your very own. It’s just a small way of them and me thanking you for your continued support, friendship, patronage and comments.

Here’s to the next five years and to all of the discoveries, life lessons, and adventures that await!

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  1. Stephanie says

    We love you Jamie!! Personally I think you rock! You actually care and I think that’s what folks pick up on. You and your recipes have helped me to lose over 65 pounds so far. 25 to go! You’re weight loss challenge (and the time you dedicated to come up with teams and create that huge spreadsheet) got me down 30! You are awesome and deserve all the great things that come your way!!

    • Dang, Stephanie, you’re shrinking down to nothing over there! I am so proud of all of your hard work.

      Thank you for knowing how much I care, because it’s crazy how much I care. I’m almost annoying-caring. But if you have to be obsessed over something, why not over others, though in the good non-boiling-rabbits kind of way. I love you and appreciate your kind words.

  2. You are AWESOME, Jamie. That is all.

  3. Terry Doria says

    I am one grateful person! When I first found your website I was ecstatic! I was a recently diagnosed “possible” diabetic and was so confused about what and what not to eat. You helped me figure it out AND gave me some awesome recipes for some of my favorite foods without the carb load I was craving. My most recent blood work showed improvement and I just know it’s because of your insight and tireless commitment. Thanks!! And congrats on five years of continued success.

    • Thank you so much, Terry! Your words mean so much! I am proud of all of your hard work to get to a healthy place. You are amazing!

  4. thank you for all your hard work in the kitchen so that we can all experience your low carb creations!

  5. Stephanie E says

    I would buy:
    Liverwurst (I love to add this to LC Pasta Bolognese)
    Pork Shoulder
    Nitrate Free Ham
    Lamb- marrow bones, tallow


  6. Rhonda Rogalski says

    I am fairly new to your site, but just LOOOOOVE it! Thank you so much for all you do. I know I can always find something fun and wonderfully delish to cook up from you. You ROCK!

  7. I remember the blue and green site! You GO, grrrl. Here’s to lots and lots more years!

  8. Edie Evans says

    You are always my go-to when I need a new recipe. Thanks for all you do!


  9. Sheila Wright says

    Jamie honey
    you more than rock… sweetie you are TOPS IN MY BOOK you have helped me so many times… and I been doing this for a very long time… but it is wonderful to have YOU… always… MAKIN’ BACON FOR ALL OF US………….yep I love it to…
    from on ole…. gal… who her whole life was. HUGE.. 358#s… by pass in 2000… lost 200 pounds… in the past 10+ slipped up 17 pounds… OH HELL NO……..WE WILL NOT GO THERE AGAIN… LOW CARB IS MY WAY OF LIFE NOW.. so you see.. it is great to have you making and sharing it all with us……….
    PS… I just completed BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT in MAY…. talk about a hellish last year… but,, all is WELL NOW… I go tomorrow for my 100 days out from transplant checkup and I feel GREAT… I weighed…. 135#s this AM..Woo Hoo.. and I do LOVE OUR LOW CARB WAY OF LIFE…
    and nope folks I am not yellin’…. just happy is all
    have a blessed day
    sheila in GA

  10. I liked U.S. Wellness on FB already! Just shared this competition on my page … I would definitely get liverwurst and pemmican. I’d probably get some bacon because I hear it is so yummy. Osso Buco looks very interesting. Short ribs … It’s hard to decide!

    Great blog. 🙂

  11. Jenerosity says

    What you need is more cowbell…erm… I mean, BACON! haha! Been following you since way back and although the two tiny words THANK YOU aren’t enough, it’s all I got. You’ve done so much good for so many people. Thank you. – Jen R

  12. Thankyou for this awesome site. I must be really bad at math or really dense because I’m having difficulty with the math to cut the spam. I’m not always sure what they want in the box? The sum…… Can you explain to me?

  13. Seeing that I make a low carb pizza once a week, I would love to try the Pizza Mix (at least three of those)
    Brownie Mix
    Pancake Mix
    Mac and Cheese
    Chocolate fudge!!!

    Then some staples for cooking like sweeteners. I fear it would be rather difficult to limit my choices to only $100! What a wonderful store!

  14. Barbara Goldstein says

    1 x Gluten Free Breading and Crusting
    2 x Brown Sugar Sweetener
    1 x Blanched Almond Meal
    2 x Banana Bread
    2 x Sweetened Condensed Milk
    1 x Pasta Flour
    – Size Selection 2 Lb Flour Bulk = 9.8 Cups [754205301898]

    1 x Hotdog Roll Form Pans in 3 Sizes
    – Select Size 6 Form Pan [30038]

    1 x Konjac Glucomanan Powder

    Sub-Total: $116.82
    Total: $116.82

  15. Debbie :) says

    I would get:

    -Blackberry Preserves ($7.98)
    -Cinnamon Buns ($8.98)
    -Country Biscuit Mix ($7.98)
    -Raspberry Cereal ($7.98)
    -Scone Mix ($7.98)
    -Xanthan Gum ($7.98)
    -Stevia Sweetner ($7.98)
    -Bread Stuffing Mix ($7.98)
    -Blanched Almond Meal ($7.98)
    -Mac & Cheese ($7.98)
    -Butter Cookies ($7.98)
    -Banana Bread ($7.98)
    TOTAL: $96.76

    Mmmm…my mouth is watering!

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