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Good morning and Happy Friday! I am deep-cleaning the kitchen today and preparing to create some new recipes for you for the coming week. 

Because I care about your constructive criticisms, opinions and thoughts (and want to help as many as I can), I want to share an email this morning that I feel is important to address regarding the advertising here at the site:

“My first visit to your site .. will be my last. Giant pink floating ad asking me to “share my opinion” or something obscuring what I came here to read. No thanks! Your advertisements are more annoying than your content is good, I’d mull that over if I were you, unless you don’t like converting visitors in to regulars.”

I am honestly glad readers write to tell me you do and don’t like about the site. Extra points for the Nope@chucktesta email address attached to the email (that gave me a giggle).

I know many don’t like those floating ads, and, frankly, I don’t like those, either. Thankfully that wandering, “Your opinion counts” interstitial survey only shows up infrequently, and clicking the “X” shuts it down. It shouldn’t show up again during your visit.

Per the ads in general, they are essentially a passive “donate” button; every time you visit my site, my advertising company donates money to me. Those ads on my site are a year’s culmination of research (I’ve culled down and have kept only the most important ones, and continue to pare down where I can) and not merely a page-jamming device in hopes of raising an extra couple of dollars per month from Adsense. I do well with advertising; it puts my son through college, keeps food on the table, pays for this site, and allows me to continue to develop recipes.

Plus, let’s face it; passive ads beat you being bombarded with donations and constant pushes towards affiliate purchases.  It also frees up my time seeking out sponsors to keep the site going.

At the same time, I get it. I do. I prefer a page sans ads, too, and will (as I have) continue to fine-tune the site. The new, faster-loading site re-design, combined with a more user-friendly interface (I hope) makes up for the annoyance of ads that pop up from time to time.

I appreciate your patience and your continued, constructive feedback.

I want to know what you think, though, so please keep the correspondence going. Is the site loading slow for you? Are you being bombarded with advertising? Please let me know. I take your thoughts to heart and I’m here to do the best I can to create an optimal user experience for you every time you visit.

Thanks so much for reading. Now go on with your awesome selves; it’s Friday, dang it!


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  1. Did you reply to that commenter? Surely if the ads are THAT onerous to them, they’ll gladly supply the funding you receive from the ads so that you can go ‘ad free’.

    • Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reply, and that’s all right. Chances are, he had already made up his mind when he sent the correspondence. I just want to make sure you guys know your concerns never fall on deaf ears.

    • Hey Jamie. Just ignore that complainer nothing is free . Indont really care for ads but as you said hit the close button. I tolerate the ads as i know it helps hel this siite going. I love the reciepes. Godbless and keep up the good work.
      Bob V

  2. Don’t people have bigger fish to fry? It amazes me that people complain about free things. I love your site… do what you need to do to keep it running!

    • To someone who’s not sure how sites work, it probably seems a bit much, to be sure, to be hit with an interstitial ad. I visit my site in excess of 20 times per day, almost everyday, and I only tend to see those ads once a week or less.

    • i agree,some people no matter what you do you can’t please them.
      just keep doing what you always do.if it wasn’t for people like you
      we wouldn’t have this website,or the news letters.

  3. Hi Jamie

    The ads do not bother me at all – perhaps because I’m a huge internet user and ads are all over the place. I guess I just have blinders on when it comes to the ads., Plus, I’ve found some great things via the ads, especially LC Foods! Love them, love your blog! (Ads and all! ) 🙂

  4. I LOVE your site, and rely on your FREE recipes to keep my diet on track and interesting. I’ve never felt “bombarded” on your site (like on some big sites like Martha Stewart…I don’t even go there…too overwhelming and confusing). I totally get your reasons for having adds, and I am very thankful it allows you to do what you do, for all of us. Thank you!!

    • Arlene, it surprises me that major sites have ads everywhere! I guess it shouldn’t; ads are what keep publishing companies/entities going. Thank you for the comparison!

  5. For the record, I think your content is fantastic. True, advertisements can sometimes be annoying , but it’s a small price to pay for all the value I’ve received from your site. Thank you!

    • Claudine, can you sock me with specifics so that I can continue to provide a positive experience? Which ads are making you facepalm (and thanks for your feedback).

  6. Meh. I’ll trade a few ads for the multitude of pounds your recipes have taken off my now-skinny keister. Just saying. (And if you can make a living at it in this economy, more power to you!)

  7. I don’t mind the ads, for the most part. I know the reasoning behind them and I don’t think they are excessive at all.

    However, right now one of the ads is for Toaster Strudels. I know it’s a rotating ad, but if there is a way to keep the ads relevant to the audience that would be great! But, it’s a great blog with lots of great info, so it wouldn’t make me stop coming here!

    • Brenda– The weird thing about those ads is that unless it’s a site wrap (, they tend to reflect what AdSense assumes are your interests and needs as a consumer via cookies. I know one day I visited iStock photo. For a day or two after that, ever site I visited using Adsense showed me istock photo ads! It could be that you ran a search for something on the web and now Adsense assumes you want toaster pastries… Those ads usually change as soon as you’re searching for something new. It’s constantly trying to keep up with what it thinks you are seeking as a consumer.

      • Crap! So they KNOW I really want Toaster Strudels?? LOL!

        • Ha ha! You might have ended up at a site where they are sponsored by the company, and so the company is politely ad-stalking you. I know for a week once a major pizza company kept attempting to ply me with dollar off pizza coupons. I was shaking my fist at the screen for days… Then I found out many people see different ads. I was probably close to alone with my pizza angst.

        • I see Toaster Strudel, too. I don’t buy it but I do print coupons at coupon sites and that is a product there is always a printable coupon for. Maybe it has something to do with coupons?

      • HAHA! I’m seeing an ad for Abilify. Should I be worried?

  8. great DIY deep cleaning suggestions for your kitchen….

  9. Those floating ads bother me but I keep my comments to myself. If it’s a blog that I enjoy (like this one) then I just x it out and keep reading. So sorry that you received such a harshly toned email.

    • I don’t mind, really. I could have deleted it and went on my merry way. At the same time, if one guy feels the pain, chances are, there are hundreds of others who didn’t take the time to write and let me know. At least he did!

  10. Wow I really don’t even notice the ads…as someone else said, you just develop blinders to them after awhile. It’s just how the net works. If the ads keep you able to do your thang, then God bless them!

    • Thanks for understanding! I hope this post will help others see that the ads I have allowed to remain on the site are the most successful/greatest payout and have been cut by about half. I am truly working to get the greatest support from the ads with the least amount of impact. I might try losing the interstitials and see how they affect the payout. It’ll take me about a month to ferret this out.

  11. Hey, It’s your blog and you should run it how ever you like. If somebody doesn’t like the way its set up then they don’t have to visit it, its their loss.
    I love it and look forward to your post.


  12. Jamie…I am slack-jawed that someone would be that rude to you. And maybe you weren’t offended and didn’t feel it was rude. But, I was offended for you. For goodness sake, if it’s gonna ruin someone’s day, take up too much of their time to take a nano second to click the “x” to shut the ad down, then they don’t need to be on the internet. SHEESH!! I love your site!! I do a lot of web surfing, and I, like others, must’ve developed blinders to the ads. I see them…and if I wanna explore them, I will. But if I don’t, I just “x” them out. I’m thankful for your recipes and your page content. Thanks so much for what you do!! Have a great day and God bless!!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Kathy! I appreciate it! I think the person who wrote had a valid concern, so I hope my addressing it helps someone else who wonders what the deal is with sites with ads. So many sites have them now.

  13. I don’t mind the ads if I’m accessing you from my laptop. From my phone, I can’t see most of the content you write because the ads cover about 30% of whatever the post is. Since I’m usually mobile and not near my laptop, it has caused me to choose recipes from other sites because I can actually see those mid-cooking from my phone.

    That being said, it’s not bad on the laptop. 🙂 Except the popup one. Sooo annoying, lol.

    • I didn’t know the ads showed up on the phone! I have a Droid and the whole page shows up like it does on the site. Let me see what I can do…

      • I have a Droid too. But the browser is set up to format pages to mobile. I guess to make it easier? I changed it once and had to reinstall a browser to get it back. Totally not your fault. I just need to plan and write down or print a recipe. 🙂

  14. Dear Jamie, queen of the kitchen, Gold medal winner and recipe provider,
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with your ads…if they help defray YOUR costs then more power to you!

    I made your cauliflower cheese waffles this a.m… small problem….I didn’t have any cauliflower! So I substituted whey…added spices, hot red pepper flakes, gee, in the end my batter was far different from your recipe….but the flavour! Increadible….and I see what you mean….they are filling….it must be the extra protein from the cheese. I used half a waffle as a toast for two perfectly fried eggs….easy over, fried in sweet butter and also seasoned with the same spice I used in the waffles. So very yummy! What a breakfast I enjoyed with Indian Spiced Tea.

    Oh, I forgot to defrost meat for dinner! And it is already almost 3 p.m…perhaps I will just have a cocoa whey smoothie….it is so hot today, it is difficult to eat!

    By the way, I hereby nominate you for SILVER and BRONZE medals….may as well make a clean sweep of your kitchen cooking games.

    All the best,
    Warmest regards,

  15. Well – don’t worry about it. If it works for you… I’ve gotten so much out of your site, looking at few ads is the LEAST I can do.

  16. Michelle Kozub says

    I could give a rats buttocks about any ads they may pop up while I am visiting your site….seriously you have provided me with more valuable recipes and knowledge than quite frankly I feel I deserve for nothing…so if heaven forbid I should have to close down a window while trying to find something fabulous to put my sweet tooth at bay or wow some company “with that fad diet she is on” recipe…the so freaking be it. You just keep on keeping on with your fabulous self…never mind someone who complains about an adversitement Your fanfreakingtasticness is what gets me through many a “gonna bust out something carby” moments!

  17. Seriously I could care less. I’ve been reading various blogs for so long now I don’t even notice the ads! Have you ever seen an ad-free blog? Because I haven’t! You gotta do what you gotta do. Seriously not a big deal lol (at least not for me!) 🙂 Keep rockin it!

  18. Ailsa Washington says

    I have an iPad thankfully and so far have not had any pop up ads, I can also make the screen bigger so I don’t see the ads down the right side. Ads do not bother me unless the are in front of what I am reading but as you say click on the X to close it.
    I realise that is how most websites are kept free or very cheap.

    Keep doing what you are doing x

  19. Another Jamie says

    If it bothers people that much then they should support you financially. You are offering an amazing service at no charge. Perhaps you could look into offering “ad free with donation” to those it truly offends. I for one cannot afford to pay for a site and am very grateful that you have this readily available for me. I’ve found TONS of great recipes here. If I have to put up with clicking out of annoying ads then that’s a price I CAN afford. If you were to charge for your content, as good and helpful as it is to me, I would have to not have access because I simply cannot afford it.

    Thank you Jamie for all you do. Please don’t let this negative attitude from someone diminish the joy you have in what you provide us. Please know I am sending much love and gratitude your way for your help.

    The other Jamie

  20. I have not read through all of these comments, but really? Oh my gosh, I am grateful for all of the information you share here for free. You do know you can’t please everybody, right? Keep on keeping on please. I just close those out and can’t wait to get to your comments, pictures, recipes, and just plain fun every time you post. Thanks again!!!!

  21. suzybelle says

    Hi Jamie,

    I love your site and have made countless amounts of your recipes. I don’t mind the ads at all. Compared to some other sites, yours are minimal. That little survey thingy appears very infrequently and I just click the “X” and it goes bye-bye!! If the ads make you extra money and helps your family in the process, all the better. You deserve the extra $$, after all, we get mega amounts of FREE yummy and good-for-you recipes. How many of the complainers would do all of that for free!!! Keep up your fabulous work, I for one appreciate all that you do!

  22. Maybe that person was cranky from eating too many carbs! Really, I bet most of us appreciate your hard work; and the ads do not bother me at all.

  23. I don’t ‘see’ the ads cos I am focussed on the content of the site.
    My daughter recently entered a comp on your site and was one of the prizes for Australia. I was almost as excited as she was as she is really into healthy low carb cooking and I gave her the heads up!

  24. Two words: Pop-up Blocker
    I do see them if on the IPad, but hit the close button so fast, they barely register.
    Thank you for all the time and effort you put into creating wonderful recipes and writing witty copy for this website. Keep on doing what you do so well.

  25. All those folks getting bent out of shape over that ‘rude’ note should settle down and take a deep breath. The well-known ‘iceberg’ effect suggests that for everyone who writes in with a criticism, many, many more are gritting their teeth in silence. Jamie, your comments on this thread lead me to believe that you know Rude Guy has done you a favor – even though he could’ve done it a tad less rudely.

    • David– I love constructive criticism, and I consider the comments people make. I want to make sure that readers know: 1. When you write, I’m listening to what you’re saying; 2. we might not always agree, but I will share why we disagree–respectfully; and 3. that, like you said, for every person who says something, more feel the same way but never write.

      In the end, I make decisions based on my own research and fine-tuning, but I rely on the feedback of readers to improve the site experience.

      I think he didn’t mean to be rude; after visiting 50 sites with floating ads, he probably didn’t expect one to intermittently crop up here, too! lol

  26. I only see a couple of ads on here and I have never seen a floating ad on this site. I don’t have a problem with it. I love this site. Most ads are relevant… except for the birth control one, however, there may be someone who actually needs that one. There are 2 big ones for that on this page. Actually, I would like to see more ads like the LC foods one. I have found some good stuff through the ads. Do whatever it takes to keep this site free for us. I don’t post a lot, but I do read every single post. Have a very blessed day. Sheatina

  27. Sounds to me like slaying the messenger. Would not be better to send email protesting such adds to the advertiser stating something to the effect that one finds the adds of this nature so annoying and distracting that hot places might freeze over before one were to buy the advertised product, take the survey, buy anything from that adveriser. Advertising is a necessary evil, perhaps, but it can and should be in such a manner as to encourage the reader to want to engage. The baseball bat approach rarely does that.

  28. I just read your site on my work iPad where the ads don’t pop up and if I double click, I just get your writing (bigger & easier for 44 yr old eyes) and the ads are off the page. I check them out to see what’s interesting, but they are in no way annoying.

  29. I don’t mind the ads. I prefer none even on TV but someone has to pay, nothing is free. Keep up the good work. I do not reply daily but always read your site.

  30. I feel a bit silly and unobservant…I’ve hardly noticed ads at all, perhaps because I’m so engaged with the main content. I’m on my android phone now and have not been hit with a single one…that I’ve noticed…

    • I’m glad you haven’t noticed them. I see some on my Droid, but the entire screen is small when it loads, so I can scroll in to re-size and then I don’t see any ads.

  31. Shhhh. I know the advertisers don’t want to hear this, but I usually don’t notice the ads on most websites and a little click makes the more obtrusive ones go away. I am “bad” with tv commercials too. There were several ads with dancing hamsters I love to watch and it was months of repeat watching before I realized what brand of car they were advertising. Actually, I saw a “hamster car” on the street, read the brand on it and then I knew. Is that wrong?

  32. Dear Rude Guy,
    Do you also send letters of complaint to tv stations for their commercials, and magazines, newspapers and most other literary sources for their ads? Is there some excruciating difficulty in clicking on an X? Do you work for free? I know I don’t and why would you expect Jamie to?
    Thank you for what you do and the way you do it, I have a reasonably well stocked pantry with alternative flours and other healthy ingredients, but it is still cost prohibitive to indulge in very much experimental baking. That you do, and share the results of your labors freely with anyone who cares to read the blog is outstanding! You have enhanced my daily diet (and weak liver) enormously, and your writing style a pleasure to read. The ads are merely a miniscule part of daily life, and I don’t have to read them if I choose not to. The positive side of the ads is a person just never knows when one will lead to a new beneficial avenue. Thank you again!!!

    • I saw a site today with twice the ads I had, and they were much more intrusive. I feel much better about mine now! Thank you for your support, Sandra!

  33. Truthfully Jamie, I have not had any problems with your add content at all. And that email was rude, rather than constructive. All web sites have adds, that’s how it works. I love your site and tell every one about your fantastic recipes.

    • I appreciate your feedback. I ask for feedback knowing I’ll get some terse responses, but I figure if one person is having issues, maybe more are, too.

  34. Bev Carney says

    Adblock software – free and effective.

  35. What ads?!!! Honestly, I’m so happy to view your phenomenal recipes that a few ads are of no consequence! Love this site!

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