How I plan to lose it by December 31

Well, a lot of it, and not my marbles. Well, not all of them.

I have been thinking a lot lately. Some of it has been about anxiety and avoidance behaviors. Some has been about where to go from here.  More is about what I have accomplished this year and what I have left to accomplish–and there is so much on both fronts.

Accomplishments: I have: rebuilt my site using WordPress and to hire a web designer who made this place more user-friendly and sparkly; worked with major companies to spread the word about healthy eating; made new friends; and enjoyed new opportunities as I work with more families around the world who are fighting for health and fitness. I’ve hit my fifth year of blogging, had a national column and was a regular contributor to Parents Canada. I’m even working with a major publisher on a two-book deal not related to cooking. I have the best husband in the world and four, unique, terrific children I couldn’t be more proud of (even if they refuse to wear pants).

But still: I have put me on the back burner. While maintaining my current weight, I haven’t lost any weight for a long time. I’m not even close to goal–and it isn’t because of my recipes. Cue the back story montage music…

While I was a maintainer on Atkins 1972 for 3 years at my goal weight of 120 pounds and 5’5″ in the 80’s (I lost 40 pounds), once the 90’s rolled around, I fell face-first into the “must have food pyramid in my life” mantras and I became hungry. I became so hungry, in fact, that I starved and dieted (and later acquired a bingeing habit response to the deprivation) my way from a svelte 120 and a size six to 350 pounds and a men’s size 5x within 10 years (having 4 kids and a history of family obesity helped a little).Then, in a mere 8 months, from 2004-2005, I lost 115 pounds and kept it off with Atkins 2002. Unfortunately, in 2006, my lack of cooking efforts, coupled with the bingeing behavior, came back in full force, and I has lost the beautiful edge I once had. The health, the success, and the thrill of life were gone again within a year. I did make efforts here and there to lose 50 pounds at a time, but the weight typically came back because I couldn’t stick with it for long, due to my system damaged from years of wheat and sugar abuse and addiction.

Now, thanks to Dr. Julia Ross, I have been able to manage the bingeing behaviors through the judicious use of amino acids and supplements, coupled with lower glycemic load/ketogenic/low-carb (all the same thing) eating. My desire for carbohydrates have largely abated.  And while I haven’t always been good, I have maintained (albeit an unhealthy weight) for the last year. I learned how to really cook for the first time in my life in 2007. Now I’m ready for more.

Between August 26 2012, at 6:42 and midnight, December 31 of this year, I am making this about me! I am reveling in the selfish (in a good way), and I’m going to love it (even when it is hard and it sucks, because it will).

I lost me somewhere over the last few years while doing my best for others, and I’m going to get me back by doing my best for me. I owe this to my family and my friends, and to you, but most of all, I owe this to me! I love my cooking. I love my ketogenic/low carb lifestyle, but old habits are hard to kick, so it’s time for some new ones.

They say that successful people plan specific goals and plans. What will yours be?

New Way of Doing Things

1. It starts with the date and the time of my new adventure: Sunday (tomorrow) at 6:42 pm. I pulled this number totally out of my brain at random, but when you think about it, why not? Even if you have a bad day Sunday, by Monday morning, you’ve already been on plan for 12 hours. You can’t beat that.
2. It ends on New Year’s Eve. Most of us start either on a Monday or New Year’s Day, and many fail. I am shaking it up.
3. I am modeling new, positive, behavior. I am not focused on being perfect and obsessing; I choose to be in a better place on the 31st of December so I can ring in the new year with a positive outlook of and not with regret that I should have been better.
4. I am picking a weight loss goal of 100 pounds, but who knows if I’ll even get there. The point for me is to pick a goal and shoot for the stars! What’s the worse that can happen: You fall short of the stars but you end up with a thinner Uranus.

Monday Weigh Ins

1. Mondays keeps me honest on the weekends when schedules fly out the window and take out food becomes so easy.
2. It’s a renewed start to the week. What can I learn from this weigh-in that I can apply to the coming week? Do I need to move it more? Shake it less? Look at my journals for determining factors like new foods introduced, sweeteners or possible food intolerance?
3. Over and done with for the week is what a Monday weigh-in signals. It’s time to make new strides and new footholds on health and stop worrying about the scale.
4. My TOPS group weighs on a Monday, so it’s convenient. More on TOPS below.

Weigh Weekly only

1. Weighing in once a week on an appointed day keeps me from obsessing about the numbers on a daily (sometimes twice-daily basis). Weight can fluctuate up to 8 pounds per day due to water weight.
2. I try harder when I don’t have daily data in front of me. I want to arrive at my weekly support group with a loss, and without my scale, how will I know? Once-weekly information forces the right actions for the right reasons, because I’m taking the right actions. Sure, there won’t be a loss at the end of every week, but you know what? Life isn’t perfect and mini maintenance periods (stalls) happen.
3. Weekly numbers tend to show an ongoing tend. Daily weigh-ins show fluctuations, some of which are mood killers that might convince me to eat off-plan, because why not, I gained from yesterday anyway. Why do that to myself when I’m making forward progress?
4. My TOPS group weighs weekly. More on support below.

Track my Nutrients and Values Daily

1. I will do this to keep accountable. A nibble of this and a lick of that still add up, so it’s important to man (or woman) up and write it down, the good the bad and (sometimes) the ugly.
2. I will collect data. Without information, I don’t know if a particularly hungry day had to do with the amount or quality of carbohydrates/fats/proteins I ate. And since I’m sticking to a roughly 60% calories from fat, 35% calories from protein and 5% calories from carbohydrates, I ant to make sure those numbers are dead on. I use Fitday but I’m researching other free programs as well.
3. To prevent carb or calorie creep. I eat to hunger. Some days I’ll eat more than others, but I want to make sure these are naturally occurring progressions and not boredom eating gone wild.
4. My TOPS group recommends keeping a journal. More below.

Get Moving

1. I’m going to elevate my heart rate 5 times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes as a time.
2. I’m going to record these efforts so that I can see how my life is changing day by day.
3. I am going to celebrate small strides, whether it’s parking farther away and walking to the store or just computing standing up as ways to bring better health and habits into my life.

Get support

1. Through this site, a place where over thousands of us meet daily to share stories, non-scale successes and the amazing things we’re eating.
2. Through my family, a major support group who want to see me be well and fit and healthy.
3. Through TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), a local nonprofit group that meets weekly for weigh-ins and has chapters all over the US and Canada. It only costs about $40 to join for the year. While the onus for programs is on the food pyramid and high-carb, low-fat dieting, they accept any weight loss adherents from any plans. They even accept weight loss surgery members. I go for the weekly weigh-ins and accountability and I stay for the fellowship/support. I rarely attend the food functions, but when I do, I will bring sugar-free, moderate fat offerings (these guys are low-fat, so no need to derail their calories for the day–baby steps).

Get Real

1. I beat binge eating with supplements and amino acids, thanks to Dr. Julia Ross, but the mental and health work isn’t over the moment I open my mouth and eat eggs for breakfast. I am going to continue my supplements regimen for the recommended time span per her book and kick those carb cravings and anxiety issues to the curb.
2. Weight loss doesn’t make the world better. Stress still exists, neighbors can still be annoying, and your kids might not value getting good grades. These things will not derail me. Learn to cope with stress as a part of everyday life and know that health makes the insurmountable better than it would have been otherwise.
3. It’s about me this time.

The Mid-Year Resolution Challenge

A culmination (for me) of all the earlier, important portions wrapped up into one self mandate for health and fitness.
1. What can I do to get to New Years and celebrate the year and not spend an evening wallowing in regret and onion dip?
2. Why not start January 1st with a new outlook and new adventures?
3. Be proactive and not reactive. Putting in the work now yields the feel-good moment we deserve on December 31

Want to join me?
Simply check in with me, here, each Monday afternoon (or Tuesday if you’re a Feedburner follower or a Daily Digest subscriber) on my newest Mid-Year Resolution Thread  and let me know how you’re doing.

I expect we’ll have some robust dialog, some laughs, and plenty of support. Along the way, I’ll share some of my menus, what’s working for me, how I’m getting my workouts in, and how we can get through these holidays forever! All posts are tagged “Mid-Year Resolution” and appear as a tab at the top of this site, so if you miss a week you can find us at any time you are ready to take your own first step to an even more fabulous you.

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

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  1. Like you, I have been maintaining but I need to get it off once and for all. Thanks for letting me share the journey with you.

    • I couldn’t imagine us not doing this together. So many don’t have a support system who understands what we’re going through, so if nothing else, us being together gives us us.

  2. Good for you! 90% is just deciding to do it, I think.

    • For me it’s deciding, but then it’s putting a clear, discernable plan of action together and making the time and taking the time to do the things I know I need to do for success.

  3. Thanks for this blog today, for starting the group and inviting people along this journey. Reading your post was like reading the story of my life too! Really excited to be part of the mid year resolution!

    • Yay, Deanne! I am so glad you’re here with us! Much fun will be had by all. OK, maybe not like all of the time, but seeing those numbers change will be a bonus!

  4. I love your blog and recipes, but, I have to ask: Why a goal of 100 lbs since you’re 5’5″? That sounds unhealthy and maybe unrealistic, especially since you likely looked, and sounded like you felt, great at 120# – I am less than 5’2″, small framed, and when I was at 100 I was too skinny (reached that weight because I’m one who loses weight when stressed). I am 23# overweight now due to a chronic illness but hope to reach 112, your recipes will help, muchísimo gracías!

    • Hi there! My goal is to lose 100 pounds, not weigh 100! I look anorexic at anything below 120. I’ll amend for clarity.

      • Hi, Gladys, here.
        Count me in! I originally lost 80 pounds in 2001 and slowly gained it back one pound a month! In June, a new girlfriend announced that she had just paid $850.00 for six weeks of 500 calories a day and daily injections…of who knows what! She lost 15 pounds, total. WE can do that in two weeks of induction! WE do not need to spend $850.00 to make a doctor wealthy! WE can out that money towards good food!

        I will weigh in every Monday at the doctor’s office, for I have not yet found my scale…it is still packed somewhere…and here in Canada, MD visits are free, if I want to go everyday, I can! But Monday is very fine….besides I want to k ow my blood pressure, too!

        Here we go!
        Here we all go!
        To bacon and our success!

        Regards to all!

      • AH! got it… great!

  5. Hey, this is basically what I was telling a friend earlier, just not in such a fabulous way as you have here. My goal is to not worry so much about what the scale says, but to concentrate on making better choices and to move more. I want my clothes to get looser and my body to take on a different shape and hopefully while this is happening, the scale number will drop as well. 🙂

    Let do this!

    • Wew hew! I love your attitude Jillian! The numbers will drop. We just have to do what we know is right and look at this as a long haul activity.

  6. As you know you are not alone in this . I for one will join you on this journey as it is time to get this over and done with. It would be wonderful to start a year just thinking of maintaining
    and not thinking of how I failed myself yet another year. Let’s do this!

    • I love your thoughts on this, Michelle! And every day is a day that goes by anyway; why not spend the next 100 or so of those making a difference.

  7. I learned at an early age, the hardest part of any task is just to start, and put into actions your desires and commitment. I am so committed this time. Your plan is excellent Jamie and I applaud your thoughtful step-by-step course of action. I’m aboard and ready to set sail with you on this exciting new adventure to better health.

    • I tend to jump into things without thinking, and that’s where I get into trouble. On this one I made myself think deeply about this effort for a week. I am feeling a vision and a clarity I haven’t felt or had in years. I look forward to you being on this journey, too! And I love all of the boat metaphor. Talk Like a Pirate Day is in October and I can’t wait.

      • Gisela Rodriguez says


        I’m with you, Jamie, on this most excellent adventure to the far reaches of the primal ocean and the near bacon seas(onings)!

        But avast! Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19!

  8. Kathy Fuller says

    I have been wanting to start for a long time, but especially in the past few months. I have a good deal of weight to lose and now is as good a time as any. I feel like I won’t be doing this alone if I have y’all to help me out. Thanks so much, for this article today. I’m on board and can’t wait to get started.

  9. Marilyn Pritchard says

    Wow!! How inspiring! I have lost about 75 pounds in the last 3 1/2 years but still have about 50 to go. I weigh every day and every day I get freaked out!! Starting Monday, I am only weighing once a week! I so appreciate this challenge! It’s gonna help me out a bunch! Thanks!

    • You have done supremely well, Marilyn. I am so proud of all of your hard work. I will help you keep to only once a week. If I have to do it, so do you. 😀

  10. Bev VerSteegh says

    i think it is a great idea to shake it up and start on a day other than Monday and NOT in January. I will look into TOPS and head back to walking the dogs.

    • Even without TOPS you’ll be a hit. Just check in with us once a week for accountability! I love TOPS, though, because they accept everyone. They might not understand a lower carbohydrate lifestyle, but I don’t eat the way they do, either, so we’re about even.

    • It is said, too, that most successful weight loss attempts happen on days other than Monday,l so I took that to heart (along with the fact that I’m impatient and want to start sooner).

  11. I so need to be here. The scale is going in the wrong direction, and while I may not have 100 to lose, I felt so much better when weighing less. I have been overweight my WHOLE life and just since LCing and yes, a tummy tuck from all that nasty excess skin, have I looked better than ever. And now I am single :o( and children gone, :o) I want to look great in case I can catch someone special’s eye. You never know maybe for once in my life I can find someone to appreciate me, not me being the serving wench and the receiver of abusive behavior. So I have signed up and tomorrow evening is as good as time as ever to begin, thanks for taking the bull by the horns and knowing we won’t be alone in our collective quest!!

    • Any effort is so worth it, whether it’s losing 100 pounds, 10 pounds, or even toning up. You are a catch already, though. Anything else is just icing on the Nancy cake.

  12. shelley Johnson says

    my weightloss story is similar with peaks and valleys; Dr Atkins worked for me before; but I have be unable/unwilling to recommit… But NO MORE! I am onboard; I too have an action plan… Low Carb Moderate Protein High Fat… Journalling using… turning to the fat fast if I feel like I’m plateauing… I have a big weight loss goal, but the biggest one is to get there and stay there! Thanks for the help along the way! You are a joy!

  13. Jamie,

    I love your blog and recipes. We have enjoyed everything we have tried. I am sooo excited about this challenge and so glad that I can be a part of it. You are a true inspiration. Thanks!!!

    • You are a sweetheart for saying that, Laurie!

      It wasn’t easy for me to get to this place. I mentally prepared myself by sitting in a place and thinking to myself, “what are my weaknesses?” and “what are my strengths?” and I made a list of all of the ways I could (through programming and habit-forming activity) become an efficient, healthy, fit person who can tackle all of the things in the world I really want to tackle. Make lists, have talks with yourself, but be reasonable and kind to you in the process. You should be as nice to you as you are to someone else, but you have to use a little tough love with you, too!

  14. Way to go Jamie..I am starting my low carb life style change Sept 3rd!! I haven’t done Atkins in years but always do well with it. Will you be posting your meals daily along with recipes??

    • Hi, Allison! I will do my best to post my menus, but the big problem with a recipe developer like me is that I might end up eating the same meal 5 times in a row. That sais, I’ll definitely do my best to vary things a little bit, too!

  15. I joined the challenge with a modest goal, but after reading this blog, I decided to up it and shoot for the stars, too! I was concerned with not reaching that modest goal, but what if I reach the stars?? I’m giving it all I’ve got! Thanks for the encouragement and a different way of looking at things 🙂

    • Hey, Kelli! I have always believed in safe, but safe is where I’ve been for too many years. Let’s be a little bit crazy and really go for it! Just mentally, shooting for a bigger number has me more excited than shooting for, say, 10-pound increments–although anyone who wants to go for smaller goals and then up those is great doing that, too! Everyone has to do what works for them. For me, shooting for smaller gols didn’t work like shooting for bigger goals. I just feel I have a bigger goal ahead of me to hit, and by golly, I plan to do my best to get there.

  16. I should also add that I’ll essentially be following an Atkins modified OWL and keeping to 20 net carbs or less per day. The only difference between OWL and induction in that regard is the stringency. I will be strict with numbers, but if I want a dollop of Greek Yogurt, damn it, don’t take my sunshine away.

    • Yes, do! That Greek yoghurt has so many wonderful pro-biotics.
      Besides, it tastes great!

      For me I do best when I eat bacon everyday, at breakfast! It gets me losing! And not nibbling!

      Great success to all of us!

  17. I’m in!! You have been an inspiration for a long time. I’m honored to journey with you : )

  18. You know, I’ve done every Atkins there is, plus every diet ever invented. A few years ago on 1972 Atkins, I lost 80+ pounds–and now have gained it all back plus a few. I’ve lost 20 here and 20 there, but I keep going back to my old bad habits. If I had a nickel for every yo-yo in my weight, I’d be retired and living on a beach in Tahiti now….sigh…..BUT there must be something in the stars, because I’ve had very similar feelings/thoughts the last couple of weeks. I’m sick and tired of having to do this weight loss thing OVER and OVER again!! I’m tired of waking up on New Year’s Day wondering why yet another year has gone by, and I’m still fat and tired and miserable. And I, too, have given all my attention to everyone around me instead of myself. Girl, I’m with ya! It’s time to get real and peel off some weight!! I’m IN! 🙂

  19. Know what I’ve learned? I did Atkins 02 in 03-04. Lost 100lbs. Stayed on 20-30 carbs the entire time and never learned how to KEEP IT OFF! I’m using a program now and the biggest part of the program for me will be the maintenance journey. I’m fine with people who don’t want to pay $$ for something they can do themselves but I’ve proved I obviously can’t & I need help so I’m GOING FOR IT! I’ve gone down 2 sizes in 26 days! As you can see, I’m not trying to sell it, I’m just saying there are many paths…

    • There are so many paths, I agree. That’s one of the reasons I work with everyone, from vegans, to people who watch fat and people who eat moderate carbohydrates, to those who have had weight loss surgery, to those who need some diabetic meal ideas. I wouldn’t be much of a help if I advocated the same thing for everyone, because that’s just not at all practical for everyone. I am here for support, and while I have my own way of doing things, I will likely never tell someone they’re doing the wrong thing if it’s the right thing for them.

    • Well, if it were me we were talking about here, with the scenario you have laid out, to me that sort of experience would tell me that I’d have to keep it off by staying at 20-30g of carbs daily. It’s not unrealistic; people in certain areas of the world before the advent of the modern food distribution and trade system would have had to do that in winter if not at any other time. The body gets by on it. I think it’s less of a matter of it working or not working on a physical level, versus what I would be willing to put up with psychologically.

      It’s a very easy answer to “what do I need to do to keep it off”: do the same thing that got me down to that weight in the first place. I truly think the only reason Dr. Atkins instituted phases in his diet was that he knew most people in America or other developed countries wouldn’t be psychologically comfortable staying at 20g-40g daily unless they absolutely had to (the other purpose of the phases–find out where that tolerance level lies). I don’t think the phases are *biologically necessary* in a physical-excluding-psychological sense though.

      But then I’m a little bit of a hacker and experimenter by nature. Not anal enough about it to be a Tim Ferriss (4-Hour Body dude), but I find out interesting things with what experiments I *do* manage. Like, green-shaky-can Parmesan cheese gives me wicked headaches that make me urk. Who knew? Now I do.

      • I love your thoughts on this, Dana! You have an amazing brain, so when you share what you think with me, I always learn something and I love it!

        I think of Atkins as a food intolerance diet that helps weed out foods people aren’t going to be able to stomach, but I do think the dairy should have been more limited in the beginning, since so many have that aversion and attribute issues with their stomachs on induction when it could be the dairy… or the eggs since so many have egg allergies.

        I am starting out at 20 net and will eventually climb the rungs. I have a long way to go, so I’m not in a hurry to climb them. I certainly hope people will follow what works for them and not attempt to follow my lead, since we’re all so very different in terms of experiences, weights, ages, medical differences, sexes, you name it!

        I am not here to be a role model so much as a cheerleader and someone who’s here to make sure as many of us as possible get to feel the triumph of working towards goals we’re setting and finding those happy moments where we can feel really proud of ourselves for doing our best. That and I want to continue to ply everyone with healthy, delicious meals.

        And bacon.

  20. Wonderful idea Jamie,

    You have covered every area. Even weighing in at TOPS is a smart
    I wish you the very best with this and to all who join you.
    One day at a time we can do this.
    Are you going to post your daily menu?
    Are you going ketogenic?

    • Hi, Barbara! I will make the effort to post menus, absolutely. My main motivation is to get everything into Fitday, minimally.

      In terms of diet, I will follow a modified OWL and stick to 20 net per day. I’d follow induction, but I need more leeway for recipe development.

  21. This is a great idea! I love this way of eating but I swear I am the only person who gains more weight eating this way than I do losing it. Its super frustrating. And you’re right, as soon as I see weight gain, specially after sticking to plan perfectly, I blow it by eating a bunch-o-junk. So anyhoo, I am so on this journey with you, so on it, you are going to be sick of me by Dec 30th, haha! My stats today, 5’1, 116 lb, married to an adorable, super skinny, junk food lover and, a homeschooling, domestic goddess of 4 lil goofy monkeys….. Oh yummy holidays please don’t kill me. Lol. Luck wished to us all!!

  22. Lets do this together :))

  23. I am ready.

    There’s more on my blog, but like you I’ve been doing some serious thinking and head preparation over the last few months.

    I have some skin conditions which did not respond as I’d hoped after 8 months wheat free. I have considered being dairy free but it looked too hard. Yesterday I decided to give it a go for 1 week and extend it to a month then possibly forever.

    My not so secret goal is to wear my wedding dress on our 45th anniversary March 30th 2013. I made good progress in the first part of this year but now my goal is beginning to look unrealistic. It’s time to be bold.

    My December 31st goal is to weigh 65 kg/143 pounds and that means weighing 23 kg/50 pounds less than I do now. That’s a big ask at this stage of my game but I’m going to give it a good go.

    Greek yoghurt was my stumbling block but I can live without it for a few days and see how things go.

    I invite your readers to watch my experiment and I hope like mad it works. If it works for me at 73 years old then I have blown away most of the excuses younger folk make.And that’s my ultimate goal. So far this year I’ve lost close to 30 kg/66 pounds.

    Thanks Jamie. This support group has come along at just the right time for me.

    Oh, before I forget. Due to my being a New Zealander and time zones messing things up my weekly weight check in will probably be Monday for you, Tuesday for me. Can’t wait to see how we all do.


  24. I’m joining you! I had already made up my mind to do this and this will help me be accountable and not alone. Always easier to make a life change when you have company. We can do it and keep each other on track. Love your honesty and openness. Mimi

    • Mimi, I appreciate your willingness to come hang out and be a part of this group while we work hard together towards our goals! Yay us!

  25. Good Luck Jamie!! Thank you for your great recipes… They are helping me maintain!!

  26. I’d like to join you in this… I lost 30 lbs on atkins about 3 years ago, got so sexy that I got pg again! (ok, so my dh can’t keep his hand off me anyway, but it sure sounded good, didn’t it. giggle) Had that sweet girl 2 years ago, never got around to losing again… blessedly pg again, and ended up heavier than I ever had been. We were going thru major house remodeling at the time. No kitchen for 7 months… do you have any idea how hard it is to eat healthy with no kitchen and little funds? yeah, not cool. That bundle of joy is 3.5 months old now, and I have my kitchen back. Now, it’s time for me to get healthy. I have to keep it very simple for finance sake, but not eating the bad stuff would help a lot. My total goal is to lose 50 lbs… but I’d be thrilled, THRILLED, to lose 25 by New Years… maybe I’ll have to resurrect my blog to keep track…

    Thanks for starting this, Jamie!

    • Monica, you are a wonderful, energetic, fabulous hot young mom and I know you are going to make this happen! Here is to a Happy New Rear in 2013.

  27. Susan koning says

    I’m so happy I found you here. I joined your fb group for the dec challenge. Looking forward to being a “loser”. 🙂

  28. My husband and I fell off the Atkins band wagon in March and had decided that we were going to get back on it tomorrow (Sunday) Looks like we will be joining you! 🙂 Good luck to us all!

    • Awesome, Misti! I am so excited to have you guys along, too! My husband doesn’t know it yet, but I am going to push him to follow suit. We’ll see if he will.

  29. It must be fate I began following you this year 🙂 Like most people here, I’ve had my ups & downs & struggles with my weight; 2002 I managed to lose 120lbs to get into the perfect wedding dress but then 2 beautiful daughters and 10 fat and happy wedded years later I got back where I started plus some! I too lost focus on myself but have vowed this year at age 33 (my favorite #), since there will be no more babies, there will be no more excuses. This year is about me and since march I’ve lost 56lbs & my goal is another 56 by new years. My goal is not to be skinny, but to be curvy, be healthy, and feel sexy. Personally, I believe will meet our goals; but even if it’s give or take a few pounds, every single pound gone is one goal achieved!

  30. Count me in. I’m loving your recipes. Anything with bacon or cheese makes me happy.

    I need to lose somewhere between 40-70lbs. I’ve never been at an ideal weigh since early childhood. Last year, I was forced to give up gluten but in exchange I started to feel much better. Still had bad days though, and still gained weight. Further lab tests showed an intolerance for corn, rice, potatoes, quinoa and several less well known grains. So, I’m low carb whether I like it or not.

    My nutritionist has assured me that once my metabolism heals, the weight will come off. I just need to stick with avoiding gluten plus the above list, eating whole rather than processed foods, and moderate exercise.

    • Hey, Jill! I’m like you. I found out I have aversions to gluten, to soy, and nightshades, broccoli, and very likely (don’t look if you’re from Wisconsin) dairy. I am having to give up diet sodas again and I know this will be tough.

      The good thing is with all of us together, how can we fail? Worst-case, we lose a few pounds, but we’re feeling terrific for the journey and for committing to something pretty wonderful!

      So here is to us! Congratulations on your hard work to now, and for the work you’re about to put in in the future.

      • I missed the fizz of soda and beer (GF beer is not an option for me) so I found canned and bottled seltzer water. There is plain or unsweetened lemon in the cheaper brand. Now that I don’t crave sugary sweets I actually prefer it.

        • That is a great suggestion, Jill! I will definitely look into that. I am also going to fire up my iced tea maker again. I love iced tea!

  31. I am in. Been low carbing steadily since last November. I was down about 40lbs. But I got 2 kidney stones…everyone was freaking out. Then I went on vacation…gained about 12 back. I realize now the kidney stones were not related to the LC. Quite frankly I never really believed they were, but it was a good excuse to eat carbs again.
    I decided to recommit and the next day saw this post about mid year reolution. This time I am adding myfitnesspal and exercise. I am so happy I will have this group to lean on. Also your pizza crusts and breadsticks have been such a blessing. Thank you so much. Oh and the bacon milkshake yum.

    • First of all, ouch! Kidney stones? I just tightened up a little bit thinking about what you must have been going through.

      I am so so glad you’re here with us! I know we are going to do amazing things together. Make sure to keep me posted so I can cheer you on!

  32. I’m glad I found you today too. I’m a carbaholic. I did Atkins many years ago and it is what works for me although it got old. Two years ago I did my research again and read all the changes and the difference between total carbs and net carbs and it made a huge difference. Then I found websites and blogs and recipes. Thank you to you Jamie and others out there for all the recipes. Variety is what makes it work. Well, along with simplicity. From summer 2010 to fall 2011 I lost 90 lbs. all by myself. It was hard and then I got bored trying to plan meals and things in life got hectic and I maintained at that 90 lbs for 9 months. The beginning of this summer the lbs started to creep back. I keep telling myself I have to get back on the bandwagon. I think your site and just having the support of many others in the same boat as me is going to really help me and make me stay honest to myself. I’m thanking you already because I feel good about this group. 😀 I’ve got a 35 yr. class reunion coming up in November so I’ve got another reason to kick it into gear.

  33. My sister and I follow low carb because we are diabetics. Helps that this appears to be the only way of eating that I can actually lose weight on. Right now I have a monster on my shoulder who keeps telling me one more bite or try that it won’t hurt you. Fortunately I have still maintained while putting some carbs back in my diet. My sister right now has horrid blood sugar numbers, partially due to her breaking her arm at the shoulder and being in pain for the last 3 months. She is back on Atkins but has a tendency to only see black and white instead of gray. Hey, gray is my favorite color! I hope her blood sugars become more controlled and I would like to lose 20 pounds. Of course I will have to buy new clothes again. Oh well! As TIny Tim might have said, “and to all a good slab of bacon!”
    Thanks for the great recipes and the ticket to the ride of our lives…..

    • Kristie, I so empathize with what you guys are dealing with, and I hope your sister feels better! I used to be a total black and white person, and I finally realized it wasn’t getting me anywhere but was, instead, turning me into an obsessive person with no room for error. Ever. Now I know the journey is about health, modeling good behavior and building habits.

      It takes 21 days to make a habit, so every day I say to myself, “Just one more day and I’m closer.” And it really works instead of seeing the big picture and feeling overwhelmed by it all. I’m sending you good vibes!

  34. Fantastic Post Jamie. I’ll join you. Its already Sunday here, and I’m going to start tonight too. I am aiming to lose 23kg or so as well. I’m joining a gym tomorrow afternoon, the house has been cleaned out of rubbish, and my family are unwittingly being dragged along behind me. DD10 could probably lose a good 15kg herself. Dh will just have to put up with getting healthier.

    I really enjoyed your post and will join you in some of your ways of doing things.

    • Please keep me posted on your progress, Kathy! I am really excited about the changes you’re making, too! 21 days makes a habit. Here is to day 1…

  35. i am so excited to start this! i love your site, advice, recipies and attitude! you are so possitive and inspiring! thank you for all that you do to help and inspire me! i cant wait to see how everyone does! i also enjoyed your carefully thought out plan, it gave me some ideas that i hope to use. good luck and great bacon to all!

  36. Cheryl Moore says

    I’m with you too Jamie! I have come to a point in my life where I want to lose weight for myself. I had already decided to start Atkins Monday, but getting nervous about the how’s of it. What do I drink if I can’t have my coffee with coffeemate and sweet n low, no diet coke???how am I going to DO this… I don’t even have a scale in the house. I am looking forward to the process (mostly) and definately the end result.

    I am 54, 5′ 5″ and current weight is *gulp* 335 pounds!!! We haven’t kids at home any more, I have a job/career I totally love, and this year is 36 years with the love of my life.

    Change is good, and is scary too! I made a point to tell people at work that I was starting Atkins to hold myself accountable. Your site is wonderful! It’s great to have other people with the same goal!

    • Yay, Cheryl! No gulping needed. Weight happens. In the McDonalds of the Universe God Super-Sized some of us. It’s time for us to become the side salads (with bacon) again. 😀

  37. Jamie, you are awesome…just awesome.

  38. Wow. I’m late posting but I just found you through your Facebook post and I’m so glad I did.

    I lost 75 pounds 10 years ago when I stopped my binge/diet cycle basically by stopping dieting all together and eating intuitively. I’ve gone up and down 10 pounds through the years but it’s always been a bit of a struggle. Last year I saw the film Fat Head and learning the truth about carbs changed my life. As a result, I immediately adopted a Paleo lifestyle and solved a TON of issues I thought were just part of my life (constant hunger, sugar binging, fatigue issues). Here’s the problem, I am COMPLETELY addicted to sugar and as a result I am having difficult staying the low carb course.

    When I first went Paleo I was amazed at how my sugar cravings went away within a week but since I relapsed (to the tune of a 10 pound gain) I can’t seem to get that “week” back.

    Your blog post and reader comments spoke to me in so many ways that I just HAD to join forces with you guys to conquer this thing. I bought Julia Ross’s book a few weeks ago but have yet to implement it. This seems like the perfect time so I’m late but I’m in. See you Monday morning.

    P.S. Your recipes look amazing. I can’t wait to try them. 🙂

    • Hi, Suzanne. It’s so nice to meet you! Sugar addiction is such a strong force that Ross believes even eating disordered and alcoholics are likely really just sugar addicts who self-medicate. Her book was filled with so many light bulb moments. I look forward to getting to know you more and following your journey, too.

  39. Deb Butler says

    Jamie – Please put me down for 50 lbs!!! I am looking forward to being a part of all this!

    • Hi, Deb! While I am not keeping a tally this time around for readers, I am making mental note of your desires to drop that weight, and I hope you’ll check in here at least weekly to let me know how you’re doing. You are going to be amazing!

  40. So I have a few questions before I get started, I hope this is the place to ask. First, what is everyones plan of action? Induction and if so, what year, 72, 02, or something in between? Second, where does your will power come from? I’m still after all this time in the, “I’ll start tomorrow” phase. Third, I worry I’m going to make my family fat because they are eating carbs plus my lc meals..Butter, bacon and eggo waffles smothered in syrup is not a good mix.. so what do you all have for your kiddos to snack on?

    • Hi, Natalie. Those are all great questions, and this is the perfect place to ask those questions. I will answer for myself and maybe others will chime in, too.

      1. I am following Atkins 02 (read net carbs) modified OWL (meaning 20 net carbs from any rung). This is not a plan from the book. I’m Atkins induction numbers with a wider range of foods, because I still have to develop some recipes. At the same time, I plan to go with slightly simpler foods for some time.

      2. My will power comes from better brain chemistry. Those amino acids and supplements really stave off the cravings. Glutamine, carnitine, and chromium picolinate are amazing at keeping cravings at bay. I can tell a difference almost immediately when I take them and when I don’t. The addition of 5-HTP, for me, is also of immense benefit.

      3. If your family is eating the standard American Diet, make meals with a protein and make your own sides, giving them the higher carb sides. If it’s a casserole, make your own on the side sans noodles. This is where you make some phenomenal meals just for you and enjoy the heck out of them! This is about your health! You will begin to see others in your family changing their eating habits as a result of yours changing, too. As a matter of fact, I’d start with eliminating certain foods out of the household one at a time, whether it is wheat (maybe allow it once or twice a week) or corn syrup. Slow changes keep families happiest.

      4. Here is a waffle recipe I really love: and is perfect for sugar-free syrup, butter and eggs. It’s just one way you can get kids slowly converted to a lower carbohydrate lifestyle. For snacks we keep: Carrots, popcorn, pork rinds, string cheese, olives, pickles, celery, salami, pepperoni sticks, nut crackers, nuts.

  41. Hi Jamie! Gosh, I’ve been thinking about this for the last week! Im so sick of eating bad food. After years of dieting…(I’ve done all the programs…name it, I’ve done it!) I finally lost 40 pounds in the last year. I read the book, Wheat Belly, and the weight just fell off. I felt great not eating wheat! Then summer came and I got “cheap” and stopped taking care of me. I’ve gained some back. I love eating healthy and want the best for my family…and me! We are taking my oldest out tomorrow for alone time for brunch. I love the start in the evening, wake up and been on the program for 12 hours! I’m taking a leap and going for 50 pounds loss. Would love to join your private Facebook page as well. Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Hi, Alisa! You can definitely come visit us there! I have links to the page on the main Your Lighter Side Page and in my links section here. We’d love to have you! I also have a challenge here since so many people don’t uise Facebook, so staying here is an option, too, as I’ll be doing most of my discussion here so that I can keep the group a little less “MY Resolution 101” for the rest of the year!

      Here is to your amazing success! Enjoy brunch!

  42. How ironic to read this today. I was a low carb winner for many years and have put myself on the back burner and am heavier than ever with over 90 lbs to lose. We are moving soon and they have TOPS in that area. YEAH!!!!

    I had planned to Join the 1st day they meet after the move. I knew I didnt want to do their program but I wanted the weekly weigh in. The 1st time they meet after my move is 9/5. I had planned to get 100% serious beginning 9/3. I figure after moving 8/30 ( work on 8/31) that I need the weekend to find my pots and pans, get groceries and prepare. I’ll be a ways behind you but I’ll be following right along! Good luck to us all!

    • Hi, Chelle. TOPS is such an amazing support system. I’m excited that you’re going to get back in, too. I am with you on the eating plan, so I’m so thankful they have loosened up over the years about eating plans. While I know my group doesn’t understand “low carb” they understand “diabetic eating” so I use that a lot, and we seem to not have any problems. Or I say I eat healthy, whole foods and skip the grain and sugar rungs of the food pyramid and they get and understand that, too. It’s hard trying to explain ketogenic eating to people who follow the food pyramid and know nothing but, but I’m not there to change their minds as much as be healthy, and if people ask questions, I’m happy to help! Good luck on your move. You have so much going on!

      • Thanks Jamie! I have never actually been to TOPS before because there wasn’t one close. With us moving there will be now 🙂 I’m excited to try it!

        I can actually use the diabetic eating with full honesty so no worries there. It will also help the crazy blood sugar. I am so happy I read your post today! We are taking a cruise for the 1st time in Feb an I would love to feel a little better in shorts and a swimsuit.

  43. Donna Howard says

    Yea for you, and everyone else who is committed!! I want to join!!! I will look forward to updates, etc and hope to get this 20 lbs off!!

  44. When I turned 45 I had lost a wonderful 60 lbs using the Curves diet (low carb) and have kept most of it off for the last 5 1/2 years. Although I have gained about 20 of the lbs back since May of this year. So I am joining you!!! So far I have lost 6 of them ugly pounds. I live in Germany and want to lose weight so I can look cute in boots by Winter haha. (Ok as cute as a 51 year old can look haha)

    • Germany is such a pretty country with some very cool fashion, so I know you are going to get that excess weight off. And puhlease! some of the cutest ladies I know are in their 50’s! 50 is the new 30.

      • Why thank you….Germany is a beautiful country. (I am an American btw and have only lived here 2 years) I gotta tell you Jaime, that I am having so much fun with your website. I love to cook and seeing your recipies that are so unique and easy to make. I made the cauliflower pizza last night, my husband was skepical..but he LOVED it!!! And tonight I made the summer vegetable alfredo, it was great too!!! Losing weight now has never been so fun! Thank you so very much!!!!

        • I am so glad and I really appreciate your kind words, Linda! I love being able to think of different ways to use ingredients, and it makes me so glad that these recipes are finding a place in your home. I always have some kooky idea floating around in my head! I love being able to make them and share them with others.

          It makes me so happy that you’re having fun. I love fun.

  45. I find my carb addiction monster shuts up when I feed it enough bacon! I also have used FitDay and one one other program but have recently started using MyFitnessPal…it also works on tablets and smart phones and has LOADS of restaurant foods. I am currently on the longest stretch of clean eating in the 8+ years of cutting carbs and I am feeling SOOO much better for it. Good for you, taking care of yourself…kick some carby butt and take name!!

    • “I came here to chew gum and to kick butt. I’m all out of chewing gum.”

      • Zandra (zandi) Morris says

        watch the chewing gum a lot of it has wheat in it.I am going for 25 lbs—im only -4 ft 9 and weight 155-i have been on love carb for 8 months with no luck—maybe with your support I can do itgave up wheat months ago sure didnt drop off of me.i love your receipes so much i dont want to go back to reg eating—ive tried so many things-i go to curves everyday they are open but noone mentioned a curves diet.will look that up in a minute.if you time let us know what you r eating–maybe it will work for me.I tried african mango,acaiberry,and raspberry ketone for over a month -that didnt work either-found some green coffee bean extract with yerba mate,just started it,as u can see iam getting desperate but like i said your recipes keep me from giving up-any suggestions will be appreciated, Thanks Zandi

        • I will definitely do my best to share what I’m eating daily, including recipes I use. I don’t want anyone to necessarily follow my lead, but I am glad to give an idea of what I enjoy personally.

  46. Tracey Lago says

    Jaimie – I’m sure you know this on a basic level, but do you REALLY know what an amazing source of inspiration you are to so many of us? I just have to say that. I read your blog often and added many recipes to my “must try” folder, but I seldom reply – I’m a quiet, but grateful, lurker!

    This posting prompted me to respond, as it comes at a timely point for me, too. About a year and a half ago, I had my ‘ah hah” moment about carb intolerance after reading Gary Taubes.. Slowly, I managed to lose 35 pounds and get to goal, thru a combination of LC, then JUDDD (a type of intermittent fasting). Both of these plans, along with copious amounts of reading and, so importantly, wonderful support from blogs like yours and an amazing on-line forum, have made me more knowledgeable about what works for my body. The challenge for me, now, is keeping it off and getting out of the mindset that I can now “reward” myself with food. Already gained back a bit and I know the battle will never be truly over. Constant vigilance is a fact of life for any “loser.” BUT I know that for me, like you said, I can’t get crazy obsessive over a carb in this or that, or I’d likely just eventually eat everything in sight, regain all the weight, feel terrible, and start the cycle over and over again.

    I also really like your re-labeling of a stall as mini-maintenance periods. That phrase implies WE are still in control, rather than forces beyond our control affecting our progress.

    Lastly, I applaud your sticking with a support forum, such as TOPS. But I have to ask: doesn’t it drive you crazy hearing the same old food pyramid mantra all the time, knowing what you do now? Just eat “healthy” by adding more whole grains, and less fat and calories? Not to mention the war on meat and dietary cholesterol, like “evil” bacon and steak? When I see my friends trying so hard to lose weight by cutting their fat, upping their “healthy” whole grains, and skimping on calories so much that they’re always hungry and miserable, I have to bite my tongue and stay quiet. They all asked, and I told them, how I lost weight, by learning about the effect carbs have on my body and my blood sugar. I always say, “this worked for ME,” and leave it at that. No preaching, just a simple explanation IF THEY ASK. OK, I could go on and on on THIS topic, so I’d better stop now!

    Sorry for the xtra long post, but you’ve inspired me, along with all the positive comments from your other readers. Way to go, Jaimie!

    • Hi, Tracey. I am so thankful you took the time to write to me. I really appreciate it. I am so happy to hear you think I’m inspiring, because I am so often inspired by friends like you. I am just the mirror that shines the light back!

      Food rewards can be so tricky. I am a rewards person, too, to some degree, so I like to think of rewards as eating when hungry and enjoying that cheese in my chili. It might sound silly, but you do learn to find rewards in things you can have that fuel your body and not just because it’s time to partah! And, again, humans always ate at celebrations, so you body is responding to its primal “feast” instinct.

      I am so glad you like “Mini-maintenance periods”. It’s true. It’s all in the way we look at things. If we can’t handle hanging onto weight for short periods of time (even though losses are more exciting), how are we going to hang on for the long term when the excitement of weight loss is no longer there and we’re actually in maintenance?

      TOPS I attend for accountability more than anything, and they do discuss vitamins and nutrients, which is fabulous. When they talk about calories, I’m all right with it, because even Atkins said, “I never said calories don’t count; I said don’t count calories.” I typically bow out of discussions on eating “healthy whole grains” and whatnot, and I don’t attend the functions because the food is typically for low-cal dieters and low-carb dieters. But I really love and value my friends there (as they do me), and I know that we’re all there for the support, accountability and to get to visit! I do know that one time I got into a potentially nasty discussion with one member (who doesn’t seem to be there anymore) about how I felt plating food was one way to eat less. When you have to walk to the kitchen for seconds you to work harder than when you’re at the table scooping buckets onto your plate. She told me I was abusing my children! lol!

      Uh. Yeah. I will say I took a break after that meeting. I’d hit my limit.

  47. If you are stalling on low carb then up the saturated fat and drop the protein. 85% calories from fat instead of 60%. As long as you keep the protein low (prob 50g a day for someone your height, maybe less) you will get in a raging ketosis which will burn your fat and you will lose weight slowly but surely. Jimmy Moore has had success on this for the last 90 days. He is following Volek et al (their latest low carb performance book) and he is measuring blood ketones, but you don’t need to measure blood ketones for it to work if you are eating 85% cals from fat. Ketosis has loads of benefits besides weight loss. 1. It is healing and protein sparing – your body will recycle proteins, heal up bodily problems, and not use so much protein so you won’t need to eat as much. 2. You won’t feel like you need protein after the first few days, so you won’t be craving too much meat after the first couple of days. 3, You won’t crave carbs because you will feel full most of the time and will only want to eat once or twice a day. 4. You don’t eat so much food so it is very cheap. All you need is heavy cream, oil, butter, and coconut oil or animal fats for putting into your normal food to up the fat intake.
    It is alot of fat you need to eat to achieve this, but it is worth it. I’m talking coffees with heavy cream and coconut oil whipped in, curries and soups with fat and cream whipped in, cauli cheese made with heavy cream and butter, eggs and sour cream, sour cream mixed with sugar free syrup as yoghurt, a small 8oz steak with vegetables and a french cream sauce, french cream cheese, sour cream and mayo dip, pate, traditional carb free bologna, salami..
    You won’t believe it that you’ll loose weight on this. I urge you to try it for 3 weeks only and see the results in your clothes, on the scale, on the body fat scale. Try it before you try anything else. Did you know that fasting and starvation effects are therapeutic? Reportedly, most of those therapeutic effects come from limiting protein.
    Atkins works fast for people who can get into ketosis easily. For us with metabolic syndrome our bodies are reluctant to stay in ketosis. We need the ketosis diet that those epileptic children need. Take a look at their diet plans and see what I mean. They know what they are talking about because they need to stay in ketosis to prevent epileptic fits, so they limit protein to achieve maximum ketosis.
    Bacon is great. But streaky bacon is better.

    • Hi, Danni! That is definitely “food for thought” (nyuck nyuck) and sounds a lot like Atkins Fat Fast for the super stallers out there.

      • No! It’s not fat fast because you actually eat to satiety so you are not limiting calories. I would say I am eating 2000-3000 kcals a day most days. A couple of days have probably dipped lower than 1500kcals, but not many. When you are in deep ketosis you some how get more in tune with what your body needs, like you know when and what to eat.
        Also, there is a fear on fat fast that there is not enough protein. Fat fast is therapeutic (as any fast is) but you can’t do it forever or you will starve and lose muscle. Fat fast gets you into ketosis fast. Ketosis is protein sparing, so yes fast fasters lose less muscle than some people think, but I’m not taking about a quick fix for stalling or a quick crash starve and feeling hungry again.
        I’m taking about a way of dieting without feeling hungry which is sustainable and healing.
        It is all about keeping the ketones flowing from your liver. You have to keep them up, like epileptic children do, by eating 85% fat at every meal.
        Every time you eat something, you need some heavy cream or butter or coconut oil with it. Even salami (the brand I buy is German) is only 70% calories from fat on its own. So after you eat a slice or two you need to sip come heavy cream or have a coffee with cream or have a little “keto yoghurt” made with sour cream and sugar free syrup. If you over eat on protein or carb (or if you just under eat fat if you have metabolic syndrome) you don’t produce the ketones.
        Your body needs to process the protein somehow. You’ve heard of “rabbit hunger” where there is no good food around so you have to eat lean protein only (rabbit) and over time you start feeling sickly and ill etc…? Protein isn’t meant as an energy source. It is for strengthening our bodies. If you are in ketosis (because it is protein sparing and recycles old proteins clearing out the junk hence the cancer prevention benefits) you only need say 50g-60g of protein (for someone your height) and you can still lift mild weights and build muscle at that level! On the other hand if you eat more protein than 50-60g a day, where is all that protein going? Maybe you get constipation or digestive problems as your body disposes of some of it. The only way for the body to utilise protein is to break it down into glucose via gluconeogenesis. This means that your cells are still being being fuelled by sugar and not by ketones. Therefore, just like excess carbs will de-rail your ketosis then excess protein will also. Which is why the keto kids need to limit protein aswell as carb, to sustain a heavy flow of ketones, and why, if you want to lose alot of weight atkins style, you need to limit protein too. Ketosis is the main weight loss avenue for atkins. Hence all the talk of fat fast to get you going and ketostix.

        Volek talks alot about being keto adapted. He talks of athletes needing 2 weeks on high fat diet to reach “normal” (i.e. carb fulled) performance. This is why I say try it for 3 weeks. For the first couple of days you’ll feel kind of hungry, like you are empty and you need chicken. It’s not like hungry hungry because you’re eating fat, but it’s kind of a nagging persistent craving that you need chicken… Then after that you will continually feel better, and 3 weeks in you will be feel amazing and only need a small quantity of high-fat food.
        Your digestion and bathroom habit changes. Pale stools mean you aren’t digesting the fat, it’s just passing through. When you get past pale stools on high fat diet you know your body is using those fats for fuel!
        Jimmy is following Volek’s book and measuring blood ketones, but you don’t need to go to that expense. Just use the normal ketone sticks and if you are consistently red-purple (med to high) (whilst staying properly hydrated) then you are doing it correctly.
        Your eating habits change too. You’ll look at the protein on your family dinner table and just take one or two slices of meat instead of the 4 or 5 like normal. Seriously, as a hardcore low carber for many years, I didn’t realise it would be this way. Talk to me 2 years ago and I was a proper carbivore. But now I only need that 8oz steak if I have all the fat there. It is just amazing how your body responds.
        I have tried fat fast before. Yes it drops the scale but it is tough. Not sure which Atkins book I had (2002?) but the fat fast in there was only 200cals 3 or 4 times a day. 600-800 kcals for me (I am 6ft tall) is starvation! It’s not sustainable. Sure when the scale crept up it was a good way to get it back down by a couple of pounds quickly, but then you are just back where you started and hungry to boot.
        I can honestly say that 85% cals from fat and limiting protein is the best thing I have done dietary wise since those few years ago when I first went low carb. People think I am crazy having coffees with heavy cream in church etc, but if I continue my rate of progress I will be right there with you on New Year’s Eve (i.e. minus 100lbs) and Jimmy Moore looks like he is on for your target too!
        For years you have inspired me to cook low carb and be flexible for family (low carb food with high carb sides and keeping everyone happy etc) and that same principle can be used with keto. Cream in the sauce, butter on the vegetables added at the table, 1 or 2 slices of meat instead of 2. Your plate of food looks tiny compared with everyone elses. But it is choc full of high calorie fats so it packs a punch! If only there was room in your belly for a slice of keto cheese cake. Oh yes, most of your excellent recipes I am still using keto style!
        Try it Jamie. Just 3 weeks. See how you feel. What have you got to lose apart from the100lbs?!

        • Danni, thanks for explaining further! You gave a lot of extremely helpful information. I am going to keep this in mind in the event that I stall out, and we’ll see! I have always done well with 65ish% fat, 30ish% protein, 5% carbs and 20 net or less with a modified OWL or induction, so I haven’t upped the fats as yet. That said, I’m sure there are people stalled who would benefit from this information who can implement if they want more fats in their diet, absolutely, and it sounds more realistic than the fat fast in terms of food amounts.

          You are so sweet and generous with your time to explain this. I am also glad you like my recipes. That makes me very happy! Let’s see if anyone else gives this a try and how they do.

          I look forward to hearing more about how you’re doing, too!

          • ***********************************
            Sorry, a typo in my previous comment, I meant to say “talk to me 2 years ago and I was a proper CARNIVORE” LOL
            I was a carbivore a long time ago, but have been low carb for years now.

            Thanks for your comments Jamie! Here on a Sunday afternoon (England, UK), keto lamb kleftiko for dinner already in the oven, what is there better to do than surf and comment on the low carb blogs! LOL
            I am sticking with keto until your deadline of Dec 31st and will come back and update you as to my progress.
            I really do wish you well, but I hope you eventually drop the protein amount a little. For 2000kcals a day 35% protein is like eating 800g of chicken in a day! That is ALOT of meat. I probably could have managed it when I was lower fat, but not now. I fear if you are eating fewer than 2000kcals a day you will be hungry, but maybe if you do eat fewer calories to drop the protein amount it will be OK for you.
            I would be interested to hear how you do with ketostix on 35% protein and also interested to hear how many kcals you are having each day. I think you won’t loose much weight unless ketones are high, but maybe I am wrong so would love to know how you get on!
            I fear my liver is too broken from metabolic syndrome to lose weight by anyone other method than ketosis, so I am staying in the Volek/Jimmy Moore camp for now.
            Keep up the inspiration for us all and best wishes for your goal!

          • After reading what Danni has written, herein, I googled Dr. Volek, who also believes in whey and green tea in the promotion of improved weight loss.

            Jamie, I took the liberty and sent you the links to several short articles Dr. Volek has penned.

            The simple added info may be of great benefit to us all.


          • Thanks so much, Gladys! I will check them out.

          • @Gladys @Jamie I would be interested to see the Volek Green Tea and Whey for weight loss links… Thanks!

    • This is very intrieging info! I read Jimmy’s blog and saw is progress, its amazing! But I will admit I’m a lil confused about how its working so well for him or anyone because the fatty foods he’s loading up on (all of which are my faces and I’d love to be able to eat them in massive amounts lol) are things that do have some carbs in them and in the amounts he’s eating them in it seems like they would add up super fast. Am I wrong about that? But maybe it doesn’t matter if they do as long as your protein amount isn’t too high….? And also those particular fatty foods seem to be the foods that not only cause me to stall but also cause me to gain… I will for sure be looking into this further . Let me know of you come across any things else on this topic… Oh and thanks for your snack advice. I’m so excited cause some of my kiddos have started liking green olives lol wahoo! So much cheaper than black olives. ttys

      • Silly me, that was supposed to say faves not faces lol.

      • Hi, Natalie! If I recall correctly, I have been told that Jimmy is eating 85% of his calories from fats; I eat only 65% of my calories from fats. I also want to get some proteins and verrgies in there, too. Fat, it is satiating, that a little goes a long way, and unlike protein in excess, it doesn’t raise blood sugar.

  48. Hi Jamie, I too, am a member of TOPS and Have been a Kop since Janby eating low carb and Paleo. I feel sorry for the women who week after week complain when their low fat/low cal diet isn’t working. Most of them don’t know I’m low carb and I don’t contribute at all when the discussion is on healthy grains or how bad meat can be. I want to – but I think some people have just got their minds made up. I go to TOPS for accountability, I wish there was a support group that believed in low carb, but that will be a long time coming! I feel that even if you lose just 10 pounds between now and Dec, you’re still lower than when you started. Don’t knock yourself! Losing weight is hard, and even harder with a family who doesn’t need to lose weight. I’m lucky to have my husbands support and now my college sons support in the low carb way of life! Keep up the GREAT site and good luck on your weight loss.

    • Thank you, Pat. I am so proud of you for being a KOPS! I am definitely will celebrate every pound and will be so happy for my successes, regardless. They’re all a step in the right direction. I’m already pleased with no changes over the last couple of years. Now I know I am ready to move in the right direction again.

    • Hi Pat (and everyone else). I feel as though I’ve found that elusive low carb support group here. Due to numerous food sensitivities, I’ve been forced to go very low carb but the weight isn’t coming off yet. I’m assured that it will, given time.
      In the meantime, you might imagine what I’m hearing from ‘friends’ about not eating my ‘healthy whole grains’ etc. No wonder I’m not losing weight, when I’m eating meat, eggs and heaven forbid, FAT.

      I’ve been through all of the traditional diet plans and not lost the weight, except when I starved myself into misery. That’s neither healthy nor sustainable. I’ve been chastized at Weightwatchers for cheating on the plan, when I either didn’t lose, or gained. The failure was always attributed to me, rather than a flawed plan. I do believe that their business model works extremely well. They collect dues from their social members, who enjoy the group support but never keep the weight off. The members believe in the program and keep paying,

      I’m happy to be here, and no longer alone in my quest for a healthy life, and of course, bacon!!

      • Hey, Jill! One of the things I like about TOPS is when you have a week when you gain, the response is, “we’re glad you’re here.” And they are! I love that positivity. People can’t help gains when medications or hormonal reasons kick in (minimally monthly), so when you’re already feeling down, the last thing you need is chastisement. I’m a supporter whether people gain or lose, because fluctuations are a part of life. As long as the trend is in the generally right direction, it’s a part of the journey.

        I am sorry you’ve been accused of cheating on WW. I thought they had some lower glycemic options for lower carbers, but plans tend to change so much these days, it might not either be as low carb as I was thinking, or it’s too high in carbs even still. I’m like you; I go to the meetings and I don’t proselytize, so it is nice to get support in return. We’ll be here for unconditional support.

        • You’re right, Jamie. I do believe that the WW organization, like TOPS believes in unconditional support. However, individual leaders sometimes have their own agendas. Here, it’s good to be surrounded by other members of the minority, who are swimming upstream to the majority.

        • Many moons ago, an endocrinologist, MD, put me on a “balanced” diet…of 1200 calories a day….(he specialized in diets)… I didn’t lose at all and was brutally scolded for not eating the required 1200 calories….I WAS EATING 800 cals. And not losing! They fought with me bitterly,(they fought with me because I was not losing….they were angry I was not eating their 1200 calories!) I fought bitterly back that on 1200 calories I will gain weight!… after a month I refused to go back to the hospital for weigh ins. Sadly, the last week I was there, I caught pneumonia and was ill for months! Some people just do not understand. I believe it is due to so many nutritionists (who may be out of work) if they actually tell the truth that low carb works! So they endlessly promote eating whole grains….fine if they can digest them, clearly we the low carb crowd cannot!

          We will all succeed here, with Jamie’s help!
          And the support of all who wrote here today!

          Thanks Jamie,

  49. Donna Howard says

    Jamie, I needed to hear that today – that fabulous business!! I want to do this, I WILL do this! I have to say that one of my problems is I get in info overload and just don’t do anything! I need help on planning menus so will be looking for that input. I tend to like to eat the same thing all the time, it’s just a good feeling not to have to plan, so I’m going to look for some things that are simple, that I like, and that will be it for awhile – at least until I drop a few pounds and get secure. Thank you so much Jamie, for just being you!!!

    • Donna, thank you so much for your positive words! I am like you, so I’m keeping it simple. I am sticking to 20 net carbs and using my recipes, as well as simply wonderful staples, like scrambled eggs and bacon, chicken salads and other wonderfully easy meals that will keep my fat levels up and my hunger down. I’ll share my menus and links to recipes as I go for sure! I hope they’ll help. I am planning out meals for the week right now.

      Here is to our success!

  50. I’m so excited to climb on board with you for this goal. Thank you for all of your hard work and motivation!!!

  51. Jamie — first, thank you for everything you do! I’ve loved your blog post and recipes for a long time now, but never said anything. I am so totally with you on this diet. I am 5’3″ and weigh almost 200 lbs. I lost almost 50 lbs doing HGC two years ago, but then put most of it back on, mainly due to my sugar and starch cravings. I know if I limit the sugars, breads, starches and carbs I feel better and the weight comes off. Having others in support thru your blog will make a difference, and of course I love all your recipes. Here’s to at least a 50 lb weight loss for me!

    • Hi, Theresa! I am so excited you’re going to work with us, too. Sugar/starch cravings are killers, so I hope you’ll consider glutamine, carnitine and chromium picolinate to help fight those cravings. They’re easy to find supplements, and they work! A lot of folks swear by them, and I can attest that they work, too. Sugar addiction is very real, it affects your brain as drugs do, and the first week of low carb is withdrawals for a reason. The supplements help the brain not want that sugar “fix.” The first week will be tough, but we’ll do this!

  52. Things happen for a reason. I am not sure how I ended up on your post. I was merely surfing along on the web and when I fell off my board I landed here. By non-coincidence I just began another weight loss journey this very morning. I like many have done them all. 2 years ago I did the HCG program and did wonderful. Then, I like you, got the taste of a carb in my mouth. I felt like a food whore in need of therapy. I gained every ounce of the 40+ pounds back, and fast (oh and then some). Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I look forward to sharing with you and all of these other wonderful people who are caught on the same merry go round. We need to all learn to enjoy the ride but know that there is a safe way to take the ride and know how to safely get off. Wheewwwww, here’s til next Monday. See ya lighter.

  53. Hi Jamie! Your post and chalenge is just what I needed to read today. Every evening I tell myself that tomorrow I’m starting on low carb and then I make excuses why not to. Well, I’m now determined to start in the morning. I have found the support and just know I can and will do this! It means so much to know that I’m not in this alone. I believe there is a Tops group in the town next door. I’m looking into that as well. I know that as wonderful as it is to have support on line, accountability , for me, has got to be in my face with other people. Thanks again Jamie and God bless you.

    • Hi, Linda! I am so glad you’re in. I do all right with online support, but where I have to physically go in and weigh really kicks me into high gear in terms of really doing my best. In the end, we have to want this for ourselves, but on those days when that’s not good enough, we have each other for support (or a swift kick to the bum).

  54. Hi Jamie!
    Would like to start this journey along with you and all the others that are committing to this with you. I ‘m not too familiar with all the terms being used here with the dieting. I would like to know more about the supplements and the actual plan that you will be following. I look forward to this and really want to see where this will go.
    Thanks, Marge

  55. I read the Dr. Ross book and can attest to the supplements working, however, I’ve not found cheap sources for some of them and they can get somewhat expensive, depending on how much you take. I’d be interested to see what the total lbs lost will be at NYE. Can you imagine? Making your NY Resolutions, and the #1 item NOT being to lose weight? I lost 70 lbs in 3 mos back in 2003, I’d love to lose 50 by NYE. Is anyone using FatSecret? You can friend me, TheLittleChoices, maybe we can create a group or challenge or something?

  56. Fabulous! I’ve allowed carbs to take control again (those rotten and delicious devils!) and so have gained, when I’ve been able to maintain for 2 years!! 🙁 I have more to lose and have been meaning to, but just haven’t been able to get below a certain weight…that ends this year! Next July is my 15th wedding anniversary and I plan on not only fitting into but looking amazing in a bikini – just like I did on our honeymoon! I have 40lbs to lose. Now time to stop listening to what my body thinks it wants and give it what it needs! Thanks for the extra inspiration and the lovely delicious recipes! 🙂

    • Congratulations on your 15th next year! We will definitely get you there with your hard work. Think of all of the fun you’ll have trying on those close again. Here’s to you on December 31… and July 15, 2013.

  57. I’ll join you! I keep saying I’ll do this and don’t. I feel really uncomfortable and want to change. Thanks for the great post!

    • I’m so glad you’re joining us! I hit the pool already tonight and had some fun. I love being more active. This will give me that encouragement.

  58. This is great! Ten years ago, I lost 80 pounds on Atkins, then gained almost all of it back about 5 years ago. I know what I should be doing, but like you – been focusing on everything else, except ME! I recently had a birthday with a ZERO at the end of the number, so I’m ready to get healthy!

  59. Good luck Jamie! I’ll join you too! I’ve been waiting too long and need to do this! Thanks for the inspiration & I’ll see you tomorrow morning. Or your post and my weight. I’m doing measurements too; how about you?

    • I am totally going to measure, Meg! It is one thing to lose weight and state dress sizes; before pictures and measurements are so important, too.

      • Ooh, measurements are very important to make also! There will be times when, even if there is no weight loss, there will be a difference in your measurements. Must have the before and after pics too:-)

  60. Just stumbled upon your blog tonight. Stopping in to say, “You go, girl!”
    I lost 35 pounds in the past year, well, from Sept. through December. I’ve remained the same since although I have been still eating low-carb. I’d like to lose another 35 pounds, then I will be happy. Glad to find your blog and look forward to all the ideas and enjoying everyone’s successes!

    • Hi, Becky! I am so glad you stumbled and found me. I always feel like the lucky one when I get to meet a new friend. I love that you’ve done this already, so you can give us some advice as we go through the holidays. I know I’m already mentally planning or Halloween.

  61. I would really love to learn a little more about your success in beating your binging habits. I know you mentioned your doctor’s name and the supplements you’ve been taking, but any further insight you’d be willing to share would be SO helpful!

    • Hi, Mari. Thankfully, Dr. Julia Ross wrote the book that helped me: The Diet Cure. I love it and highly highly recommend it. I will definitely write more about how I’m overcoming bingeing with amino acids. You reminded me that I need to make sure I have my supplements ready to go!

  62. I forgot to mention, I hope to lose 20 to 25 pounds

  63. says

    I am so in! I can’t believe I found this on the day I was starting over…..again! Sunday is always the best day for me to get started. This is perfect! I look forward to losing with you. I’ve told myself that whole grain lie again until I’m up 25 pounds from where I had finally lost down to not 6 months ago! Thank you!

    • Dr, Julia Ross, in her book, The Diet Cure, said something that resonated with me: If you sneeze when you mow the lawn, you probably shouldn’t be eating grass either.



  64. Count me in! I have lost with Atkins in the past and other than starving myself, it is the only thing that has ever worked for me. I got caught up in the raw vegan thing for a while (quite a while) and because of that, have had a hard time getting my head back around the LC thing. Not saying anything one way or another about raw vegan but *I* did not feel good on it and I DID NOT lose weight (which my friend tells me is impossible….can I get an eye roll?) All that to say that this is exactly what I need to take the plunge. I adore your site and all of your wonderful recipes. My overall goal is to lose 76# but my goal for New Years is 50#. Lets do this thing 🙂

    • I am excited you’re in! We all have to try different things to see what works for us! For some it is veganism. I tried juicing for about 10 days and it was rough, but I lost weight. I really feel best with fats, though.

  65. Kathy Fuller says

    Hey Jamie…is this where we check in?? I wasn’t sure if there was gonna be a different spot for the check in or if this will continue to be a long thread. I AM PUMPED!!! Weighed in on Saturday (just because I already had done it) at 254.0 pounds. Weighed in this a.m. at 250.5. I cut way back over the weekend, especially with regard to pop, which is my biggest obstacle because I LOVE it. I can’t help it, I just love it. LOL I would like to ask any of you who believe in prayer to keep me in your prayers as I go thru this journey along with y’all, and I’ll keep y’all in my prayers, as well. At my heaviest, I was 333.5 pounds back in 2004. The smallest I’ve been in my adult life, after having my son almost 35 years ago, is 211 pounds. I WILL shoot for the moon, even if I hit the street light!!! 🙂 Good luck and may God bless us ALL!!!!

    • Hi, Kathy! For everyone following along on the site, I’m having check in here. It keeps things easy, since not everyone has Facebooger, and on Facebook,,threads move so fast, everyone gets buried.

      You will be wonderful. I am keeping you in my thoughts. Congratulations on your 4 pound loss already!

      • Kathy Fuller says

        Thanks, Jamie!! 🙂 And to everyone out there….GOOD MORNIN’!!!! 🙂

        • Good morning! How are you feeling? I am feeling amazing! I can already tell lipolysis is right around the corner. I’m headed to TOPS today for my first formal weigh in.

      • @Jamie

        Have you considered putting in a forum or something similar? Might help with the threading…

        • I do have a forum for this blog, but it’s mostly as a backup to the Facebook group. I’m not sure I want the responsibility of a forum. I have seen too many go bad, and I’m not sure I want the stress, the derision and the drama that tends to come with them. On the other hand, a place for journals would be so nice.

  66. Thanks Jamie! I just discovered Julia Ross too and it made a world of difference when I was consistent for a few weeks this summer. Thanks for the plan. You could have been writing about me. I’m in. 50 pounds by New Years.

    Oh, and the tracker that I’ve been using and love is FatSecret. It’s free, and I use the android app.

    • I have heard some good things about FS! I am so thankful to Ross for her groundbreaking work, and for my friend Misty introducing me to her work 2 years ago! Since then, I have made so many great strides. Here’s to your 50 pounds gone, and to better health, happiness, and a great New Rear.

  67. Dear Jamie,
    Thank you for sharing your plan I have now penciled in your dates to share your journey. I too have been on the backburner for so many years and had a similar weight journey like you successes then failues. Finally I had a major fire in my hom of 40 years it put my whole life on the table. 2 1/2 year I have been in temporary housing and dealing with the challenges of Ins. Companies not honoring large claims, lawyers, better bus bureau, etc.
    I was unable to keep a job to deal with this and it consumed me. Having been trying to lose weight before fire I was able to hold onto a healthy regime for a few months into it 60 down was so nice from my 335 burden I imposed on myself. With all the stress the 60 came back
    and in addition I had a mini stroke and Bells Palsy. Through the grace of god my half paralyzed face came back but now I see clearly how I put everything before me. I truly don’t know how to put me first. There is something in me which really has a hard time doing this yet I give so much time and energy to others and situations to the point of exhaustion.
    I have penciled in your dates and have made them mine…I too want to lose 100 lbs by that time. My house is still being rebuilt which is a daily source of stress. Yet I know now that if I do not get me healthy and realize I need to be a priority each day for everything in my life to go right relationshipwise and otherwise I am never going to be as happy as I could be or have the peace and serenity I desire. Thank you for your unselfish ways and asking for others to join since we need each other. Talking to most of the people around us who have not been there is like speaking another language. So here is to our Journey a step to a happier rest of my life and yours and being the best we can be.
    Today weight in 315….May God and the Angels along with all of you especially you Jamie who inspired me to put what was in my head outside to our group effort, which is very hard for me to do.

    • Yvonne! Wow. You have been through so much! Weight loss won’t cure stress (and you’ve had bucketfuls) but health will help weather the stresses a little bit better and with a little more clarity. I will be sending good thoughts your way as we all work through these months together! You can totally do this.

  68. Correction on last blog name is Yvonne

  69. For this week, it’s just getting my mind straight, which means cutting out sugar and grains. I’m going to read through my Atkins books (I have them all!) and decide which one fits right now. I love the idea of doing 20 net carbs/day, because it’s a bit less restrictive. But just turning my back on the processed carbs for a week will be a big adjustment for me. It’s been a serious carb-fest for last year or so. Ugh.

    • I love your process, and it works, too! I am leaving the carb fest with my butt glued to the wagon. I am baking my bacon and have Fitday at the ready for logging my foods. We are going to do this and be even more terrific than we already are.

  70. Hi Jamie, I love this post. Thank you for letting people join you on this journey. I’m all in! I love all of your recipes and will continue to use them. Stress from going back to school, my binge eating, single mom, 15 y/o boy and sometimes I think just checking out have contributed to me gaining back lost weight. If you can give any other helpful hints along the way, it would be greatly appreciated as you are 🙂

    • I would be happy to help! In addition to recipes, I’ll also be writing about how I’m doing. I’ll post those under the tab Mid-Year Resolution up top! Here is being even more fabulous!

  71. You wrote this entry for me. In June I accepted a new job, and I have fallen off the wagon. Today I woke up and my size 14 dress that took me 16 months to get into is tight. Starting right now I’m getting back on track. I know I’ll feel better, and I know I have to do it for me because that’s the best reason to do anything. Thank you, Jamie. Thank you for verbally kicking me in the rear! Thank you thank you thank you!

    • Hi, Kate! I am happy if I have been able to help. It’s nice knowing so many of us are in the same boat–and moving towards health, too!

  72. Dear Zandra,
    I am Yvonne and a fellow sufferer of no weight loss even when I diet person.
    I have found that wen I logged even though I was eating healthy good foods and often abstaining from high carb eating I discovered I was eating too much of good stuff.

    I am 5’3″ and shrinking and all my life had a metabolism that was slow since I exercised for an hour a day just to take off 5-10. Now that I am over a century old and injuries don’t allow me to do that its a whole new challenge. The logging helps me realize that everything I put in my mouth matters. I realize counting calories and measuring portions is a real pain in the, you know what but I found now when I get into any healthy weight loss program I need to keep mindful of potions and sometimes calories and the health composition of the food I am eating. Just thought I would pass this on to you if it is of any help

    The logging of everything I put into my mouth has helped me get out of what I do best at times DENIAL….Dont Even Know I Am Lying. If your interested I would be glad to share by logging technique that helps me and what helped me lose 60 lbs although have been out of my home for 2 1/2 yrs because of a large fire and stress and hospital visits I have emotionally allowed myself to put it back on……which leads me to be working on all ways to talk my head out of sabataging all my good efforts to be healthy.

    I have taken jumped on board with Jamie and want to see so much less of me by Dec 31.
    I know we can do it if we all support each other since there are so many negative messages out there fighting us and people who can’t relate even if they want to. Good luck on your journey my email is if you ever need me.

  73. Count me in!! I lost 67lbs at the beginning of last year and felt and looked great, still had a lot to lose but was on the right track. Then we lost my grandmother and it was very hard on me and I started eating my emotions again. Needless to say, but I have gained all that back and a few more. I have been doing low carb for about six weeks now and I keep blowing it on the weekends. I am a scale whore and I know that doesn’t help. I have read your blog for about a year now and you are very inspiring. I am setting my goal weight lose at 100lbs, as well, at my current weight 366, this is not out of the realm of possibility.

    I lost the weight last year eating 1200 calories a day, but had a lot of carbs and I have figured out that high carbs cause my ankles to swell.

    So, hopefully we can both be successful this time!!


    • I am so glad you are in, Anna! Yeah! Carbs definitely cause some inflammation, especially when you have an aversion to those foods. It’s your body’s response to self-protection. Congratulations on 6 weeks already down (and to cleaner weekends)!

      • I just read you post linked about about the supplements, do you find that they really help? I have tried so many things like that (I didn’t notice any change), that I am leery of spending the extra money.

        • I am the world’s buiggest skeptic. Believe me, when something works (or doesn’t) the world knows about it. For me, those aminos seriously worked and they worked hard. I find that, minimally, the 5-HTP and the chromium, glutamine, CLA, fish oil, B-6, D3, C, and carnitine work wonders for me personally.

  74. Hi PC – Really relate to your stress issue so happy we are all going on this journey together
    my friend who has a son just a little bit older just had her first time waiting till 4:00 am in the morning without hearing from her son with a curfew of 12:00 walk in so drunk he had a blackout and could not remember anything . I like you too have the stress issues I was thinking about reading Wayne Dyer’s Book “Excuses Begone”. His books are simplistic and contain all that we know but he writes in a way to remind us to not let those become bigger than what we need to do for ourselves to keep alive, healthy and happy.
    Success on our journey

  75. I’m in! It would be great to start the new year with just maintaining in mind. Jamie I so much appreciate how open and honest you are with your posts. I’m sure I speak for more than myself that it helps all of us that are struggling with weight to not feel alone in the journey.

    • Beulah, I am so thankful you guys are there to listen and to respond. It’s about all of us, so I am always grateful to get comments, because then we can talk and connect!

  76. Yes, Go for it all! I like your goals and they absolutely can be achievable by the end of this year, healthily achievable:-) I love your plan and your site! I read this early in the am today and decided it is far past time for me to stop stalling and embark on the ‘adventure’ of treating my body right! My son has been urging me to go Primal Blueprint for the last year. He has done so well on it. He lost 85 pounds in the last year and is feeling so good. Now it is my turn. I have weighed myself in today at 250 lbs, 45% bodyfat, 5’6″ at the age of 60. I have felt like crap for the last decade because I have not been eating, exercising or just enjoying life properly.

    I too am going for the 100 lbs weight loss goal (going for the health of it all). I will do the daily journal, biweekly measurements, weekly weigh-in, and check in weekly to see how we all are doing. I will also get moving, even if it is slowly:-) The time is right…My first several weeks will be adjusting to not eating breads or pastas. Going to finally make some OOPS rolls;-) Also avoiding processed foods, and sugars. I hope to keep my carbs down to between 25 and 50 grams a day. Going for the good fats, proteins, and good veggies, low on the fruits. It seems so easy to write, but dang I shore do like my chips, be they corn or taters, and no bread! Eeks, my down fall. We all will do this!

    • I love your plan of attack, Linda! Primal eating is pretty wonderful and about what I’m doing, too, in theory. I look forward to following your journey. Your son will be so excited he might schmootz. A little. Here is to 100 pounds to kick to the curb.

    • Oops, miscalculated my body fat, instead of 45%, it is 59%:-( Unhealthy. Ready to start this!

  77. 10 more to go… white stuff….low carb…..eating from the perimeter of the store…..thanks for helping me renew my personal challenge

  78. I’m in. Have crept up15 pounds since February. Goal is to lose 30 by December 31 with an interim goal of 25 by sister’s wedding November 18.

  79. Count me in with you guys, too!. I have gained so much weight due to the fact that I have to take steroids and am sick of it! It might come off slower, but it has to go!

    I love your blog and your recipes are amazing. Thanks for all your hard work. Best of luck to everybody!

    Deb G

    • Kathy Fuller says

      Hey Deb…I’m in KY, too!! WE CAN DO THIS!!! 🙂 And, I feel for ya with the steroids. I have to be on them from time to time…usually at least a couple times a year. I just got off a round of them over the weekend.

  80. I’ve been a long-time fan of your blog & recipes, but never posted anything before. This post came at just the right time for me too. Been really struggling to get back on track for a long time. I have about 70-80lbs to lose, and I’m determined to take them off and keep them off for good this time. Good luck to everyone here! Lets get our sexy back!

  81. Sign me up! I have been following your posts and reading your blog for a while now,but have never posted. I am an almost 40 year old mother of 14 year old twins. 4 years ago, I was 240 lbs. and really unhealthy. I was diagnosed with diabetes and forced to change my ways. I lost 105 lbs eating low carb, started exercising and felt better than I ever have in my life. Then 2 years ago, I had some significant changes and losses in my life, which started me on the path of gaining again. Now, I am back up 45 lbs and feel miserable. I have been trying to get back on track for a while. And then I saw this! I am READY! Bacon and all!!! My goal is to lose 45 lbs by Dec. 31st!

    • Wow. Twins! You are amazing. AND for losing 105 pounds. And extra points for mentioning bacon. Here is to your success and shedding those last 45! We will totally do this!

  82. I have 100 to lose Jamie! Is it too late for me to join you?

    • Not at all, Amy! I’d love for you to join us!

    • I’m still gaining and frustrated. First I went gluten free then Paleo. Now I learn that I’m actually intolerant of my ‘cheats’ such as potatoes, rice and corn. I’m feeling a lot better without them, and even better because the lab work said casein was ok. Previously I ought that was on the no-no list.
      So, I’m eating a very low carb diet but the pounds keep sneaking in. My doc assures me that as the damage to my metabolism and my gut heals, the weight will come off.
      Working on adrenal rehabilitation, so the half marathon training is on indefinite hold. It was hard to give up but I’m finding some new hobbies instead.

      • It’s so hard when you’re still trying to suss out what’s happening. I am proud of you for researching and finding solutions–and, most of all, for knowing what your body likes, wants, needs (and doesn’t)! You are a wise person to listen!

  83. I’ll be joining you on this journey starting next Monday. I have over 100 lbs to lose and it will be nice to have some company eating the same foods and facing the same issues as I am.

  84. I’m in, similar journey. I just “feel” better when I don’t eats the white stuff. Cheers to all of us. Also, where do you get your supplements? Do you take them individually or are they sold all in one supplement?

  85. Thanks, Jamie! Do you weigh and measure everything you eat?

    • Hi, Deb! I measure more than weigh, but I’ve been obsessive weights and measurements of foods for years. Even Weight Watchers and TOPS wants you to weigh and measure food, so it’s not a stretch to give it a shot.

      The benefit is this: Once you get used to eyeballing the amounts from measuring and weighing, you can back off and know about what you have on your plate from experience. It’s amazing how much (or little) of something there is when you weigh it, particularly.

      So, I do measure more than weigh my foods, but when I need a refresher, I grab the scale and see what it weighs, too.

  86. I am relatively new to this way of eating (Atkins) but have been learning a lot this past month or so. I would LOVE to join you. It’s just what I need. I look forward to following along with your journey and creating a journey of my own. I’m excited!

  87. Hey can I join you ? I’m in Belgium, 40yo, mother of 8 yo twins, 5’9, 185lbs and would like to lose 25 (I’m broad souldered and muscular, played rugby and swimmed a lot in my youth). Your website is great, keep at it !

  88. I sit here typing this with tears in my eyes. I have just been saying that I was going to recommit to low carb eating. But other than reading for finding recipes on the internet, I was so alone in what I was doing. I would love to join in for the support that we all need. Years and years ago, like over 30 years, I went to TOPS and really enjoyed it I have even looked up the nearest meeting and think I will go again. I need that weekly weigh-in.

    While doing a 30 day challenge for no sugar at the first of the year, I read the book, Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, so I added no wheat to the challenge. Then I rediscovered The Atkins Diet. So in February, I started the LC lifestyle. I lost about 30 lbs and was very pleased with the changes in my body since I seemed to lose more inches than pounds. With a vacation at the lake, I started to slip and a month later I am still going back and forth, not able to get back

    So I am ready to recommit! I usually just look over your recipes to see what I want to try but tonight I was lead to read more and I found your Mid-Year Resolution. WOW, just what I needed! (I know there was divine intervention there) I will start Monday keeping a food journal and the TOPS meeting is on Tuesday. I will go and face the scale because I know that I have gained (I can feel it in my clothes). THANK YOU for sharing your recommitment!!!!!!!! I will be there with you all the way!

    • Linda, I am so glad you’re going to join me in this journey! Yay! We will so do this! Let me know how it’s going by checking in. I especially want to know how TOPS goes!

      • It’s good to wake up to an in-box that contains supportive comments about the LC lifestyle. I’ve been forced into it by many food intolerances (basically all carbs) although my reading supports LC as a healthy choice for life in general as well as weight loss.

        My compliance is excellent, because I get reminded by my body if I eat the things it doesn’t like. I no longer feel the need to graze or binge since meals that contain fat are filling and sustaining.

        So, life should be perfect, right? All except for the fact that the scale is creeping upwards. I’m up about 20 lbs since going gluten free, about 15 months ago. Another five will take me to my highest weigh ever. This is sooooo frustrating. I’ve reached the limits of my fat clothes, which are starting to pinch now. I really don’t want to buy bigger clothes but for the sake of comfort I may have to. The doc assures me that once things heal, the weight will come off.

        My other gripe is figuring what to eat when you come home late and tired. DH used to cook dinner now and again but has opted out since I can’t have fries any more. His entire kitchen repertoire was based on French fries. A couple of nights, I’ve had a piece of cheese for dinner.

        Enjoying all the support here, and the lack of wagging fingers. Everywhere else sends you to the diet ‘foods’ aisle to get your pretend nutrition where all the fat is replaced by sugar. Then you go out to do your chronic cardio.

        • I feel you, Jill! No finger wagging here. Just a lot of support and copious amounts of butt glue to keep us all on the wagon train to success!

          For easy foods on busy days, I love casseroles and crock pot cooking and recommend either. They make phenomenal leftovers, too!

  89. Jamie – I just found your site, and can’t wait to try some of these recipes. I’ve been doing Atkins for 2 months, have only lost 5 lbs….last few weeks have been slowly slipping….a few crackers here, a few handfuls (maybe 20!!!) of frosted flakes…..getting hungry, and the scale is up. 🙁 I also have abused sugar and wheat for years, is this why low carb isn’t working as well as I hoped? I know that this is the only way of eating for me, I truly can’t have a little sugar and be ok, and I felt so good being in control, being able to say no to cake. Anyway, I am also a mother of 4, ages 20, 18, 13 and 7. I have a wonderful, supportive husband who tries to help, but he has an issue with sugar too, he’s just not willing to change it. I would like to lose 15-20 lbs and keep it off!!!! Looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you.

    • Hi, Terri! With so little to lose, you will lose more slowly, and that’s good. It allows the lifestyle to really cement in. You sound like you’re about my age, and we hottie patotties at our age tend to lose ever so slightly more slowly. But seriously? You rock hard for knowing you feel better with this way of eating. Be diligent and strong and you will lose this weight once and for all! Also, I love Dr. Julia Ross’ book The Diet Cure for dealing with food allergies (known and unknown) and for helping mend that damaged blood/brain barrier due to years of grass-based foods.

  90. I stalked you here from Atkineers I think 😛 I have done Atkins a few times, & usually to decent success, but I keep falling off the wagon, and staying off for longer periods each time. I feel 100% better when eating lowcarb, so why can’t I stick to it? A couple months ago I was diagnosed as prediabetic, so it is time to get back on track. Kid goes back to school on Sept 4th, so that is day 1 for me. I need to get through the weekend & plan. I have approx 150lbs to lose but hey, I would be happy with 20 at this point! So I hope to be around often, I also joined your FB group, and get inspiration and great recipes. Thanks for the motivation! 🙂

    • Yeah, Kim! It’s so good to have you! You can do it! 150 pounds comes off the same way it went on: one pound at a time.

      Here is to being even more lady luscious.

  91. Hi — starting today – again! From Feb 2011 to July 2011, I lost 40 lbs doing kinda low carb. I’ve been maintaining since and would like to drop another 20. That would make me 140 and know I would feel so much better. I have some heart issues so really need to get down. Looking forward to following you on your journey — looks like you have quite a following – I do follow you on fb, which is how I found the mid-year blog.

  92. Kathy Fuller says

    OK Jamie…check in day for the beginning of the second week. I lost a total of EIGHT pounds!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO pumped!!! Can ya tell????!!!!! 🙂 Here’s to a great loss for everyone who checks in today!!! Continued luck and encouragement to us all!!

    • Weigh to go, Kathy! That is tremendous! I am so proud of your hard work paying off already!

    • Donna HOward says

      Wow Kathy, congrats on the awesome weight loss. I’m afraid I haven’t done as well for my first week, but hopefully now that I have figured a few things outnext week will be better!! Way to go!!

      • Kathy Fuller says

        Thanks, Donna!! Giving up Coke and restricting my carbs really worked wonders. I’m sure the weight loss will probably slow way down, but I’m thrilled with anything. 🙂

        • Donna Howard says

          Oh Kathy, I’m so proud of you! I know how hard it is. Now what’s up with the coke?? Was it regular coke or diet coke? Cause isn’t diet coke okay (or is that another one of my hidden carb things!!) Anyway thanks for posting this, it encourages me. Good luck this week

          • Kathy Fuller says

            Oh Donna…it was the REAL Coke. I was so addicted to it. I absolutely think it’s THE best thing to drink in the whole wide world!! LOL Good luck to you, too!! WE ALL CAN DO THIS!!!

  93. Kathy Fuller says

    It’s Monday again and time for our check-in. I gained 1.5 pounds. I don’t know what happened. I’m a little bummed because I didn’t cheat and didn’t knowingly eat anything I shouldn’t have. I reckon it’s just one of those things. I’m still in the game and hope to be able to start walking this week.

    • That’s OK, Kathy! I haven’t lost quite as much this time around myself. In the past, I’d drop 21 pounds in 2 weeks. This time around, it might be half that when all is said and done.

      • Kathy Fuller says

        Thanks, Jamie. I know there are always flucuations in the weight loss and I’m hoping once my schedule allows and I’m able to start walking it’ll be OK. Still lovin’ ALL the recipes I’m trying!! Gonna try the Mexican Meatloaf today!! 🙂

        • What an awesome post! You are truly an inspiration. I just love this blog. I’d like to add I also appreciate that we can just post with our email address, unlike some other blogs where you have to be a Facebook (not for me) or google member, etc. Thanks for keeping it simple!

          • Hi, Sheryl. Thank you so much for your positive words. I love simple. Life is too complicated–that, and your time is valuable, too. I try to respect that.

  94. Hi Yvonne, I will look into that book, but since I started this new journery on September 4, I’ve lost 5 lbs, walking is helping with the stress, but apparently Mom losing it (crying) had made a big difference, I think he realized that I am human too. I took the batteries out of my scale and I am determined to weigh only on Sundays, so here’s to Sunday and hopefully TOM will not be visiting 🙂


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