Minute Microwave Cheesecake

Margaret asked me if there was some way to make a quick cheesecake. “I’d love to see a cheesecake ‘in a minute,’” she told me. “Just a single serving size.”

I love a cooking challenge so, with her mandate, I set out to create a simple dessert that:

1. Is made in the microwave in literally about a minute, chilled for 60  minutes and then served up.
2. Is Atkins Induction friendly and filling.
3. Contains less than 5 net carbohydrates.
4. Can be tweaked easily for user-friendliness based on dietary needs.

The spoon in my mouth proves I achieved the desired results.

You might wonder why I added the egg to the recipe. The egg both bulks up the mixture adds protein-rich, low glycemic bulk to the dish, meaning there’s no need for more cream cheese. Eggs also cook quickly, so the dish is finished in less than 2 minutes. Finally, the egg makes this slightly more of a meal, so it’s quite filling.

On busy work-week days, it’s important to have something that you can grab and take to the office. This way, you can spend more time living and less time in the kitchen. These little protein-packed desserts really make life that much more deliciously simple.

Some things to consider before you start microwaving:

  • You can substitute high-fat cream cheese and sour cream for a lower-fat product. Just be sure to check those nutritional values; reduced-fat products typically contain added sugar.
  • You can use egg white in place of the entire egg if you need to further cut the fat.
  • If you have no sour cream, you can use greek yogurt, as long as you are aware that yogurt is not induction friendly.
  • I made my cheesecake in a small, one-cup casserole dish.
  • If the eggs scramble and separate slightly, don’t panic. They should integrate into the dish.
  • I added fresh, whipped heavy white cream, fresh blueberries, and nut meal as finishing touches (here, only the fresh-whipped cream is induction friendly).
  • This recipe is Induction Friendly, ovo-lacto vegetarian friendly, sugar-free, gluten-free, and only 2.5 net carbs per ample, cup serving.

The ingredients coming together in the bowl before microwaving.

Minute Microwave Cheesecake

2 ounces cream cheese, softened
2 Tbsp sour cream
1 egg
½ tsp lemon juice
¼ tsp vanilla
2-4 Tbsp sugar replacement sub (taste as you go)

Mix all ingredients thoroughly in a microwave-safe bowl. Cook on high heat for 90 seconds, stirring every 30 seconds incorporating all ingredients. Refrigerate until serving.

Optional: Top with fresh fruit, whipped cream and nut meal.

Makes one, one-cup serving.

Nutritional Information per serving: Calories: 299, Carbohydrates: 2.5 g, Fiber: 0 g, Net Carbohydrates: 2.5 g, Protein: 11 g, Fat: 27.6 g.


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  1. You really are a low carb genius, you know…
    Oh, and I totally love you.

  2. You have made my day with this! I love cheesecake but it takes time to make and hogs the whole fridge. I am already thinking of ways to flavor this….mmmmm…cheesecake for breakfast…

    • I like how filling it is. It really hits the spot and is super fast to make.

    • The only thing is that’s is not quick. You say 2 mins in the microwave but then 60 mins cooling. That sounds like an hour and 2 minute process so it’s definitely not quick and fast but it does look good for just a single serving

    • Instead of lemon juice I intend to use chocolate syrup to flavour it

    • I added 2 tbsp canned pumpkin puree and 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice. Topped with a little whipped cream and a dash of pumpkin pie spice (to make it pretty). Was SO good.

  3. OK I know have my dessert for tomorrow night, thank you. I may make it more often this weekend as it just looks so bloody good!

  4. I have got to try this on my husband and see if he would eat this instead of peach cobbler

  5. Genious! Love love love you!

    • I love you, too, but try it before you say it’s genius. It might be slightly more egg than some are wanting. I liken it to a cheesecake custard.

  6. I know this may sound crazy to some, but I don’t have a microwave. Any idea how long I could bake this to get a good result? Would love to make a few small cheesecakes for deserts. I love cheesecake! Thanks!

    • Hi, Alexis. I don’t think that sounds crazy at all. How about 325 degrees for 10-15 minutes, stirring half-way though to incorporate everything? It might take slightly longer, but that’s how long it takes for an egg to bake.

      • My family does a cheese pie that sounds similar other than not being low carb & the sour cream is part of topping. We bake them at 350 F for 15 min plus 10 min after sour cream topping is added. My sister does them as tarts–her timing is 10 min + 7 min. They do have to be refrigerated to set fully (but freeze well). Hope this helps Alexis figure out the temp and time. Also, you should not have to stir it part way thru.

  7. Hello Jamie, I’m a newbie LCer and just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all the amazing recipes on your site! This cheesecake will be my dessert tonight…

    • Thank you for being so sweet, Anna! I am so glad I can help. It makes me feel like I’m doing something of importance. I hope you like the cheesecake!

      • hi im also new and feel exactly like Anna does I found this site when I truly needed it most. any tips or recipes for a picky eater? yes sadly I am one of those. I would love some help with this if you could:-)

  8. Want some!!!!!!!!!

  9. Oh YUM! Thanks Jamie, this recipe rocks almost as much as you do! 😀

  10. I have been looking for easy way to make myself cheesecake, been doing wheat belly and I could kiss you right now!!! This recipe looks devine and I will be making this weekend. Can’t wait!!!! You are the BEST!!!!!

    • Hi, Devon! I hope you like the recipe. It’s got a larger egg:cream cheese ratio, so think of it as a cream cheese custard. I’m going to make another one today.

  11. Yvonne M. says

    This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for for a quick breakfast. I take things like this to school to eat when I get there. They’ll be SO jealous, knowing I’m eating “dessert” for breakfast AND losing weight! LOL

    • Ha ha! So true! I know I had it for breakfast yesterday. It was as filling as eating eggs, but with the added benefit of feeling like I was enjoying something sweet.

  12. Gladiolia says

    No, better than that….Jamie deserves an Olympic gold medal for low carb cooking!

    And I wanted to make a diet jello based cheesecake today. I have been on induction now for just over four weeks….and I deserve an ultra low carb treat….THIS IS IT!

    Thanks you from all our dieting hearts!


    • I am so glad you’re excited to try it! I appreciate the gold medal nomination. I wonder if that means I should skip cleaning the kitchen, just for today…

      • Gladiolia says

        Of course….no kitchen cleaning for a GOLD medal winner!

        I can’t wait for Kroger to have a 10/$10.00
        Sale on cream cheese,

        In Canada, KRAFT Philadelphia cream cheese is $4.59 per package….that is way too expensive! So I will stock up next time I cross into the U.S.A.

        But I can’t wait to try this! It sounds wonderful… The ONLY problem I see….is…..how do we wait for it to become coldly the fridge after the microwave?


  13. Jennifer Scarborough says

    I will be starting phase 3 of my HCG diet in a week and a half. This looks amazing, Jamie! No one else in my household likes cheesecake(sometimes I wonder if we are really related, lol) so this is a great idea. I will be trying this. I can’t wait.

  14. danielle dassero says

    woohoo. i love single serving foods as I live alone. I can make this, and let it chill at work till i want. you rock Jamie

  15. Sarah Neyman says

    Shut the front door! The microwave brownies plastered all over Pinterest are so dangerous for me– this looks like a fabulous alternative! I can’t wait to try it! Also, more exclamation points!!!!

  16. Yayyy!!!! You read my mind! Looks delicious! Def. trying this out! What do you mean by “nut meal”? You mean like almond meal?

  17. After I read this I went in the kitchen and made it. Pretty darned good, I must say! I ate it after I did a step workout. Nice reward, eh? I used sugar free whipped topping, but totally forgot about nut meal. That would have been nice too, I’ll bet. Thanks for the quick treat!

  18. Will this work with just egg whites so as not to taste so eggy?

  19. All I can say is WOW and thank you. I am collecting recipes (LC of course) that are single servings. Not only portion control, but going to be alone this fall. Big hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nancy, I will try to come up with some more easy dishes, in that case. I know it’s sometimes hard to deal with big dishes when you only need a little…

  20. Awesome recipe, looks amazing! You think this would work with blended cottage cheese? I have to use it up! :X

  21. Thanks! I’m going to try it tonight.

  22. lol make 3-4 at a time so you always have one in the fridge. yummmmmmmmm is right I GOTTA try this one!

  23. Diane in Wisconsin says

    This is perfect. If I made a large cheesecake I’d be tempted to eat a large cheesecake.
    Automatic portion control. Thank you so much

    • I love portion control. Is it a little bit calorie heavy? Sure. But that’s what makes it so filling. I didn’t plow through it; it took me time to eat the whole thing. It’s a lot of filling, tasty food.

  24. Hey, I am not sure how I discovered your site (LCF prolly) but I LOVE it! It made me excited about lc-ing again, (I kinda suck at lc-ing lol, kind of a love hate thing goin on). Anyhoo, I was craving something like always do so I decided to make this.. but I only had mascarpone cheese and lime, figured they should work just as good.. oh and I used TRUVIA (wasnt sure how much though lol) long story short.. end result was sweet runny scrambled eggs 🙁 boo. I have no clue what went wrong.. I didn’t let it cool all the way but I don’t think it would have lost its scramble just from cooling… I will give it another shot with the proper ingredients when I get them. I was so bummed. Lol

    • It really can be slightly eggy, which is why it should have that chance to really cool down. The flavors definitely change. When warm, it’s not as wonderful as it is cooled. It shouldn’t taste overly like eggs; it should be more like a custard. I am sorry yours didn’t come out as you’d hoped, but I appreciate you letting me know what you tried!

      • I will for sure try it again and let it have time to cool. I’ll let ya know how it works out. Thanks… I have an off the sub question… have you ever made kool aid jello? SF of course. If so what sweetener did you us?

        • I have never made kool-aid jello, but I have made herb tea jello. It was pretty interesting! I used stevia, but if I did it again, I’d use a different sweetener.

        • crazywoman/Billie says

          Natalie, I’ve made the kool-aid jello before, but it’s been a while. (I won’t buy jello, as I won’t do sugar, and won’t do aspartame, and the SF ones have aspartame. Only way I will make jello is to make it with kool-aid or some type of flavoring. Just don’t make jello often!)
          Originally I only used liquid “splenda”. But now I personally would use a blend of sweeteners. Just use your favorite sweetener. (I can’t remember how much sweetener is in the recipe right now. If you need to know that, I’ll see if I can find my recipe, and get back to you. Just let me know.)

    • Mine too 🙁 making these for brother and Dad who are hiking rim to rim at the Grand Canyon and are going low carb. I made them and they look (and taste) like scrambled eggs………….They haven’t cooled yet…

      • Sometimes they go am little scrambled egg, but that’s partially the savory aspect of it. Keep stirring and cooking, and hopefully they won’t become like scrambled eggs. They can definitely do that, though… And it sucks when they do sometimes.

        • Well mine did come out a little like scrambled egg texture BUT i then ate it hot for breakfast. It was really good hot.

    • Natalie, mine turned out runny on the inside and scrambled on the outside the first time I made it. The second time, it turned out amazing and thick and smooth!
      My secret? After each 30 seconds in the microwave I “mixed” it with a hand- blender. Genius! And this recipe is tops for me!
      TY Jamie!

  25. Linda Cameron says

    This looks fab! Only thing -4 TBS of sweetener? You are allowed 3 tsp a day on Induction. Since I’m not on induction, I’m definitely going to try it!

  26. I’ve done something similar in the past, cream cheese, an egg and a bit of divinci sugar free syrup. Yum!

  27. Do you think egg substitute would be ok to use?

    • I would say you could definitely give it a shot. In a case like this, make only a smaller portion of a batch and see what you think.

  28. You are a genius! I just made this and it’s chilling in the fridge as we speak. A taste of the spoon tells me that PMS will totally be survivable this month!

    • Let me know what you think! I am going to make another one this morning…

      • I ate it and it was amazing! So much more substantial than regular cheesecake but just as good. This recipe is a definite keeper and one that I’m sure I’ll make often. Thanks so much for sharing your genius with all of us!

  29. I made it last night and my hubby and I both thought it was VERY yummy. It wasn’t what at all although I was a bit generous with the cream cheese since you had said that. I very much have issues with portion control with the sweet stuff so I appreciate easy one serving recipes such as this. Keep up the good work!

  30. I made mine with 3 tsp of Torani syrup (caramel flavor) instead of the vanilla and sweetener. The flavor is yummy after it’s cooled completely – I think it will be great to make the night before when you know your morning is going to be chaotic. My texture was slightly coarse though? What do you think – mix more while cooking? Or skip the mixing?

  31. You are amazing!!! I can’t wait to try this treat. I love cheesecake and now I can have it whenever I want it. Thank you.

    • It is a bit more like a custard. I have about 75% of readers loving it and 25% saying it’s too ggy. Be sure to let cool completely, and if you hate the taste of eggs, add the maximum amount of sweetener or more cream cheese (or less egg).

  32. I put pumpkin pie spice into mine and parts of it tasted lovely, parts were weird, did I need to cook it longer? not mix it enough, the weird parts were kind of grain-y…curdled?

  33. This was a hit with family! We added a strawberry and sugar-free whipped topping…awesome! Thanks…making more today!

  34. I shall try it on your second recipe.

    You are brilliant!

  35. crazywoman/Billie says

    I just made this, and tho it has to cool before I can really know how much I like it, I can say that from licking the fork, I I think I’m gonna give it a big thumbs up!
    I don’t put lemon in my cheesecakes, so I used all vanilla.
    Question: Should I have stirred after the last 30 seconds (after 90)? I didn’t. I stirred after 30, and then another 30, then took it out to cool.
    I’ll probably forgo the nut meal, as I’ve gotten to quite liking my cheesecake without a crust. Might sprinkle a little on, but I doubt it. Whatever my mood is when I decide to eat it later. (Wish it were cool now, but I know it will be better cool!)
    Thanks Jamie!

    • Hey, Billie! I’d say to stir it again if it looks like it needs it. In the end, it has to taste righteous, so even if it’s not gorgeous, that doesn’t matter. I say go for what tastes excellent.

      • crazywoman/Billie says

        This time I didn’t stir the 3rd time. I guess for looks it might could have used it, bu,,,,, I’m not so concerned about looks!! hehe It is cooling in the fridge.
        Later I’ll devour it!!

        Maybe next one I’ll stir again if it looks like it needs it.Thanks again!

        • Thanks for the heads up! I am going to try that, too. I made one version that was so horrific that it turned blue and then spoke to me.

          • crazywoman/Billie says

            Well, I waited as long as I could. :>) Just had mine with a little bit of cherry Glucomannan gel/glaze & whipped cream. It was quite good, but I think I got just a tad bit too much sweetener in mine. I just guesstimated a mixture of sweeteners. Also my sour cream is about to go over the edge. It was a little tarter than I would have liked. (NOT the recipe’s fault tho!)
            Next time I think, I will stir a little more between each 30 second interval, and after the last cook, which I think I’ll try 15 seconds instead of 30. I think mine was cooked just a tad too long. All microwaves are different. most of my ingredients were room temperature (very warm). Might or might not have made a difference. (Yours might have been too. ??)
            I will definitely make again!

  36. I will have to try this tomorrow since it is only me eating Cheesecake I never make them since I am sick of it by the time I eat it all. Thanks for all your recipes Jamie.

  37. Just made this and it is awesome. Could barely wait for it to cool but I tasted it off of the spoon. Also I used 2 tbls. Torani and 2 tbsp splenda for sweetener.

  38. Morning! Do you think it would ruin the recipe if I added a scoop of protein powder ? I have a cookie flavoured one I was hoping to slip into my fiancés cheesecake to make it more to his liking!

  39. Whipped one up yesterday and ate a piece of heaven! I just made a triple batch using 3 eggs and adding a tbs of powdered cocoa. Can’t wait to try a chocolate custard cheesecake!
    Jamie, you are the bomb!

  40. Absolutely delish. I’m not overboard on cheesecake but this was very, very tasty.

  41. SO good! I doubled the batch last night and poured them into 1 cup dishes. Worked perfectly!

    • I did this too! And silly me, I forgot the sour cream…. and it STILL came out great. And filling. And satisfying. In fact, eating one right now at work – you can grab and go with this little baby anywhere! Woohoo!

      I happen to have a bottle of lemon SF DaVinci (they don’t make this flavor any longer) that I’ve hardly used. This is the perfect use for it!

  42. You’re a genius. Certifiable.

  43. Hi Jamie,
    loving your site and your genius 🙂 I’m fairly new to LC and based in the UK which doesn’t seem to have as huge a following as much as you guys. Tried this pud at the weekend and my mixture really went like scrambled eggs when I stirred and cooked to the allotted time 🙁 It was nice tasting, but couldn’t overcome the egg sensation..and I love scrambled eggs and I love dessert! Together though was a bit of brain ache for me. Does it always go like this or was it just me? Thanks for helping us – keep up the good work Jamie 🙂

    • Hi, Sally! The dessert is custardy, so you are going to notice the eggs to some degree. Super-tasters might not appreciate the savory aspects of the dish.

      • It was more the fact that when I finished cooking this dish in the microwave it turned into scrambled eggs….is that right? Just want to check that I didn’t do anything obscure. Thanks

        • Sally, the dish might curdle a little bit. I wonder if the mixture should be stirred more often? I only stirred every 30 seconds, but maybe the different microwaves mean different processes.

          • I’m wondering if i needed to stir it less! I loved the taste (and the whole ensemble), but the texture was that of scrambled eggs. I’m confused. can you post a picture of your custard mix once its finished its cooking time? Thanks jamie

          • Sally, let me make it again and I’ll take more pictures. The only reason I took less was because my kitchen is so dark.I usually have to run outside to snap pictures. How lame is that. I suppose I could bump the ISO…

          • 🙂 Any excuse to make it again…..

          • Shush. Now it’s like you really know me. 😀

    • Mine wasn’t scrambled-egg-like but I did add extra cream cheese (about an extra ounce) and my T of sour cream were heaping, so perhaps that’s why mine was fairly smooth – more like custard as Jamie said. Maybe try adding a bit more CC?

  44. that’s an aweful lot of sweetener (even if a substitue) – why so much? Not suppoed to be teaspoons is it?

  45. I used 2T SF Vanilla Davinci syrup and 2 packets of splenda. Suites my tastebuds! Though I did make it a touch more complicated and used my Kitchenaid stand mixer with the wire whisk – just had to get it well mixed and a touch airy in hopes the flavors would mesh. It does curdle up in the microwave, I would certainly liken it to cheese cake flavored custard. If that even makes sense? It’s tasting pretty good!! Thanks again!

  46. Just tried this today for breakfast. Was very good! I added a bit more cream cheese, and used one Truvia packet. Can’t wait til I am out of induction and can add berries to it!

  47. Forget Jello No Bake! This is awesome! I have had this the past 2 days for breakfast. I tried this morning a crusty type bottom using 2 TBSP flaxmeal, butter, and Stevia packet. I’m supposed to watch the Stevia on induction so I couldn’t sweeten it as much as I would have liked but this cheesecake recipe is really good and I will be making it a lot.

  48. I still love this stuff. I made it again tonight and although it is yummy on it’s own I was trying to come up with something to sprinkle on top since I don’t have course almond meal. In other words I was trying to stay busy so I would actually leave it alone in the fridge. Lol I had a left over pizzelle cookie and I took out my frustrations and crushed it with a rolling pin and added a tsp of truvia and 1/4 tsp lemon extract and shook it all up in a baggie. PERFECT!

  49. Fantastic recipe! I substituted one TBS of sugar free Jello for one of the TBS of sweetener. End results, Strawberry and Cherry cheesecakes!

  50. I made these the day you came out with this recipe. All I can say is they are THE best fastest dessert in low carb! I loved it and my husband loved them too. They are so filling, that to me they would make a good breakfast meal.

    Also, I think a savory cheesecake would be good! I found a recipe for a savory cheesecake I’ve been wanting to try, now I can make it using this recipe for nice dip using your crackers. You go Jamie!!!

    • Wow, Diana. I am so glad you liked these! It makes me so happy! I will see what I can o to come up with some other easy, fun recipes like this.

  51. Oh dear I have just licked the spoon & am waiting patiently for my first cheesecake to set- so delish already! I can’t wait to experiment with some flavours when I try it next time, absolutely love peanut butter flavour would 1 Tbsp be enough/too much to add? Your recipes are an absolute saviour to a new LC’er, how could anyone feel deprived on such wonderful food?!

    • Hi, Mel! I would think you could add a Tbsp of PB, sure. I think you’d want to, in that case, maybe cut back the slightest bit on the sweetener–of course that depends on how sweet your PB is…

  52. Hubby made it with Just Like Sugar-Brown. It was really yummy, tasted kind of like Carmel.

  53. My microwave cheesecake is chilling in the fridge as I type this, but did you really have to burst my bubble? Canned whipped cream isn’t induction friendly?!?! 🙁 what will I ever do now?

    • Check the labels and see how many carbs are in the cream. If it contains sugar, you could be looking at a few more carbs than expected. That said, if there’s nothing else you can do with it, keep to the smallest, tiniest amount ever and schmear it around on top for the greatest impact.

  54. This might be a strange question but would this work in a mug/coffee cup?? All I have is a coffee cup and a small Corelle bowl (that’s microwave safe) would either of these work for this??

    • That’s not a weird question at all! In fact, as long as the cup/bowl are microwaveable and you’re careful not to burn yourself, I’d say go for it and just be careful. I mostly worry about you grabbing a hot handle or side of a bowl.

      • Yeah I was thinking that too, but this recipe is too daring I have to make it haha I can just use a dishcloth or even oven mit. Thanks so much!!

  55. I have a dumb question…I bought a 8 oz tub of cream cheese…is there a spoon or cup amount so I know how much is 2 ounces???

    • Not a dumb question at all! 2 ounces is roughly 4 Tbsp. The entire 8 ounce tub should contain approximately 16 Tbsp.

      • Thank you so much!! You are absolutely amazing!!!!

      • crazywoman/Billie says

        A little late here, but as Jamie pointed out, it would also be about 1/4 the tub (in this case), or bar of cream cheese.

        I made this again a couple of days ago. This time I added abt 1 TBSp protein pwd. I stirred it at 15 second intervals. I don’t think I need quite the full 90 seconds in my micro, but I lost track of time, and am not sure but what I cooked it the full time. (Was gonna try for 45.) I also stirred it at the end of cooking before letting it cool. I also cut back a little on the sweeteners from what I used last time. It was good, and cheesecake like, but I do think I need to cut back on the time.
        Thanks again Jamie!

  56. If the consistency is coming out too “cottage-cheesy” for you I fixed that by using a hand blender. I bought the pyrex 1 cup containers and make 4 at a time. The consistency is custardy…yummy!

  57. Made this twice already… Delicious !!!

  58. I’m hunkering down and waiting for Isaac. I’m so glad I have my cream cheese and sour cream on hand for the next couple of days. Thanks Jamie!!

  59. StacyHeartsLC says

    I tried this yesterday and it’s absolutely amazing!! I used about 3.5T cream cheese, but followed the recipe exactly other than that. I was apprehensive based on previous comments about it tasting “eggy” but with the extra cream cheese it was PERFECT- just like real cheesecake (only slightly thinner.) After microwaving, I poured mine into a square bowl with an almond flour, butter, erythritol/stevia crust, let it setup for a few hours overnight, and it was incredible. The only problem is I want it everyday now! Thanks so much for this recipe!

  60. Just made this and it is chilling in the fridge! Can’t wait!

  61. WOW, you are officially the QUEEN of Awesomemess. In fact, I see where you are so very freakin awesome that I see where other low carb Gurus are posting their own (but very similar) recipes. You are quite the inspiration. :0)

  62. FutureSkinnyGirl says

    I am so excited to have found this site. I am about to snuggle into bed and make a grocery list for a few recipies to try

    • Hi there! I am so glad you found me! I look forward to seeing what you try and how it turns out for you. Food really is something I have so much fun indulging in, and it’s guilt-free because I’m losing weight at the same time. Welcome welcome!

  63. I am vegan but have recently started counting my carbs and am doing 20 net carbs right now. I was wondering if I could use flax or egg replacer for the egg and still get the same “custard” result. (You said this is a lot like custard?)

    • It really is a lot like custard. I say go for it and see what happens! You could always go for half of a batch just in case… I am a firm believer in testing small batches when you’re not sure. It’s nice to meet you, Tiffany! Please keep me posted on your progress.

    • How did this turn out Tiffany? I am allergic to eggs but wanted to try.

      • It tasted really good and it was more of a custard than a cheesecake though, but I like custard better so that was a plus for me. I used 1T ground flax and 1/4 water. I also used vegan alternatives instead of the dairy but it was only 1 carb more and it tasted good.

  64. Kathy Fuller says

    Oh Jamie….once again, you have a winner in my book!!! LOL I LOVE it!!! It’s so yummy!!! AND, I didn’t even wait on it to get cold before I tasted a little of it. I put the rest in the fridge and will eat it when it gets cold. But, if I can’t wait, I like it really, really well warm!!! 🙂 Thanks, Jamie!!

  65. Since this is a bit calorific for me I am doubling the recipe but using only 1 egg, and pouring into 3 dishes.. that should get the calories to about 200 per serving and more then enough cheesecake for me.. yum

  66. you are my hero

    this recipe is my daily breakfast

    i made it everyday for a month now and i took it with me in work

    i added avocado and i didn’t get bored from it

  67. I love this recipe I’ve been using it a lot. 🙂 I made a peanut butter version tonight.

  68. You’re a wizard. I’m really going to have to try the microwave cheesecake this weekend! I have strawberries…but I’m also intrigued by the peanut butter idea. Ooooh.

  69. Hey Jamie, I’m planning to make this tonight and I have a dumb question… should I wait until it’s cold before putting it in the fridge, or does it go while still warm? Thanks!

  70. Omg! I have been in the induction phase for two weeks and i needed something sweet this hit the spot!! Thanks!!

  71. Finally got around to trying this, wonderful! Thank you!!

  72. Just made this and it definitely exceeded my expectations! it was delicious! Thank you.

  73. Megan Knakiewicz says

    mine was cottage cheesy textured =( waiting on it to set though

  74. Michelle Calahan says

    I made this dessert for my fiance and myself this evening and it was awesome! He LOVED it! He was spouting out different fruits to add as I was putting it together! Jaime, I would like to thank you for everything you do! I am very thankful for you and your blog. This weight-loss thing is very tuff but I know with the help of you and this blog it can be done. I look forward to trying many more of your recipes. Thanks again for everything!

  75. Atkins permanently changed my taste buds me thinks! I put in 2 teaspoons of sweetener and it already feels too sweet!

  76. Can’t wait to try this! I have such a sweet tooth and find that if I make a whole low carb cheesecake…then I end up eating a WHOLE low carb cheesecake…kind of defeats the purpose you know…lol

    • Hi! I LOVE CHEESECAKE! I do. It’s my one huge love in the dessert world. I hope you love this one. It’s a little more savory/custardy, but it leaves room for interpretation and changes you may want to make through add-ins, like berries!

  77. It is amazing and delicious. And I love the portion control! Yummmmmmmy!

  78. Just discovered this website and love, love, love it! I just tried the microwave cheesecake and had great success. I quadrupled the recipe, beating the eggs in one bowl and mixing the cream cheese/sour cream mixture in another. I heated the cream cheese mixture in the microwave for 30 seconds and then dropped a heaping tablespoon full into the beaten eggs and stirred. I continued to stir in a tablespoon full until all the mixture was combined. I then put the mixture back in the microwave, heating and stirring about four times. I then transferred the mixture to 4 small bowls and refrigerated. I had no scrambled eggs in my dish. So, so good.

  79. Charlotte Taggart says

    I am wondering if this recipe can be doubled or trippled to around the normal size of a cheesecake? I may try it and see. I will let ya know!

  80. JAMIE! You MUST try this with cocoa!!!
    I’m in chocolate heeeaven (sing-song) 😛

  81. What the…? Cheesecake in a mug? Where have you been all my life?

  82. Could it be done with only the yolk and no whites? I made meringue and have tons of leftover yolks…Thanks for all your fabulous recipes!!!

    • I don’t see why not. I think it would be more custardy.

      • I’m new to this site…this is my first try at one of your recipes. Here is what I did: I used an 8 oz. brick of cream cheese to make 4 servings; following your directions and ingredients exactly. I mixed everything together in my kitchenaid mixer, adding the eggs last. I cooked one ramekin in the microwave per your instructions. The other three I cooked in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes in a water bath. They all basically tasted the same – delish! The one cooked in the mv came out sort of fluffy and like a custard. The other three had a wonderful cheesecake consistency, looked beautiful and honestly…I would call them “company worthy”. Many thanks for a great recipe – I’ll make it again for sure and use the water batch. It’s really not that much trouble.

  83. This is absolutely the BEST recipe I have had since starting LC, thank you!!! Can’t wait to try other recipes 🙂

  84. Wow!!! I have to say that I don’t care for cheesecake, but this recipe is awesome!!! Very good!! I only used 2T of Splenda as I like everything sweet, but this was just the right amount for that tart, sweet flavor to balance out the lemon juice!!
    Thank you so much!!

  85. Thank You! I’m searching recipes for my son who is diabetic and lactose intolerant. This is such an easy one he can do any time! He’s starting learning to bake and this recipes really helps me to teach him.

  86. Spongebobtanu says

    This recipe did not really work out well for me. The taste and especially the texture were very unpleasant.

  87. Now-or-Never says

    Sorry I’m so late to the party! This recipe is over 8 months old. Anyway, I love this recipe. I actually quadrupled it and baked it in an 8 in spring-form pan at 325 F for an hour. I then quartered it and froze the other 3 pieces. I discovered I didn’t much care for the taste and texture (scrambled eggy?) cold so I put 1/2 tsp of coconut oil in a non-stick skillet and heated my cheesecake slice until it was brown and “caramelized” on both sides. Had kind of a warm french toast/creme brulee vibe to it. It was great. Again, thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

    • Holy hell, that sounds delicious! The recipe is that old now? Freaking freak! It seems like it was more recent. I appreciate you sharing what you thought and how you changed the recipe up. I, quite frankly, am in love with your brains.

  88. I made enough for 4 people in one bowl. Had to do a few extra 30 second sessions with stirring in between. Had dinner at a friends and I brought this for dessert and they LOVED it!

    I just want to say thanks for so many awesome recipes. I plan to make the frozen yogurt tomorrow. The blog posts add so much…with ideas and what has or hasn’t worked.
    And I have to say, I love the easy uncomplicated recipes….and SO tasty too! I hope you make a cookbook some day. I will definitely buy one. (for now, I am using my ipad in the kitchen…as my “cookbook” dog eared on YOURLIGHTERDSIDE.COM!

    (though I should mention that some links are broken under the cheesecake desserts…such as the mudpie cheesecake)

  89. I was looking for a good sugar-free cheese cake for my granddaughter’s birthday cake. This turned out to be “it”! I love the one serving things, as I tend to eat ALL of the leftovers that I do not need. I made one for myself first to see how it was. I agree with those that say it is a little “eggy”. I solved that by doubling everything except the egg and made 2 containers at a time. Perfect, except next time I will add a little more sweetner as it is so hard to judge with the different kinds. I will definitely make this often. I topped it with sugar-free strawberry topping. I love your recipes! Thank you!

  90. I just stumbled on this recipe after your egg post. This is phenomenal! I used 2.5 tbsp cream cheese because of the “eggy” comments and used an immersion blender which really helped. I only cooked it 60 secs as it seemed done then. Could you change your print pdf option to only include the recipe? I printed this off and it was 4 pages long with photos, etc. which I don’t really need in my recipe file although I love to read it all online 🙂

    • Your Lighter Side says

      Hey there! I am looking into some other options for recipes, because I, too, print out my own work, and would like to do less work. (You can click portions of the page to make them disappear)…

  91. Hi there!
    Thanks for this wonderful recipe.
    I tried it out today but it didn’t turn out so well. I realized that my cheesecake is unevenly cooked. The outering of the cheesecake is overcooked while the inner ring is kinda undercooked.
    How can I resolve this?


    • Your Lighter Side says

      Hi, Dave! If that’s happening, you might need to stir it part way through cooking to achieve cooked results throughout.

  92. I tried making cheesecake in a mug in the microwave a few months ago, the eggs kind of scrambled. Making cheesecake cupcakes the ratio is 8 oz cream cheese, one egg and 1/2 cup sugar so I think I would make a double batch of this with one egg to see if it helps … who wouldn’t want a backup anyway? 😉

    • See my reply on April 21st. I doubled everything except the egg and it was very good! Wasn’t eggy at all. 🙂

  93. Courtney B says

    Quick Question: what should the consistency of the mixture be after microwaving and stirring?…I think I may have done something wrong

  94. This is delicious! I make a few at a time and have them for breakfast with whipped cream on top. The sweetener is far too much though. I use only 1 flat tablespoon of Splenda in each one. dd some grated lemon zest as well. Really yummy in my tummy.

  95. I think I did something wrong.. its really sour when i make it ._.?

    • Your Lighter Side says

      It shouldn’t be sour, for sure. Maybe your lemon juice is a little too too. Or you can also add less sour cream as well.

  96. These are now my low carb savior! A batch of four (one package of cream cheese) fills a 12 count muffin pan perfectly, so I baked that for about 20 minutes at 350. Now I have 12 on hand!! Soooo good! Great for a snack or sweet treat without guilt!

  97. Jamie, Thank you so much for proving that a low carb cheesecake can be done. I’ve been at this about as long as you have and have quite a collection of low-carb recipes but I hadn’t tried a cheesecake because my regular fat & sugar laden, high fat cheesecake is almost famous and I didn’t want to mess with it! Based on the original comments that this was a bit ‘eggy’, I simply doubled the cream cheese and sour cream and left the other ingredients as is (using 2T of splenda). I baked in 3 small, 1 cup ramekins at 350 for about 15 minutes and they were amazing; almost a clone of regular cheesecake. I topped with a carb-free raspberry spread. YUMMY!! Thanks again for this new favorite!

  98. Hello! I just tried mine after making it and leaving it in the fridge for 2.5 hours, and it looks like scrambled egg in a bowl. It has an eggy texture and I can taste the egginess, but I can also taste the cream cheese and sour cream. I put it in for 90 seconds in the microwave, but I think my microwave was too strong and cooked the eggs a little too much. You should say how the texture of the finished product is supposed to be like! Can’t wait to make it better tomorrow morning 🙂

  99. i just made triple batch, it almost didnt make it fo the fridge, sooooo good

  100. This will be the thing that puts me in one of the electric carts at Walmart.

  101. Just came across this site, can’t wait to try it out!! I’m more gluten free than low cal, but your recipes look so adaptable that they would work for anyone! Thank you so much!!

  102. This is really easy, I just have an oven with grill, so this receipt is really good for me. I’m also following lowcarb. I will try your receipt. Thanks a lot

  103. I’ve hated every sugar-free dessert recipe I’ve tried until I found your site. I only made one serving of this because I feared another disaster. Result….fighting over who would get the last spoonful! Didn’t taste one bit like it had an artificial sweetener. It was fantastic! Thank you!

  104. Thank you so much for submitting the INDIVIDUAL cream cheese cake! this way I don’t have to cook a BIG one. I have made 2 WHOLE cheese cakes at the beginning of my adkins diet which are also WONDERFUL..for those who would like the recipe it is simple: 3 eggs beaten, 3 packs of cream cheese softened, 1/2-1 cup splenda (or your choice of sweetner, stevia is more natural but does tend to make things a little bitter), 1 tsp of vanilla, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1/2 cup sour cream. Mix EVERYTHING together, and spray a pie pan/ or oven friendly dish w/ non stick spray, preheat oven to 350* and bake. est time at 30-50 minutes, depending on oven. it will look brown and nicely cracked appearance..cool on counter for about 30 minutes and pop in fridge till the next day. It’s just about the closest thing to NEW YORK cheese cake as you can get. I also take 1 cup frozen berries (your choice) and 1 cup water and splenda and bring to hard boil for 10 minutes, remove from heat and cool, put in jar for toppings over this recipe and low carb pancakes,,,so satisfying. Just started the adkins diet 3 weeks ago and it’s been slow but I have lost 10lbs! gonna stay on induction til I get to desired weight but what a blessing to know YOU CAN EAT ON THIS DIET and be satisfied! HUGS TO ALL!

    • oh yeh, one more thing,,,can’t believe it with all the eggs and stuff on this diet, but my blood pressure has gone down! was 145/85 on average. I took it this morning and it was 124/71 …you have to wonder with all that the DOCS say about cholesterol and fats, etc huh? My health hasn’t been this good in a long time.

  105. Okay…this should win a Nobel Peace Prize. Seriously. This one recipe could bring World Peace.

  106. I don’t own nor use a microwave!!!

  107. Is it possible for you to provide a specific temperature?
    Thinking of doing it in an oven! 🙂

  108. I can’t even express how delighted I am to find this site. As an overweight celiac (who knew), who now can’t have grains, you are a blessing in disguise for me. I would totally marry you if my hubs would let me.

  109. This looks wonderful and my cream cheese is sitting out to “soften” as I write this, but I input this info into My Fitness Pal and I am definitely getting way higher nutritional info. Especially calories. I went with egg white and light sour cream to get the calories back down but just checking, maybe you have your stats wrong – or are you using light and/or fat free?

  110. I just baked this in the oven…took longer than 15 minutes, but oh so worth it! Alexis, I don’t have a microwave either…I love cheesecake, so I had to try it!

  111. purna dixit says

    hey what is the substitue of egg in it. if i dont have to add egg, what else can i use ?

  112. Diana Ard says

    Yep, I made these yesterday. I made 4. I cooked them exactly as the recipe requested, I also let everything cool for over 8 hours and I too, have sweetened Scrambled Eggs. I will still eat them, but this is not cheesecake. 🙁 I might try cooking them in the oven next time or I might just eliminate the eggs and just do a no cook Cheesecake in a cup. I have an AWESOME Keg Cheesecake Recipe that I can definitely do Low Carb and in small one cup portions. We’ll see how the oven method works!

  113. Been recently trying to eat healthier but never have the time since I work…theres many websites that offer “quick meals” but this by far the most helpful. Keep up the great work you definitely gained an extra fan

  114. I didn’t have any lemon juice on hand, so I used a packet of True Lemon Peach Lemonade as the sugar and lemon juice. It came out so good!

  115. Kiran Jangda says

    hey, i made this cheese cake and it looked great! but unfortunately it tasted more like egg pudding and less like cheesecake, so I’m not sure what I did wrong exactly.

  116. You are genius. I just discovered deserts in a cup and now I can enjoy cheese cake just for me. I have tried making cheese cake in a large size with sweetener and I have found it to taste a little odd after keeping it in the fridge a few days. With a single serving I can make it and eat it fresh without having to worry about finishing a whole cake.

  117. This is marvelous!!! I will eat this for my breakfasts, because they are so boring and I love to make ahead so I can just eat and go in the mornings. Thank you!!!

  118. What kind of cream cheese are you using? I haven’t been able to find anything that’s less than 2g carb per ounce. An egg is 1g. Sour cream is 1g. So all in all, this was roughly 6g carb. How did you get 2.5g?

  119. very late to this party….I couldn’t wait to eat it so i ate it right out of microwave–fail…remade it and this time used egg whites to avoid “egging” and threw in some davinci sugar free peanut butter syrup…..win!! wonderful. I need simple recipes like this, thank you:)

  120. WOW! This is good. I have made it 3 times in as many days. I did use 3oz of cream cheese as recommended above, and the egg is not noticeable at all. Thanks so much for a great recipe! 🙂

  121. Hi…I think I did something wrong. I mixed all the ingredients but there were still tiny chunks of cream cheese floating about. Then I put in the microwave, stirring it every 30 seconds, and it came out boiling! It’s cooling right now, but is it supposed to do that? I don’t think so.

  122. Made it today – SO GOOD! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  123. Charlene says

    Hi! I am wondering if the nutritional values listed are including the “optional toppings”? Or are the values only for the cheesecake?

  124. Really really like this! I know this is an old recipe, but if anyone is still reading down this far in the comments, the #1 trick to making this work is using a blender for the ingredients – I use my Nutribullet and it does an amazing job of blending the cream cheese into the egg so it doesn’t get that weird curdled texture. (I also bake mine split into two half-cup ramekins for small treats – 350F for about 20-30 min, until it’s quite risen and looks a bit souffle-like but is still fairly happy to wobble if you poke the dish!)

  125. Is there a way to prepare this in the oven for those of us that don’t use a microwave?

  126. Just want to go home right now from work and do this. OMG. can’t cant cant wait

  127. Juliannah says

    I was wondering why it turned sort of chunky rather than the creamy consistency I was looking forward to and it didn’t firm up?

  128. Just made this…it is to die for! Best low carb cheesecake I’ve had! Kudos to you

  129. I know this was posted a long time ago and this may seem like a silly question but do you think this would be shelf stable enough to mail with 2 day delivery? My son is away at college in literally the middle of nowhere. The towns population is like 1,200. They only have one 4 aisle grocery store and a McDonald’s as alternatives to dining hall food. His birthday is coming up and he always asked for a cheescake as his cake. I can manage to get express priority mail to ship from here to there in 2 days. So do you think it would be able to still be safely edible if baked in a canning jar?

  130. Awesome recipe! I’ve made this a few times using 2 tbsps of truvia and only the egg white. Very delicious and not too eggy at all.

  131. This has 4 carbohydrates for the serving:1 from sour cream, 1 from the egg, and 2 from cream cheese!! Unless you use the 1/3 less fat or Neufschatel variety! Then it is 2 carbs

  132. seekandfind says

    I doubled the recipe for the most part and put it in a mug.
    4 oz cream cheese
    4 T sour cream
    1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
    1/2 teaspoon vanilla
    1 egg
    2 T sugar
    I stirred every 30 seconds. Took 2 or 2 and 1/2 minutes.
    It puffed up but when it cooled it was 1/2 the size of a normal smallish mug.
    Waiting the hour was the hard part. It was good in a pinch. Next time I will make it in a bowl so I can scoop graham crackers into it.

  133. The cheesecake is chilling in the fridge right now – very excited to eat it 🙂

  134. Melanie Campbell says

    I made this last night! Only i used some low carb protein cookies (Justine’s white chocolate raspberry) as the base with melted butter to hold it and made two lots of the mix! My partner and i only had half of one quarter each and it was DIVINE! I will be making this more often! I’m actually meant to be going to my parents for dinner soon and i said i would make us food that we can eat since i’m on keto with my SO and my family aren’t so i think i might make this for pudding :3 Thank you!

  135. Omg I love you. Thank you ❤❤

  136. Genius and brilliant information you have there

  137. This look so delicious. Yummy!

  138. Made this for my pregnant GF last night. She loved it. Thanks so much! -Joe

  139. Let me just say, nice job on this! I personally thought the ingredients were kind of wonky, but it was cheescake! And when I put it in the microwave, I for sure thought it was going to explode and make a mess, but it didn’t. So, nicely done on that. But, when it came out of the microwave… I hated the smell. I could already tell I wouldn’t like it. The cheescake was chunky and slightly runny once I removed it, but I was still willing to give it a chance. Needless to say, I wasn’t a fan. The smell, the heat, the taste, just didn’t do it for me and it just wasn’t the traditional cheesecake I was looking for. But, just because I wasn’t a fan dosen’t mean the recipe isn’t good. It was very well done for a low-carb, quick, accessible recipe, and the cheesecake just wan’t my cup of tea.


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