Monday fruit, shopping and other things…

Hi there! I think sometimes I get so hung up on the recipes that I forget to post about the other things.

Back to School

They left me!

*cue the swooning sofa and the smelling salts* I am so depressed.

After years of home schooling at least one child at a time, they have decided they wanted to go back to the brick and mortar this year.

I am so proud of them, so you’ll have to bear with me bragging a little.

You might be looking at those chirruns and wondering why they all look so different. That’s because they’re all unique characters. The youngest (left) is the fashionista and just started middle school. She’ll drop serious cash on some clothing fabulousness.

My oldest daughter (center picture) is a junior this year and loves comfort over style. She didn’t even bother drying her hair before heading out the door. Good one, Ginger.

My youngest son (a senior. Go seniors!) dresses like this every day and has for a couple of years now. Drew loves history, so you’ll catch him either dressing like a dapper gent from the 1910’s, or he’ll wear a dough boy helmet and other stuff to school. The teachers like it so much he helps teach their WWI units; the kids love it so much, he’s plastered all over the yearbook. He really is a cool guy and he’s not afraid to be who is he is.

My oldest (right) is an awesome dude. He has long, gorgeous hair and loves his prog rock and tie dyes. Don’t let that fool you; he scored a perfect SAT test and is going for his PhD in mathematics. They’re all pretty fantastic, but who am I? Biased. And a mom with amazing chirruns.

But alas, they don’t need my educational stylings any longer.

While I am bummed, I have the dog.


I miss the kids. They don’t chew my socks and roll in elk poop.

 What $6 bought me today

Don’t look at me like a coupon whore in need of an intervention. Honeys, this is what happens when you have a rewards credit card and receive quarterly stipends for free groceries.

I have a reward card that I pay off monthly. The result? I score about $800 in free groceries every year. In this economy, while credit cards can be supremely stressful, we keep this one because of the freebies. Here’s more about that card.

Today I bought spankloads of greatness, and I paid only $6 of the original $180 bill!

A lot of those ingredients you’re going to see popping up in recipes this week and next so pay attention. No. Don’t. I’m just kidding. Maybe.


I love the Doyle thornless blackberry plant we have in the backyard.

We’ve had it for years and it puts out quite a bit of fruit. This year, the pickings are slimmer because I haven’t been taking care of it (in Colorado, you actually have to water plants sometimes).

These were ready for picking yesterday. I am not sure what I’ll do with them yet, but they’re huge! Each one is the size of my brown thumb.

Thankfully, they continue to thrive year after year and the dog no longer chews the plant to smithereens.

My Big Fat Lack of Weight Loss

Due to stupid stress and anxiety and denial, I have sooooo been making amazing meals and then have been snacking behind the scenes on naughty things, so I haven’t lost any weight for some time.

Last night I happened to catch (I never watch anything not on Netflix because I forget to watch things) Extreme Home Makeover Weight Loss Edition and was so inspired by the guy on the show last night! He began at 500+ pounds and was able to get into his 200’s within the year–and that’s not even with ketogenic eating!

I thought if someone with that much weight to lose can do that, what’s my excuse?

Doop! I don’t have an excuse. My kids are in school, and, aside from my publishing schedule, there’s no reason I can’t make more of an effort for me. I’ve been taking care of everyone else for so long, it’s time to do Jamie for awhile.

So, that said, I am going to bore you to tears talking about my weight loss and whatnot. You’ll cry and beg me to shut up, but this is me. I likely won’t. I do promise you this: When you cry from having to read yet another account of how my thigh has shrunk one cottage-cheesy inch, I’ll hand you a tissue or some jicama to absorb those salty, salty tears. I’m a giver like that.

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  1. Love it! I’m with you! I stopped Cheaty- McCheaty snacking on [certain]GF bread foods – not because suddenly time fell out of the sky and I was able to make my own (more like the opposite, my baby is getting his MOLARS>>> ARGH) but because, I found another blogger who cooks like me and sells ehr stuff locally. Best day EVER. I lost a whole dress size + some (I don’t weigh myself) just from switching that out… although besides that, the only cheat I really do is the occasional chocolate (usually 85%, sometimes lovely little store-bought goodies) and wine (lots). That GF stuff will MESS YOU UP! Great post! I am going to check our your rewards card, what a great idea.

    • I have done so well in the past (I lost 115 pounds), but now I suck and need to get my groove back for me. McDonalds is Satan but, man, is it convenient, especially when deadlines are looming. Curse you golden arches of deliciousness!

  2. I think your children are awesome, I gotta give a special shout out to your dapper dressing son though. I think that is pretty spectacular. I still have a while before my little one goes to school (at least a year-ish) but still it’s only going to be elementary school so she’ll still be attached to the umbilical for a while… lol It’s good that your’e taking time for yourself! That’s always important. Thanks for sharing, and envy on the blackberry bush. I wish they grew here (too hot/humid) but alas I have a black thumb anyway…

    • If you live in the south, the Doyles seem to perform really well there, too. We had some in Dallas before we moved.

      I so envy you having young’uns! I so miss mine being smaller. And driving less.

  3. Struggling here too! For me it’s the fresh bread screaming my name from the bakery. Love that yeastly smell. That and the evil Smart Food popcorn…..

    Love the different styles of your young’uns and the fact that you have given them the confidence to love themselves and not try to “be one of the gang”.

    • Bonnie. We must be strong together! I am making some snacks today and some new meals that I’m excited to try. I am dehydrating up a storm in the kitchen!

      They really are all so very unique, but we all share the same, twisted sense of humor. It’s perfection. They crack me up all the time.

    • Try making a flax seed dinner roll….fabulous bread substitute…..I add sesame seeds, and garlic powder (not granulated, powder) it is wonderful. Use any spices or herbs to change the flavour to suit what you are going to use it for! I discovered this today for the first time…and tonight I am BBQing burgers….so I can stck this up and enjoy a real “hold in the hands” burger!

      Should you require the recipe, kindly ask me, I do not have it in front of me. I will respond and provide it to you.


      • Thanks so much for the offer! I have used the cheese waffles on this site for a sammy before. I can’t do much flax.

      • Would love the flax seed recipe. Please email me at auntiebon@rcn . com (remove space)

        • Flax rolls….see reply below, please!


        • FLAX WRAPS….

          Kindly read my Flax Roll Recipe below…..and then please read this Dr. Poon recipe for a wrap.

          I need everyone’s help here! I am trying to turn the wrap recipe into crispy spicy crackers using a pizelle cookie press…I am attempting to create a dry product so we can enjoy them with slices of cheddar, or Swiss, or creamy blue cheese. Incorporating a cracker into our lives (as well as the flax rolls) will allow is NOT to feel deprived. Eating cheese is great, but not as wonderful as it is with crackers.

          And I AM picky, I do not want my low carb food to taste low carb, or different from the “caloricious is delicious” food that is full of carbs, that is our enemy! All my creations MUST be amazing….so good that if I feed what I cook to a non dieter….they love it!

          This Dr. Poon’s recipe, word for word.

          FLAX WRAPS

          3 tbsp ground flax
          1/4 tsp baking powder
          1/4 tsp onion powder
          1/4 tsp paprika
          Pinch salt or celery salt
          1 Tbsp canola oil
          1 Tbsp water
          1 large egg

          Mix all ingredients, making sure the egg is very well beaten.

          Grease a glass microwave pie plate and spread batter evenly over bottom.

          Microwave 2-3 minutes until cooked.

          Allow to cool 5 minutes before lifting off baking surface.

          MY NOTES: I never tried this in the microwave….I dropped teaspoonfuls onto a heated pizelle cookie press. The batter was too greasy…and wet. So for the second batch, I omitted the water….and cut the oil (I used extra virgin olive oil) In half. It was still oily, I am guessing that the flax is oily all by itself. I increased the spices, even adding a huge dash (that fell out of the bottle all by itself) cayenne, and it still was not hot. I am sure I will do better next time, once cooled (yes, I stuck some in the freezer, to hasten the process) they were almost crisp…yes, I do believe omitting the oil will help! If anyone tried this recipe and can improve on it….please let me know!


      • Sheila Wright says

        Miss Gladys
        Please either post the recipe or send it to me.. I do make my own but
        yours may be a bit different..
        thank you so much

        • The history behind this recipes………FLAX ROLLS

          This is from an MD in Toronto area who specializes in a low carb diet to cure diabetes. HE is diabetic, so is his mother and sister. His name is Dr. Poon, he is Oriental, and his diet is all oriental food….not great if one does not love soya…and fish. He has cured his diabetes…he does not take insulin, nor do his family members.

          Reading his autobiography he explains that many moons ago, one of his patients asked him his opinion about a low carb diet. He had never heard of this…so he went out and purchased a book to read about it…..I am guessing he read Dr. Atkins.

          This Dr. Poon, holds several degrees, not just medicine….so something must have clicked, for Dr. Poon came up with his own diet. His Level One is much more strict than Dr, Atkins. No salt (except light soya sauce), no dairy, no cheese. Which makes us Dr. Atkins followers appreciate what we have so much more….and therefore WE, stay true and enjoy what we have.

          This is the recipe he allows….word for word.

          FLAX ROLL…Sandwich or Burger Roll

          4 Tbsp ground flax
          1/2 tsp baking powder
          1 large egg
          Pinch salt
          1/2 Tbsp canola oil

          Mix ingredients in a straight sided bowl or ramekin.

          Microwave about 1 minute…the roll will puff up while cooking.
          It is done when the top is dry and firm.

          Turn roll out and allow to cool. Slice with a bread knife.

          MY NOTES: I added 1 tbsp flax seeds, for texture
          1-2 tbsp toasted sesame seeds, for taste
          1/2 tsp garlic powder
          1/2 tsp paprika
          1/2 tsp onion

          HOWEVER, once you make this once, you will immediately discover that you can use any spices….to suit what you are eating! The flax all alone tastes like very mild whole wheat bread. Have fun, this was delicious tonight when I did enjoy my “hold in my hands burger!”


          • Oops, forgot carb count is 3 on the flax rolls.

            Very cheap in the world of carbs for the true enjoyment of holding a burger in both hands and feeling very ‘normal!’


          • Thank you so much and I found the history great .tomorrow is a busy b’day day so sunday will have to be try it day
            blessings to you

  4. Congratulations on your awesome family of individuals. Not every parent can boast of success, Wear your crown with pride.

    Looking forward to your weight loss posts… with meal ideas and recipes too of course.

    Close to 8 months wheat free, getting slack on the ketogenic bit and needing to enthuse myself again. Since I’m barely half way every bit of inspiration helps. I need some coat-tails to hang on to for a bit.


    • Having a community of supporters in each other helps all of us! I know watching that show last night I was reminded of what an amazing support circle we have.

      Here is to us and all of our success!

  5. Love the pics of your children. I too have a son who earned a PhD in Mathematics. But he is not your typical nerd. He has tattoos, diamond earrings, plays rugby and rides a motorcycle. He teaches now and his students love him.
    And like you I have been off my eating plan for the past month. Time to get back to taking care of ourselves. You talk I’ll listen.

    • Mine’s not there yet! I applaud your son for getting there! Mine is still in undergraduate studies.

      Here is to us being fabulous. Well, we’re already fabulous. How about fabulous-er.

  6. Oh, Jamie, queen of the low carb kitchen and food Gold medalist,
    Snack, eat, but go back to Induction….you can do it! Chomp om mini meatballs…whilst tuned into Netflix. And…nothing but legal munchies!!! Cheese, olives, cook an extra portion for dinner (of meat) and eat it as a midnight snack! Deviled eggs…of all kinds….and easiest of all a rich protein shake…say, the ones you reviewed last week! YOU can do this! WE all do this! It is our lifestyle!
    We, your fans and loyal readers will be here for all the support you need!

    Fabulous children, God Bless them and keep them safe….in a bricks and mortar school. They are living proof that you are a super mother…and provider!

    Wonderful shopping! Sadly, we do not have anything like this in Canada. More power to you!
    Now get eating….ultra low carb! Or Dr. Atkins…what is it called….his fat fast!? Gee, what you need is bacon…..about 4-6 slices with breakfast daily…nothing like bacon to start the day right! Did I ever tell you……my cholesterol fell 100 points…my bad LDL fell….my good HDL rose. My MD asked me, “what are you doing?” “Eating a half pound of bacon a day!” …I replied, “on Dr. Atkins’ Low Carb Diet!” She replied, “keep up the good work!” I must say, I do have an enlightened MD!

    So, darling Jamie, you can do this! I assure you!

    Regards, with love,

  7. Beulah Hartge says

    Has anyone tried the Atkins Fat Fast? I’m having fabulous results having done it for a few days and am now on induction. Before I just couldn’t seem to lose weight even on induction but it must have kicked my metabolism into gear and the weight is finally coming off-12 pounds down so far since starting the fat fast August 3rd.

    • I am a fan of doing what works for you. If the Fat Fast, as a temporary kick-start is working, why not, I say. Way to go on your breaking your stall! I am really excited for you!

  8. I am SO happy to hear this Jamie! After taking care of my mother here at home and then losing her in November, I decided to make 2012 my “ME” year. I am cooking healthy and have committed to not cheating, at least knowingly. Obviously your recipes and ideas are so very very helpful. Focusing on you and your health is the greatest gift you could ever give to your family. Your fantastic four are pretty amazing looking kids and I totally get how proud you are of them. I know they’re proud of you, but think of how happy they’ll be as you improve your health. We know how to do this. We WILL do this! Here’s to 2012!

    • I love your positive attitude, Kathlene, and seriously? Taking such good care of your mom makes you a hero in my book any day of the week.

  9. What a nice family you have! You should be proud of not only them but how you have raised them. Both of my girls have just left for college. This weekend was kind of sad for me. But now a new stage and looking at the possibilities. I know you will drop the weight, you have so many food creations at your fingertips.
    Thanks for sharing and letting us know that you are human too. Weight is one of many things I have always struggled with and know now that I will always have to be careful with my food intake.

  10. By the way, WE MUST ALL SALUTE our dearest Jamie, she is so brave and her humanity truly shines through. Her admitting that she is having a hard time losing at this time teaches all of us that losing is hard work, and that there are times we need to be inspired. There are times when we are hard on ourselves….we want perfection. Perfection to stay true to our low carb lifestyle is at times hard.

    Jamie, gives us all of herself, her time, her recipes…and her love. This web site is the best example of love and humanity anywhere. Thank you, Jamie.

    And good luck and fondest wishes to all.

  11. Your kids are really cool! Sorry they are abandoning you. : )

  12. And here again, another reason to love you. Honesty. It’s one part of you that I love. Funny how you have more time now that the kids are in school and my busy season ramped up. Not only am I working 80+ hrs a week, I’m in school full-time (I picked up another class this semester – I can’t stay in school forever! LOL). The only way to get out of the ridiculous hours is to close our business (which is fine by me), and get this degree done and work in the field of the degree. That being said, last night, after my 1st night of school, I had an utter and total meltdown. I had a list of “very” important things to get done. Well, one thing ended up taking 3-1/2 hrs. Not only did I not get everything done, but I didn’t have time to make a meal at all. So “quick” food was the option. I ate a salad and a broth type of soup, but the family (who needs to lose weight and get the sugars under control) didn’t (not that I’m always virtuous hahaha). Add to that a husband that lectures me about “priorities”. Ha – we’re over that little scuffle, but I SO understand not having time to make time for myself. Just hoping that I can figure something out. Your recipes save the day for me many times when I have 15-30 minutes (last night, I ended up with 5 minutes – I’m afraid you don’t have that many tricks in your bag to have saved me. LOL). Anyway, as always, love you and your blog. It helps to see someone who is REAL and not perfect. Are any of us perfect anyway?

    • Yvonne, I have no clue how you even manage! You are like Super Woman. I can relate to a small project being a huge one that takes way too long and feeling buried. I hope you’re able to tunnel out soon. Calgon, take you away!

  13. Connie Sullivan says

    You go, Jamie. You post whatever you want and I will read every word! I know you will inspire me, too. Your kids are great! You’re a great mom on top of everything else you are great at!! Whoo-hoo for Jamie!!

  14. Maybe I did something wrong but that flax seed roll was not eatable. Very bitter taste.

  15. You have a Westie! I knew I liked you! We got our Penny after my daughter’s first year of college. She is an endless source of love and entertainment! She is my perpetual toddler! At least you have good company!

    • We are puppy borg! She is such good company. I love my puppy! The funniest is taking her up to the woods and seeing this short, white blur running around between the trees.

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